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  1. We should buy tickets all together if we play them again talking about TBD. We will show them a good time. Sucks that they have fans like that
  2. 1 spot please. Coming in from Orlando FL.
  3. I'm a huge supporter of him but this is mind blowing!!!
  4. What a great pick up!!!! Nice job Bean!!!
  5. Let's see in a few games I'm going on record that he will be a big part of us moving the ball. He can catch run and block.
  6. How are so many people upset with this. He will be a huge asset to us!!
  7. It's hard to believe that we just play bad against bad teams. How did we dominate Miami when they're dominating all these other teams and then look bad against bad teams.
  8. I wish we could trade some on here 😀
  9. I agree with Tre White over Milano that being said the only reason I say that is Elam is a liability out there Dobson came in and did a good job
  10. Hello coming in from Orlando can you please put me down for one spot. Allen
  11. 40 yards to one of the top WR and he sucks?? I don't get it!!
  12. They had all off season to get this fixed grow up and play ball!!! No way organization, Allen or coaches were blindsided. Hate the diva mentality!!
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