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  1. Pretty sure they struck out on most of their OL targets in FA so they settled for 2nd and 3rd tier guys. Becton is a ginormous man though who also has plus athleticism for a guy his size. Not worried about the Jets or Le'Veon Bell tbh though.
  2. This Dan Orlovsky, the one that couldn't judge that he was a yard and a half out of bounds? He's the one ranking QB's?
  3. In the end, it's all about $$$ and not the quality of the game for the persons who play. Not only do they charge you $60 a pop when the game comes out, they get you on the back end buying packs and upgrades. EA can offer an amount that will keep them in their back pockets I'm sure because they are making a killing with all of the sports franchise games they have.
  4. Under both, squeeze the cup. Hope he's better at recognizing his blitz pick-ups.
  5. I understand your point, but if the team doesn't win then it's all for naught. That's why I say they better hope Garrett was the problem. They may not be faced with tough decisions per say, but they may definitely be facing buyer's remorse.
  6. If you like high paid players that get you 7-9, 8-8, or possibly 9-7 records every season. They better fudge the money on that Dak contract somehow because it's gonna put them right on the brink for a couple of years at least. They also better hope that Garrett was the problem.
  7. Aaaaand this is why the Cowboys will eternally be in cap hell with Jerruh steering the ship.
  8. The other people are still going to get their touches and it is the people you named. Another year in the system and another year of growth for all of them. Brown, Beasley, Knox, then we added Davis and Hodgins. We still have to see where/if Duke/Foster fit in. We also added Moss to pair with Singletary so I believe we will still run the ball quite a bit, as well as utilize them out of the backfield. Unless this offense turns into a juggernaut then Diggs is not going to have a 100 catch, 1'400 yd, 10 TD season where they start to classify him as a superstar.
  9. This offense is going to have multiple playmakers. The ball is going to be spread around too much for Diggs to have elite numbers, unless Josh turns into Mahomes and we are putting up 35pts a game.
  10. Happy birthday Josh. The best is yet to come.
  11. Stupid. Learns from it and moves forward, hopefully.
  12. He can gain weight, but he doesn't necessarily need to.
  13. Our defense is just, simply put, good. They play together well as a unit and trust the system. Hughes gets pressure, but he's not going to scare opposing offenses. Oliver has a real chance to be a difference maker, but we have to see what kind of step forward he takes. Having Harry back will help. We added some really quality pieces in Richardson and Addison. We drafted Epenesa. Our #2 CB position is still up in the air, but we know what we have in Tre, Poyer, and Hyde. Are we dangerous? Possibly, but we are good from top to bottom. We are a dangerous team when you combine our defense with our offense though.
  14. The Patriots suck, but win enough to keep them out of the 1st draft pick convo. Everyone follows our model of defense against the Ravens and they dramatically fall back to earth. We beat the Texans in our 1st playoff game in our house in over 2 decades (a little sweet revenge), then at least make it to the AFC Title game. The best possible outcome of course is our team hoisting the Lombardi next February and I hope it comes at the expense of Tom Brady's Bucs.
  15. Yes, it's on Josh now. Heck, it was on Josh last year and he showed good improvement with just Brown, Beasley, and Knox(who had many a game changing drop) added to the group. Now we've added a legit WR in Diggs and two rookies with solid potential in Davis/Hodgins. If Josh takes the same step forward from year 2 to 3 as he did from 1 to 2 then this offense is going to be hard to handle. Couple that with a good already, but seemingly improved defense, and we have a legit contender on our hands.
  16. I think they believe Stidham can be the QB forever
  17. I think within the next couple of years Fromm will take over for Barkley. He's a smart young man and will pick up the the offense. His arm strength is on par with or better than Barkley's as well. At the same time I don't believe that Josh needs to be looking over his shoulder at all. The only way Fromm gets thrust into starting is if Allen gets injured or completely regresses to year one Josh, the former more likely than the latter. It was a good value pick for the Bills in the 5th. Fromm faced the toughest competition in the nation playing in the SEC and held his own.
  18. And you're probably right. I just don't think it will be any guys like Murphy or Nsekhe whom everyone else is talking about.
  19. It could happen with the aforementioned people in this thread, but I think our team is all in on this year and we have really nice depth at key positions. Only if guys who hold value are made expendable by the play of others will this happen. I expect both Hodgins and Davis to make the roster so you have Duke, Foster, and McKenzie fighting it out for more than likely one roster spot. If a trade is to happen I would expect it to come from there. They like Murphy and he is in the final year of his deal. Nsekhe provided valuable depth and you need that on your OL so he is gonna stay. I think they stand pat this year and attempt to slip some of the younger guys on the PS. Or you could see the Vosean Joseph effect again with a couple of the players they really like being placed on IR due to injury.
  20. Ahhhhh yes, the good ole Bob Woods thread
  21. Atari? 19 years ago? We, as a people, were already on the PS2 by then.
  22. Once revered in the Buffalo world of sports fandom, now destined to be a boy.
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