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  1. This might help us, actually 🤣
  2. Hodgins with what should have been a great TD but called back. Good to see him getting time and making plays. Wish we had him back considering how thin we are at WR
  3. They also hinted at an illness making its rounds last week (this week, technically I guess?) Josh could be literally sick AND banged up and just gutting it out each week. You could feel it in the post-game sideline interview with him and Josh “when the chips are down, I’m riding with 17.” Whatever Josh is dealing with, Steph is first in line to pick him up. That speaks volumes, and I think Josh recognized it when he said it.
  4. You know when playoff time comes he’s circling dates on that calendar. I freaking love Hyde. I hope he has it in him to come back this season and make his mark in a Bills SB victory
  5. Dude is gonna totally try to bang Robert Saleh’s mom. ”I’m your dad now, and you’re gonna un-ground me immediately”
  6. I don’t think Tre would come back for this game even still. I think he returns at thanksgiving for a tune-up before NE
  7. we just got out of that darkness, let us not go back to it anytime soon lol.
  8. I feel like Allen will play, and he’s gonna play it more like the Rams game with intermediate and check down passes being the highlight of his game. That, or his first pass will be 50+ yards just to say “teehee, my elbow is made of adimantium. Don’t get comfortable.”
  9. When the Bills win a Super Bowl I’m getting this bad boy on my leg
  10. He had a great game, but you can’t talk to Diggs like that and not expect him to take it personal. as soon as I saw them jawing on the sideline I took the over on yards and a tut for the parlay 😎
  11. That’s what you get when you’re focused on CoD Is his performance slightly odd? He just really wants to stream Oompa Loompa dupadee da, Since that game launched his team won’t go far That’s why his play looks just like poo Like the Oompa Loompa dupadee do
  12. You’re gonna need TB12 money to afford tickets at this rate
  13. if the panthers win this weekend they somehow are tied for first in their division… good lord lol
  14. This looks absolutely beautiful. It’s been almost worth the wait 😂
  15. I don’t think anyone is trading for a guy who can’t be used for a year 🤷‍♂️
  16. Hey there- my daughter turns 8 on the 17th and I’m looking to see what’s available for the Browns game. Would prefer to avoid the 300’s if possible but will consider it if there’s nothing lower (she’s not a huge fan of heights lol)
  17. One of his biggest arguments is Josh was throwing against backup corners… kinda sounds like a team I know who has a Pro Bowl corner out currently and has 2 rookies starting… gosh what’s that team name? 🤔 ps- we’re also missing Hyde so there’s that
  18. Murray is a K/D kinda player. He has no time for you if you get dropped. ”git gud n00b” as the kids say
  19. New Call of Duty drops in a few weeks, so that won’t be happening lol
  20. This goes to show that while they still have their hiccups (as any human does) they have progressed as coaches and play callers. I love this team we have assembled from top to bottom. I really REALLY hope this is the year because I can’t think of a more deserving group to bring it home for us. I love this team
  21. This song just pumps me up. I also like Marilyn Manson’s “The Fight Song” before a game but damn, this one is just a kick in the ass
  22. Looking back on this, we are so lucky he took the money over the potential ring- we wouldn’t have pursued Von this off-season and I’d take him 1000000/1 over Watt. Not that he’s bad, but nobody in that family can stay healthy
  23. We’re the nine mistakes on draft day the teams that passed on him or the number of teams he signed with since then?
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