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  1. Barkley's not a bust. He had over 2000 yards combined as a rookie with 15 TD's. That was with Manning as his QB. 2nd year he had over 1,400 yards combined with 8 TD's. Last year was his ACL tear and this year being eased back in he hurt his ankle. You saw what he could do when they started to lean on him against NO and then the next week he gets hurt on a fluke play. I'd DEFINITELY go after Barkley if he is made available.
  2. I would DEFINITELY be in on Barkley. If this offense had a top tier RB then we would literally be unstoppable. He's had a couple of ankle injuries and the ACL, but I wouldn't call him injury prone by any means and he is a true all purpose RB. This would maximize our window over the next couple of seasons imo.
  3. Having the extra week off and being guaranteed Home Field is THAT important, yes. I hate the new format where only one team gets a week off.
  4. Kind of interested to see how Cincy fares against Baltimore. This will be an excellent measuring stick for that team.
  5. Yeah, I didn't have a problem with 26CB either. Just remember a few things going on and then they were gone. You're right about missing some of the posters who have since "retired" from the board. I think about Bandit every now and again on here as well. He was always a quality contributor and we had some good discussions, especially around draft time about various prospects. Haven't seen him in forever now either.
  6. Ehhhhhh, Idk GB. I think the league would suspend him or at least put him on the Commissioner's Exempt list. Either way, I don't think he plays until the legal stuff is over and his suspension that is coming will be levied. And that's if he ever plays again at all imo.
  7. Great, deplete Miami's draft pick stock for a QB that will be suspended and possibly may never play in the league again depending on how his legal woes shake out. Also, this would be great press (not really) for a team already circling the toilet bowl. Distractions anyone?
  8. Thanks. I remember one member (can't remember who it was) labeled him as 26S***Poster and he didn't stay long after that.
  9. There was a guy named 26CornerBlitz who used to be on Yolo's level. Can't remember exactly what happened to him, but I think he got ticked at some other posters and left the site.
  10. We should send them Cody Ford as the free gift with their purchase.
  11. Keenum is the sacrificial lamb. Both of their OT's are out and Baker is already dealing with the shoulder injury. Von Miller is gonna eat on Thursday night.
  12. I think our DE rotation is really just missing AJ right now. I don't really see the need for signing Mercilus.
  13. True, Milano was off last night as well. I kind of wonder about him and his injury though because he did not look like himself. Not really giving him a pass, but sort of taking it into account regardless of his "designation" for the game. I was actually expecting to see more of Klein on the field tbh.
  14. Last night's loss was a tough one. We can all question some decisions, some calls, some penalties called or not called, and many other things from the Monday night game. It was a slugfest for 60 minutes that we came up just a little short on. Both defenses were popping the opposition when given the opportunity. It really was a good and fun game to watch, outside of the outcome for Bills fans. Glass half empty: For all of the talk about us having the #1 defense we were exposed last night. We barely made Tannehill feel uncomfortable at all in the 2nd half. Granted there is only one Derrick Henry in the NFL, our run defense was really bad as well. Guys taking bad angles and being out of position cost us multiple times. When we face teams like that we have a hard time matching up in the Secondary. If our guys are forced to play a lot of Man coverage then other teams kill us over the middle of the field every time. It's usually Levi on slants and crossing routes that ends up getting burned, but it happens to Johnson and Tre occasionally as well. That is where Tennessee did most of their damage in the passing game and it provides other teams who can legitimately run the ball with that blueprint. Frazier and McDermott have to come up with a defensive gameplan to handle these types of offenses. McDermott also, though the best coach we have had in the last 2 decades, still does not throw the challenge flags when he should at times and also makes some decisions easy to 2nd guess. Edmunds, though making some more splash plays this year, still struggles at times with where he should be during a play. He was out of position multiple times last night on both running and passing plays. He needs to be the Captain of this defense and make sure he is playing his role for each play call. The running game is still suspect and the play calling within that area for Daboll is really head scratching at times. All in all we still have some issues and those issues could very well cost us in the Playoffs depending on how the matchups play out. Glass half full: Josh Allen is really becoming a legit superstar in this league (though I believe most of us have recognized this long ago). There are starting to be no boxes whatsoever he does not check off. Last night it was evident in his decision making. There were multiple plays where he didn't force the action, but instead chose to use his check down receiving option just to get any positive yards he could. Be it a RB, or Knox, or Beasley in the flats, he made use of everything. Was he perfect? No, but he was pretty dang good considering the pressure he was under most of the night. They did everything they possibly could to make him uncomfortable, but time and time again he stepped up in the big situation with a big first down to keep the drive going or using his legs if possible. Like I said last week, he just looks more settled on the field no matter the situation. Beasley is still the best Slot WR in the game and we need to use him that way. He's basically uncoverable. Diggs is a true #1 who will produce at a #1 WR clip if he's fed a #1 WR amount of targets. There is no team that we can't beat and we will not be blown out by anyone this year. Josh and this offense are that good. Star looks as good as he has ever looked in this league while playing at a lesser weight none the less as well. This team will be hard to handle come January if we remain healthy and the road in the AFC is forced to come through Buffalo. We are truly a SB contender this year and just need to be playing our best ball at the right time.
  15. FIFY And exactly, don't be acting like Mac deserves the Ko Simpson treatment.
  16. Would you call that the Fitz'y tier of QB's?
  17. Idk, but Mac Jones just led them down the field about as easily as possible for that TD.
  18. And the Minnesota kicker misses. How fitting.
  19. And now Carolina is going to give it right back by letting Cousins go right down the field.
  20. Wow, how about Carolina coming back on Minnesota? They've scored 11 in the last 4 minutes to tie up the game. Darnold, even in his suckage, led them down the field for the game tying TD and 2pt conversion. Still only completing like 35% of his passes today though.
  21. He had some decent throws and he had some misses, but his day was still meh. Nothing to be super hype about. It was a typical Baltimore win.
  22. Yeah, not so much. He's always electric running the ball and their defense has been REALLY good today which is how Baltimore has won a lot over the last two decades. I'd hardly call 167 yards passing, accounting for 218 yards of total offense, with 2 INT's excellent. I'd call the result Baltimore just being the better team, with the better game plan, and better execution on the day.
  23. This is the story with Lamar. He'll have a great game, then he'll be meh for a couple of weeks, then he has another great game, and the talking heads try to group him with the "elite" QB's in the NFL.
  24. Darnold has been really, REALLY bad today. Starting to look like the first couple of weeks were just a teaser and he's still the same guy.
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