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  1. We know what side the refs are on this game. A lot of iffy calls going the Sardines' way
  2. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/09/22/christian-mccaffrey-limited-with-ankle-stiffness-in-thursday-practice/
  3. We're going to see how much these young Safeties have absorbed from Hyde and Poyer over the last couple years now it seems. Tough week to find out where they are at, facing two of the fastest WR's in the NFL. Really need the front four to be able to get home consistently pressuring the QB this week.
  4. AJ is looking to get reacquainted with his rib cage
  5. Sling the rock. Put up 50 if you can. In all seriousness, hopefully it mirrors the Tennessee game. We pull our starters then run the ball the last quarter and a half to burn the clock.
  6. I want us to beat the Dolphins because of how the sports media slobs Tua, McDaniel, and that team right now. I don't care about his, Tua's, stats from last week. I don't care that they are 2-0. I don't care about McDaniel's offense or his socially awkward interviews or responses. I don't care about their defense or what they have supposedly accomplished these first two weeks of the season. I want us to walk into Miami, get more sacks as a defense than we had against the Rams, hit Tua 20-25 times in total, have him back there seeing ghosts, and tossing wobblers all game long. I want Edmunds or Milano to absolutely plant Tyreek Hill into the ground on one of those quick slants or screens that noodle arm will be tossing out there. 15 yard flag or no 15 yard flag, idc. Bury that guy. I want us to dominate them in every single phase of the game and leave not even the slightest doubt as to whom is running the AFCE. On their home field, in front of their "rejuvenated" fan base, beat the brakes off them just so we can hear all of the excuses.
  7. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/09/21/xavien-howard-misses-practice-with-groin-injury/
  8. Willis is a rookie who played @ Liberty. Compared to the level of talent, yes, he was better than the rest. In the NFL he will have a ton of catching up to do. He struggles mightily over the middle of the field, both reading defenses and throwing the ball accurately. He does seem to throw the ball well to the outside though. Where he got away on his athletic ability alone in college, that will certainly not be the case in the NFL. Honestly, I don't expect him to be much. I think his ceiling is Tyrod.
  9. Ayyyyyye, we actually get Buffalo vs Miami here in central VA this week!!! Winning
  10. We're 2-0, have dominated the defending SB champs on their home field, destroyed the AFC #1 seed from a year ago in our home opener, have outscored these two opponents by a combined 72-17, and people are on here leaving a trail of tears over Blackshear getting signed off of our PS to play for a crap Panthers team?
  11. We'll have a better feel for how good our rookie CB's are after this week. Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, and Gesicki are the best group they will have faced to date, as well as possibly the toughest matchup all year. They will truly have to be disciplined in their assignments this week. One wrong step, one blown coverage, and it will likely be a TD. Hopefully we are knocking Tua around from start to finish as to make their lives a little easier at least.
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