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  1. McD has changed this franchise around, let’s not forget, but this is a continuation of a trend. A trend where his teams get blown out at home. It’s been happening since he arrived, and it’s a problem.
  2. This Cincy fan/team us against the world stuff is annoying. They were in the Super Bowl last year, come on.
  3. Sounds right. Seems like they’re struggling with the pass game, you’d think it would have been the perfect time to incorporate Allen’s running.
  4. Something has just been off about this game. No energy from the team or fans today.
  5. We drafted too many “project” type players on D line. Reminds me of drought era picks, just draft someone who was dominant in college, instead of system guys.
  6. Watching the wasted draft capital on this D line makes me frustrated to no end.
  7. Yep, we run him against random inferior opponents in October while risking injury, but now would be an appropriate time.
  8. There should have been more changes made after 13 seconds, but McD is loyal to a fault at times.
  9. I realize the Eagles are a good team, but this game exposed the real Daniel Jones. Daboll has done a brilliant job making Jones look like the future in Jersey, but that game would make me have second thoughts.
  10. Philly is the perfect setting for this type of language.
  11. Sirianni is the perfect coach for Philly personally wise. Seems like he’d fit right in that town.
  12. I’m really impressed what Daboll has done with the Giants, because Jones doesn’t look like the guy, regardless of how this season changed some opinions of Jones. I think Daboll is in a similar spot as McD with Taylor. They can stick with Jones or be bold. The Bills got it right with Allen, but it’s tough to move on from a playoff QB.
  13. Hurts looks really good, but that Eagles offense is really loaded with talent.
  14. I blame the Brady phenomenon. Historically the NFL had elite QB’s who succeeded by taking risks, and making aggressive downfield throws. Brady wins seven Super Bowl with the short passing game, and it all changes. I think that style has now become accepted as the “right” way to build an offense and elite QB.
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