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  1. They are the #1 offense in points and yards. They are scoring more points per drive than 2021. 2020, 2019.
  2. If the Bills don't win the Superbowl, it would be HILARIOUS to see Baker win it with San Fran.
  3. Terrible if he has a significant injury. As an aside, I feel like the Ravens and Lamar have really fallen off a cliff. Last year was the injuries and this year they’ve looked pretty mediocre.
  4. Wait, do you think if we were undefeated with a 2-3 game lead in the division Josh would have played? Lmao
  5. So all of the guys who are better than Gabe Davis are more consistent than Gabe Davis? lol.
  6. How many of those #2 WRs had 25% of their yards in 1 game?
  7. Because his catch number is really bad. Gabe is not consistent. He has a lot of drops, and doesn't catch enough balls to keep drives alive on a team with one of the best QB's in the NFL throwing the ball more than most teams in the NFL. 6 games out of 11 with less than 40 yards. 4 of his last 6. Now, the corollary is that he has had some REALLY bright spots as well. But again, I don't think it's crazy to expect more catches than Isaiah McKenzie. If you think that's crazy, well, you're wrong lmao.
  8. Lmao didn’t we start Josh with a very clearly not 100% ulnar injury like 3 weeks ago, where he was clutching his arm after every toss into the dirt because we had just dropped 6 places into the standings and couldn’t afford to start Case Keenum?
  9. Gabe ranks 72nd in the NFL in catches tied with Saquon Barkley and Isaiah McKenzie. What is unrealistic about expecting more catches than that from a #2 WR on a high octane passing offense with a top 5 QB? I agree with you that the expectation from the Bills WR group should not be “better than healthy Jamar Chase and Tee Higgins.” That’s probably the best duo in the game. But Gabe has struggled with consistency.
  10. Gabe’s numbers would look a lot better if he stopped dropping passes that hit him in the hands.
  11. Lmao he hasn’t been even signed yet. Zero murmurs on contract discussion.
  12. How could you doubt my info like this? If you can’t handle me at me worst, you don’t deserve me at my best as an NFL insider.
  13. Topic title. Smoke revenge game. I’m hammering the over.
  14. If there was nothing to cause offense in the phrase, it wouldn’t be considered an insult.
  15. I wasn’t trying to insinuate you do, it’s just another weird cultural example of a strange “accepted” slur, especially among young folks. I’m a bit younger than you I think but I can report that kids haven’t changed all that much unfortunately. And on a less serious note, if you think for one second that I’m going to Google “Naff” and go down the rabbit hole of your british slang, you got another thing coming.
  16. I think there’s absolutely a persistent cultural issue in using slurs or negative language towards gay folks in an offensive way that isn’t necessarily anti-gay. It is probably rooted in deep or subconscious homophobia, but in some folks (or probably most) they don’t even realize it. It’s the same phenomenon as calling something ######ed. Most people who use that word probably believe they aren’t expressing anything malicious TOWARDS that group of people, but using it in a negative connotation perpetuates that negative connotation. edit: filter obviously won’t let you say the r word.
  17. Kyler Murray's biggest problem is that he doesn't appear to care about being a great NFL QB or a great leader. So much of succeeding at this level, especially as a QB, is above the shoulders. Yes, he's short. Yes, that isn't a plus. But he can be a good QB, because he HAS been a good QB. But you can't be a bad leader and a good QB. You can't be a poor student of the game and a good QB. If you look at the loooooooooooooong history of the NFL, and look at all the QB's who have ever played, a lot of them weren't giants. A lot of them didn't have the strongest arm in the game. But none of the good ones were crappy leaders. None of the good ones needed to be hounded by their coaching staff to study film, or work on their game. Murray wants to roll out of bed, dominate, then go home and play video games. He was good enough to do that in college. He isn't good enough to do that in the NFL. His team knows this, which is why they tried to force him to do so in the contract they gave him.
  18. You are 100% wrong in your assessment of Kyler Murray's physical ability. His problem is between the ears. Period.
  19. This is the first year you could even attempt to have this take without being immediately laughed at, which says it all really.
  20. I think you said years ago the Bills need to draft like the Steelers did in Big Ben’s later years. Day 2 picks on WR’s constantly. Josh is our team, and you want a steady stream of guys like Sanders, Wallace, Bryant, Johnson, Claypool and basically pay none of them. If one of them turns into a superstar great, but if not, you have a stable of cost controlled WR’s
  21. I mean the counterpoint is that it’s hard for recently drafted guys to be instant contributors on a well-rounded team with good depth. Like, what DB’s are gonna see the field a bunch playing behind Tre, Hyde and Poyer unless there’s catastrophic injury? Dane Jackson was a GREAT contributor last season but only because Tre got hurt. Honestly it’s a tremendous shame that Cody Ford didn’t work out because this team is in desperate need of a good starter on IOL besides Morse
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