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  1. Whipping boy #2!!! Tremaine must be ecstatic at this point. First Elam and now OJ Howard
  2. Wait a minute.......... Does TSW have a new "whipping boy" now? 🤔 Somewhere, Tremaine Edmunds is rejoicing
  3. Every year this type of thread gets started and every year I rationalize why no deals are going to be made. I'm usually wrong, so I'll keep quiet
  4. McKelvin was gifted athletically, but he had terrible ball skills and never lived up to his potential. I'm hoping for more than that from Elam.
  5. I'm not really. He is extremely limited athletically and we have guys remaining that are better suited for the offense.
  6. Yep, I was wrong. Good for the young man. I hate seeing injuries happen to people.
  7. You have to do something when Matt Patricia and Joe Judge are coaching you up on offense.
  8. They thought Becton was alright as well until the MRI
  9. Willis has talent, but I am not sure he ends up being anything more than the next Tyrod Taylor. Honestly, that's exactly who he reminds me of. He throws a decent ball outside of the hashes, but struggles a lot over the middle of the field and with reading defenses. I'm not sure if he has trouble seeing his guys, or if he doesn't process quickly enough, or if he doesn't understand timing routes, or if he doesn't trust his arm to throw the ball to an opening to let the receiver go get it. You saw it at Liberty as well.
  10. I will be watching to see if I can spot HOUSE's wallet on the field somewhere in a "Where's Waldo" type scenario.
  11. I got everyone important coming out of the game with their health intact for the win, regardless of the score.
  12. This is more than likely an ACL. Two videos below are when Edelman tore his ACL in 2017 and Zach Wilson last night. Looks almost identical. Both take place right when they planted for the cutback.
  13. I think Josh McDaniels was more important than people want to give him credit for. His system worked for years in NE. Now they have a failed HC and former DC calling plays who couldn't achieve anything with Stafford as his QB and a failed HC former ST guy coaching up QB's who partly lost his job because he couldn't help develop Daniel Jones. Sounds like a recipe for success to me.
  14. Personally, I don't want Allen out there until we have a our projected starting OL out there at full capacity. No point risking him during the preseason. We all know what he can do and I'm happy with him just getting reps in practice. I know he won't do that and he'll want to be on the field some just because of the type of player/competitor he is. We don't need Diggs, Davis, or McKenzie out there either. These guys have all been here and in the system for 3 years. The only time I would want the starting OL out there is if Allen is out there. Other than that, all backups and those fighting for a spot all the time. I don't want to see Singletary or Cook on the field too much either. Maybe 4 or 5 carries for each guy and a pass or two out of the backfield. I want to see Zack Moss, Duke Johnson, and Raheem Blackshear getting the carries. Those 3 guys are fighting it out for likely one roster spot. I want to see if Moss is better, like has been said about him during camp this year the most. He adds a power element the other two do not. I also believe that we know what we have in Knox so the other TE's on the roster need to get most of the burn. On defense, every guy who's been here in the starting lineup for the last 3 seasons only needs a series or two at the most. I'm sure they are chomping at the bit to get out there and hit people other than their teammates. That being said, I don't want Von out there for a single snap. I want to see the backups and those fighting for a spot to see 90% of the snaps on defense. We really need to let the young guys on the boundaries get in a solid amount of work. We also need to let Hamlin and Johnson get a lot of run at the Safety positions. I also want to see how Terrell Bernard handles himself at multiple positions in the LB group. I have a feeling he may be getting groomed to take Edmunds' spot next year if he shows well and Edmunds prices himself out of what we are willing to pay. All in all, we have 29 days until the Regular Season opener. Hoping for good health for everyone and good progress from the younger guys throughout.
  15. Not $18-$20M, I'll tell you that. We also have the Franchise Tag at our disposal for next year with Edmunds if need be and if his play warrants it. Edmunds doesn't deserve any more than he is currently getting under his 5th year option at this point. The whole reason Smith wants out of Chicago is because he wants to get paid NOW and they won't do it.
  16. Or this one where he was channeling his inner Bruce Willis from the original Die Hard, but with one leg
  17. And then we have to pay him $18-$20M a year. It's a nice thought, but no thanks. We have enough guys we are going to have to pay over the next 2 seasons that I don't want $20M tied up in one LB.
  18. Trey Lance at #16, in front of Matt Ryan, having only thrown 101 passes in game situations since his last year of college in 2020?
  19. I hate the Jets, but have pulled for Becton because he's a central VA kid having gone to Highland Springs High School. Becton has all the talent and athleticism in the world, especially for a guy his size. But that's the problem, he is a guy his size playing a position that puts a lot of stress on the lower body. If he wants his football career to continue then he should probably get himself down to between 320-330lbs.
  20. Diggs, Davis, and a healthy OBJ in 3 WR sets? Then throw in Knox at TE? Pssshhhh. What team in the NFL is going to be able to cover them? We'd score 40 a game.
  21. Here's a news report about it: https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/arrest-made-after-teen-shot-killed-outside-little-havana-home/2828377/
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