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  1. My dad passed away from a stroke in February, following a gradual slide into dementia over the previous 3 years—I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I’m very sorry your family has been affected by it as well.
  2. Tasker was just such a complete football player. He also brought a passion and guts that helped make up for any size deficiency—and you’re right, even in the swan song of his career showed that the Bills could’ve utilized him in multiple game phases much earlier. A real joy to watch play.
  3. In turn I have to credit one of my firm’s partners with that phrase, who used it to describe the Georgia Bulldogs’ cupcake non conference schedule a few years back…🤣
  4. I only remember that particular stretch so vividly because I was watching the Steeler game at a friend's house who was giving me so much grief about how Greg Lloyd would chew up Reich and the rest of the Bills O, and, well...it was Neil O Donnell who ended up getting the turf in his face all day, ha ha!!
  5. There are snippets from the announcer's play calls I still vividly remember all these years later, including his tone/voice emphasis--such as at one point stating in shock during the 2nd half, after rattling off the stat line (which would've been a good day if prorated over the course of an entire game) what Frank Reich's stats were, "IN THIS HALF..." 🤩
  6. I think you're reversing it--they beat the Steelers on the road the week after the Houston Comeback game, then went on the road to Miami, which was also Jim Kelly's first game back from injury after 2 playoff games being out.
  7. Same for me for the Comeback! I was in the car with my mom and sister, who aren't sports fans whatsoever, and I kept insisting on keeping the game on, in a state of disbelief of what was happening. After we got back to our house, I had to wait in the driveway with the car running until a commercial break before running in to catch the rest of it. It was CBS' Westwood One's call of the game, not sure who the announcer crew was that day, but the play by play calling was awesome!!!
  8. Agreed--that was very very special--I believe one of the posters here even bragged he was on his way to easy money betting 5K against the Bills that game! 😁. Also happened to be the same day my youngest was born, so I'll always equate the awesomeness of that upset with that, needless to say!
  9. Gugs—it felt like he brought back some enthusiasm to the position that was already starting to languish post-Kelly era—some of us just remember his tenure differently, but I of course respect your opinion. And what’s your most memorable game?
  10. Still surprising to me how long Flutie hung out in the CFL before coming down here and then showing a short QB could absolutely still have success at the NFL level as well—that was also still before Drew Brees’ time, and there was some kind of inherent school of thought IIRC that short guys would have too much trouble seeing over the Oline?
  11. As we get ready to turn the page into training camp and gear up for the new season with all of our combined hopes and expectations of finally breaking through, what sticks in your mind as the most memorable game from seasons past? Taking a stroll down memory lane could be for all the wrong reasons, or one of the franchise’s highlights, such as the Comeback game, which is up there for me—I’ll never forget where I was when that 2nd half against the Oilers unfolded (unlike most of you, I was NOT in actual attendance :)). Maybe it’s the 13 seconds game, or the perfect game against the Patriots the week prior? Or do you go all the way back to the AFL Championships? What say you?
  12. It’s on now, let the thread page count commence…💯. Total side note, who actually believes the trade request was “respectful?” 😁
  13. I have to point this out in the annals of cheap shots, Ken Norton Jr. delivered one early in SB XXVII to Kelly’s knees that I’ll never forget and never forgive. I thought he’d literally shredded both of Kelly’s knees in the same hip check type manner, gunning for a knockout low lunge, and it did take Kelly out for good. Davis could’ve blocked better sure, but Norton was out for blood. Kelly’s knees went one way, and the rest of him went another. At the time IIRC, the game was still close at 14-10 or something. The hit… And the resulting predictable cost…
  14. -Tom Brady -P.Mahomes -T. Kelce -Bryan Cox (I wouldn’t have even hired his progeny if it were up to me ) -The real Wrong Josh Rosen This is definitely top 5 all time for me. But there are so many to choose from!!! T. Hill, J. Mixon, Ken Norton Jr., Novacek, Michael Irvin…ok I need to stop before I change my list…
  15. I feel the same way—obviously always be grateful he smacked TB12 x2 (although the Giants D line no small factor in that), and his playoff runs were where he stepped up. But by and large I feel like his career was overall pretty meh outside of those 2 memorable years?
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