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  1. True, but I think JP Losman seems preferable to Matt Ryan at this point.
  2. Pickett obviously has time to improve, but he doesn’t look like a guy who processes the NFL game well. Bad sign for your QB of the future.
  3. He’s been much better than I realized. It’s likely my bias against the Eagles, but for some reason I envision Allen and Mahomes playing at a high level five years from now. I’d be surprised to see Hurts doing the same, yet I have no idea why I feel that way. It could be the Eagles franchise history of extreme ups and downs, or maybe Hurts strange career at Bama.
  4. Yeah, Hurts has been very good. He deserves a lot of credit, but I just can’t imagine him being this good without the perfect set of circumstances. I view Mahomes and Allen as once in a lifetime players who can carry a franchise, while Hurts is a major contributor to a very good football team. I don’t mean to take anything away from Hurts, I just think he’s somewhere in the second tier of greatness. People forget that football is the ultimate team game, and QB’s need help too.
  5. That’s fair, and you’re correct in pointing out the team aspect of the MVP award. I’m not advocating for Josh to be the winner, but I can’t help comparing everyone to Mahomes and Allen. If Hurts is the QB of the Bills, I think our record is much worse. I don’t see him carrying a team in the way other QB’s have.
  6. I don’t say this as a Bills homer, but I don’t understand the Jalen Hurts love. He’s a good QB, but not MVP level. The Eagles have an all around solid football team. Hurts throws for under 200 yards most games.
  7. Meh, he’s officially washed, but no one has the courage to say it anymore.
  8. His broadcasting career has similarities to the trajectory of his football career. He starts out as the next big thing showing phenomenal talent, lets it go to his head, then stops growing in his career.
  9. I’ve been happy for Daboll, but I think the Giants are going to collapse very quickly. The playoffs would be a surprise imo.
  10. Let’s be real, punishment is really determined by how important someone is to the team.
  11. The last few times I’ve watched Joe Flacco since he’s been a backup, he’s barely capable of even moving the chains on offense. I don’t think people comprehend how big of a fall Flacco’s career has seen. He was never “elite”, but occasionally found his way into that conversation. Here’s a Super Bowl winning QB, once considered a good player, now he’s a third string QB. That doesn’t happen unless everyone knows you’re washed up. Think of all the chances someone like Matt Ryan has been given over the years.
  12. I don’t get it. He’s your guy, let him play out a couple full seasons, then make a decision on his future during the offseason. This is a different scenario if you’re replacing a struggling veteran QB with someone of equal skill. Everyone knows that Mike White or Joe Flacco aren’t going to play much better. I don’t see any of these QB’s giving the Jets a greater chance to win than the next guy. It seems more like disciplinary action for Wilson acting like a punk, which the team knew when they drafted him.
  13. NFL defenses give up points and big plays galore. I think there’s an unreasonable expectation on defensive production. This league is geared towards offense, and you hope your defense simply does enough to win. That’s what they did today. My only concern remains the conservative Frazier play calling when we have a lead. That’s where our defense could be the difference between a title or disappointment.
  14. The blizzard makes us forget this team could be 8-3 four days from now. This is a huge turning point in the season. A huge portion of this season’s outcome will be decided in less than the course of a week. We’ll either be on the right track by Thursday evening, or looking at a disappointing regular season. They need both of these games, even though a poor performance would be understandable under these circumstances.
  15. That crowd is hilarious. I love how many social media tough guys turned it into a toughness issue, when it’s actually a logistical crisis. There’s just no way to make it happen.
  16. I’m pretty sure when we have a lead Frazier’s defense already works remotely.
  17. That’s the main issue, dome or not. Drive a few miles north, and it’s likely travel won’t be impossible, even if there is a decent amount of snow. I remember visiting family in North Buffalo while the Weather Channel discussed how travel in “Buffalo” was a no go. With that said, they are saying this storm might hit the entire area quite hard.
  18. I think Syracuse put a new roof on several years ago. It’s some type of metal-fabric that’s supported by arches. It’s no longer air supported. I think the old air supported roof was one of the last of its kind. The old Minneapolis dome used to have the same setup if I’m not mistaken.
  19. The stadium definitely lends itself to the mausoleum feel, but I think Toronto sports fans have a lot to do with it. The SkyDome is rocking during the MLB playoffs, but Toronto fans are typically indifferent.
  20. The Washington franchise is a mess, but you’ve got to give Rivera credit for this team always giving strong effort.
  21. Josh’s goal line fumble was ugly, but he also put up the type of numbers Bills fans could only dream about for decades. This scheme has caused Hail Murray, 13 Seconds, and today’s debacle. I’m sure there’s more I’m missing, but my point is that we’ve lost multiple once in a lifetime games. It’s not coincidental that it happened to the same coaching staff.
  22. The 80 yard touchdown run was inexcusable. You can’t give up that type of play on the ground with a lead. If the opponent is going to run, at least make them use up some clock. The defense is quite depleted, but we constantly give up big runs. It reminded me of the long run Taylor had for the Colts when we got crushed at home last season. Being dominated by the run and giving up long runs has been a theme, regardless of who’s on the field. That’s a scheme/coaching issue imo.
  23. I think the offense gets complacent when they go into the locker room with the lead. The defense melts down because Frazier becomes even more conservative. The talk is all about coaching and Allen, but the lack of an aggressive defense scheme really holds this team back at the worst possible moments. I don’t think Allen will be the reason we don’t win a title, it’d be this defense playing afraid in the playoffs.
  24. I think McD is phenomenal, but always thought the way this coaching staff utilize certain players is a weak spot. I remember when Mike Tolbert was given carries. They seem to fall in love with certain guys, while never giving certain younger players and acquisitions enough opportunities to prove themselves. Allen and Diggs hide the fact that we need more contributors, and the importance of putting the right guys on the field.
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