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  1. 1st Team All-Pro Matt Milano has a nice ring to it
  2. Definitely forgot the TE position. I would say Knox is above average for a TE.
  3. JA17 - Elite RB stable - average at best FB - uhhhhh Diggs - Elite Davis - above average The rest of the WR group - average at best to below average Dawkins - Good Morse - above average Bates - average at best Saffold - average at best Brown - below average Josh makes the entire thing go. Without Josh, this is a 6-11 to 8-9 team.
  4. Has to be a distraction, I don't care what his other teammates are saying to the media.
  5. Listening to this clown speak right now. Avoiding any and all questions in regards to anything off the field. He still seems disingenuous and claims he's just locked in as being a QB. Hope he falls flat on his face. I don't wish him injury, I just hope he sucks at playing QB for the rest of his life.
  6. I would love to have Beasley back, and I personally only have love for the guy, but sometimes things get said during breakups that pretty much put a finality on things. The icing on the cake so to speak. The things he spoke about after his release were kind of that I believe. Loved the toughness (he played with a friggin broken leg), appreciated all he did, but the time has passed.
  7. So, Taron is a better defender when he is in Zone coverage? Or is it when he's in Man, but has a chance to jam the defender at the line? Or is it when the Bills don't have a Safety in the box? The guy kept showing reps with a single high Safety, but gave different excuses.
  8. I would love that too. Nothing makes a QB look worse than have interior pressure all game long. Mac would have a game where local papers would be talking about reinserting Zappe.
  9. You know what's funny? People talking about PS signings like it's "going all in" or "putting them over the top". We're talking about guys being signed off of the street in November. We're talking about a WR who was a 1st Round pick, in the 2nd year of his deal, and the team who drafted him (which desperately needed talent at WR) traded him away. It really is comical on here sometimes.
  10. I'm going to say Singletary. I think it's easier to run block with a retooled OL than it is to pass block. I think Motor gets his first 100 yd rushing game of the season and 2 TD's to go with it.
  11. Just saw where the Dolphins and Chargers game got flexed, not the Bills
  12. Players get released and signed to PS's all throughout the season. The fact they signed one who is already familiar with the system and has a rapport with the QB isn't a sign of desperation. It's actually a smart move for the "just in case" moments.
  13. It's going to be cold and windy Thursday night. Upper 20's and 10-20mph winds. It will probably be a heavy dose of the running game on offense for them and different blitz packages trying to expose our OL in pass pro on defense.
  14. This has always been known. I have watched him deflect all blame, throw teammates under the bus, and throw coaches under the bus the last 4 years. This isn't anything new. It's always been his MO. Larry Fitz's father put him on blast, but it got swept under the rug for the most part. Where do you think that came from? From being around Murray and talking to his son. He said the kid needed to humble himself, is spoiled, and needs to mature. I fully believed it at the time and it's even more evident now. I believe there were a lot of people shaking their head at AZ giving Kyler that big contract, regardless of how the sport media clowns were trying to paint it. They are reaping the fruits of their investment again right now.
  15. Do enough to win until we get healthy seems to be a never-ending theme this year. Hopefully we get Edmunds, Morse, and Rousseau back this week. Hopefully Trey's snap count doubles and we see some flashes. That said, I got Buffalo 31 New England 20 in this one.
  16. Was he really though? I'm thinking more along the lines of Pete Carroll is a genius and hid Russ' flaws all of these years. Look what he's getting out of Geno right now, the same Geno Smith who hasn't done squat in the NFL up to this point. Russ is a bum
  17. Lamar isn't worth more $$$ than Mahomes or Allen, but neither are any of the QB's getting paid more than them right now. Lamar is sitting in that Dak and Kirk Thuggins tier, former MVP or not. We'll see how it plays out, but a Franchise Tag followed by a trade wouldn't shock me depending on how things play out this offseason.
  18. The same way the Broncos fell for it with Russell Wilson.
  19. Injuries happen. It's just a bad year for us injury wise, not what we had grown accustomed to, so everyone is more focused on it as a whole around here.
  20. Already down multiple starters, we lose Dawkins and Miller today. The defense struggled a bit at times, especially on 3rd downs again, but Oliver and Jones had big games. The offense struggled at times to get anything going. Even still, Josh and Diggs flipped the switch when needed and we got a huge victory against a scrappy Lions team that had won 3 on a row. We're 8-3 and it's on to New England.
  21. Uhhhh, actually, we did deserve this win. Josh and Diggs flipped the switch on those last two drives, then willed us to victory.
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