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  1. The one thing I would say, in the 51-3 game the only thing that went wrong was Norwood missing a FG wide right And well what looks like what maybe a very close game….. Bass should spend a lot of time on the extra points this week. Haha. Kidding but being serious there
  2. The Pegulas? Maybe I’m really really missing something but I saw no quotes from them about the game or attendance pics. I mean you know not something that bothers me. But it’s arguably the biggest win since they took over ownership
  3. While it's easy to believe Belichick looked down on the Bills/the fanbase the last 20 years I'm not sure he really did. I know I know it's hard to believe to me as well but he looked very relieved earlier in the year after the Monday night win. Plus I remember during either the Marrone or Ryan years a video in their lock room after getting a win here in Buffalo. He pretty much told the team they played a good game as this is never an easy place to play/get a win. I definitely feel where you're coming from with your post though
  4. I agree about his reaction after the MNF game. That said to me he saw winning in Buffalo under hostile conditions as Mission Impossible
  5. Sometimes I think fans here look past his shortcomings as a Bill (strictly in terms of quarterback play) because he's such a likable dude. But one big thing I give him props for in his career is he's held his own more often then not in matchups versus Brady. Besides that game you mentioned guess who was the last Jet starting QB to beat NE.
  6. Yeah I chalked it up to sometimes in life all the hard work you put in clicks now and then. Last nights game was years and years in the making.
  7. Happy Birthday Hopefully the Bills provide you a big present tonight
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nj.com/mets/2022/01/ex-mets-manager-bobby-valentine-could-be-returning-to-queens-report-says.html%3foutputType=amp there’s that
  9. Met fan but definitely not a Yankee hater per say. I think this stemmed from me growing up The Mets were on SportsChannel which was a premium (had no access to watch) and the Yankees were on MSG which we had access too. Early 90's. I learned all the rules of the game and what not watching the Yankees. Ironically when Buck was the manager
  10. Gonna bump the thread again with winning the AFC East. The thing I can now draw a parallel with that 07 Giants team is they beat their division rival the Cowboys that year in the playoffs. Ya know the That’s my QB game. It was the Giants/Cowboys first playoff match ever as well. Giants pulled out the upset. Xs and Os aside imo that game gave the Giants a lot of confidence. If the Bills beat the Patriots Saturday in their first playoff match ever…. I see that being a massive confidence builder. It won’t slay 20 years of demons but I can see the we got it now belief in the team
  11. @SinceThe70s@Gugny Happy Belated New Years. welcome @Albany,n.y. Good Bills win today. I know I know Super Bowl is on the mind but not a bad time I thought to check in here every once in a while imo. I'm on record with saying I like picking Buck as the manager. He built up the Yankees teams of the early 90's., knows what the NY media is, and has experience interfacing with Steinbrenner during some of his dark times. Plus he's a manager not slave to the laptop. Brodie never would have picked him. Actually when I looked up his age I thought he was older. We will see though. Any other Met related thoughts?
  12. The thing I thought of at the end of the game was for so many years it was a role reversal. The Jets played hard for 3 quarters but just ran out of steam. Reminded me of the Bills often during the drought years. Would play hard but would run out of steam. It's cool to be on the winning end!
  13. Per what muppy said if you look on meetup.com you might be able to find a photography club near where you live if it interests you. I was one once for a few weeks but life got crazy for me. Idk if they still even meet up with the pandemic
  14. Based on stuff I watched recently. I saw parts of Madonna: Truth or Dare years back and rewatched this week. Still enjoyable as a fan Binged Cobra Kai 4. Peter Cetera got a mention. Daniel was a fan but Johnny wasn't! Then I recalled in the 2nd movie he had possibly his most famous song. love KK and Cobra Kai Next Time I Fall with Amy Grant was a good song he did too. I think that was in KK2.
  15. https://www.healthcentral.com/slideshow/what-your-poop-reveals-about-your-health?ap=800&kw=how to prevent constipation&mt=b&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkv-QhNCa9QIV58mUCR3CVQA5EAAYASAAEgKcLPD_BwE For one thing
  16. Yes, it's a good indicator of your health. Gut health to me is very important
  17. Amani Toomer, "Well Dressed" Fitz I called Picks-Patrick at times when he frustrated me
  18. About 10 years ago already my dad and I went to Boston for a couple of days. Despite their sports fans it looked/seemed like a nice city. Hadn't seen it mentioned here. I mean there's NYC. But most people think Manhattan not Brooklyn. It's probably my favorite borough in terms of finding stuff to do. There's Prospect Park which is huge. Then you can walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. Other cool museums I liked there I've been: NY Transit Museum- it's an old subway station with an exhibit of subways from the 20th century. I'm a nerd so I dug it Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Brooklyn Museum- huge art collection I like museums so there's that. I didn't see many mentioned in the thread
  19. Well, I am not looking past the Falcons or even the Jets for that matter. But maybe yesterday’s game really gets the team on that hot streak needed for playoffs
  20. Glad it sounds like this went well. And hey our team gave us a big present today. Some fans were expecting it, I wasn't lol Christmas Day wasn't bad for me either, felt the lead up was worse Yes priorities changed a lot for me was well. My favorite moments of the holiday season were reaching out to a co-worker I hadn't talked to in over a year and getting a Christmas card back in an e-mail from her. This and reaching out to one of my mom's cousin's the family sort of lost track of and getting back warm wishes as well
  21. The first online forum I joined I became good friends with a user AnotherGuy. I asked him how he came up with that handle and he pretty much told me in the big picture it’s all I really am. So yeah it’s out of fondness for him and I really am just another fan. Funny years I’ve used the site I never really sat and thought about it until this thread
  22. Yeah I’d imagine there’s gonna be some Bengals fans his comments aren’t gonna go over well with. Even if he meant no disrespect
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