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  1. More importantly, doing nothing to stop the absolute disgusting racket of college tuition.
  2. I don’t know, but 63% of them are. Don’t they usually put them in the “some college” category?
  3. Every current Wall of Fame player should have their name replaced by OJ Simpson.
  4. So it wasn't an existing law? I'd honestly really love to see examples of interpretation of abortion laws preventing D&C's for incomplete abortions. Hard to find.
  5. The non-college educated are generally not seeking reimbursement for college education loans to the best of my knowledge.
  6. They did do that. It's not their job to legislate past their rulings. That's the states' job. Because that was the ruling.
  7. It’s not their job to figure anything out so being sarcastic or not, it does not really make any sense.
  8. That’s not the Supreme Court’s job.
  9. Ah yes, we all know about the vast subways across our nation, including places like Buffalo and Montana and Alabama, and Florida, and Maine, and Delaware, and the Dakotas, and the Carolinas etc. etc. etc.
  10. Okay, what decisions has this Supreme Court made that contradicted “originalism,” to do “whatever the hell you want?”
  11. Do you think the Supreme Court will rule a federal abortion ban constitutional?
  12. Sounds like a problem that should be rectified by the people who make the laws.
  13. I already said I support legal abortion in lifesaving scenarios. But thanks for playing.
  14. I get a vote bay bee. Sorry you can’t kill as many kids. Must be a hard day for you.
  15. “Why do you care if someone else gets murdered.” man you’re killing it today. PUN INTENDED
  16. “I’m just acting ######ed to make fun of you!”
  17. Lmao. ”I just invented an entirely hypothetical scenario based on nothing, HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT THESE THING IN MY IMAGINATION!”
  18. Ok so just to be clear. If abortion was legal, but if your employer found out you had one and fired you, and then you weren’t allowed to get on an airplane, that’s okay? Abortion is legal, but I can ask them if they’ve had one and then not hire them on the basis of that fact and fire them if they lie? We may actually save the discourse with this discussion!
  19. I think that a federal ban on abortion or gay marriage would be unconstitutional. But thanks for playing.
  20. Mike Pence doesn't work in the federal government anymore. It was a whole big thing, you may have head about it.
  21. Well that's an interesting compromise on your "absolute right to body autonomy" take. Do you mind elaborating? Coercion to violate body autonomy is okay, but not force? Is the line at criminal charges? "Get the vaccine or you're fired," is respectful to body autonomy?
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