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  1. I sat through the comeback game. I also have never missed a bills game since the early 90s. I have zero ties to Buffalo but my obsession with the greatest team and fan base in the NFL!!!!
  2. Sorry for loss brother!!! Prayers to you and the family!!
  3. He is going to cards two year deal.
  4. Played high school football. Had scholarship to Canisius college lost it due to knee surgery because I also wrestled.
  5. Remember he got suplexed into ground earlier no penalty.
  6. One point in the game mackenzie had to stop Diggs from going back on field!! If anyone was near bills sidelines would of seen it. Diggs was pissed and after that mackenzie was giving him a man hug if that's a thing I get the point!! Not sure if they showed on tv .
  7. It was freaking cold 🥶 He was wearing a jersey with no sleeves!!!
  8. He looked great!!! He was and is my idol growing up and after what he went through with cancer it was a relief to see him in great spirits and looking great!!! Tremendous man!!!!
  9. https://photos.app.goo.gl/rmAQ5BNffdbkqyr58
  10. I'm trying to upload and it is saying file to big any suggestions it's just a pic?
  11. Met Jim Kelly last night at game and we took a pic that was my highlight!!!!We also made new friends tailgating!! Great hanging with everyone.
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