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  1. Just trying to picture a commemorative flyover for an American WWII vet who's primaries are a Stearman and der Stuka. 'Sir, we've done our research and feel your contributions to the war effort lie somewhere between a flying hobo, and the near destruction of hundreds of European cities' He does look amazing at 111. Best wishes dear sir!
  2. Eric Jensen... what kind of a ****y-*** name is that?? Sounds like a J-j-j-jet's fan's name... sounds like the name you give to a boy you're too embarrassed to call your own so you blame the mother and barely mouth out that it's a male "It's J-j-j-jen's... ... s-s-sen" And do all fathers have to call the stupid one Eric!?!?! oh the humanity
  3. I'm a huge free radio advocate, and still despise Bill Clinton for signing the FCC Act of 1996. (In case anyone wonders why radio, and most commercial music in general have gone down the shitter, or your child has a dull look in her eyes caused by overexposure to autotune, look it up), but mixed on this one. In general, I'm cheering for the aggregator, but only for cautionary measures. Those Major Label slimebags do have a point- the company is leaching off their intellectual property, presumably for profit. Not sure I see the end of all international radio because of one debatable ruling in one country, or at least not nearly as clearly as I saw the systematic and greedily intentional destruction of US radio back in 1996.
  4. Either get a lawyer or pay it if you can keep it off your record. From personal experience, don't fight it without a lawyer if pleading not guilty means you lose the right to keep it off your record. municipalities want your money, and judges side with cops.
  5. A story is generally considered 'news' when it makes the largest newswire in the history of the planet, or did we both just not read a story about Kevin Spacey on the AP?
  6. I Loved that Diggs was doing everything he could to point Allen to throw to Wide open Brown in the back of the endzone. Loved it. Allen missed the throw, but that tells me Diggs is all about winning, and has great awareness of what's going on outside of just his area.
  7. Screw that! Bills fans deserve their own blow-up dolls.
  8. He was a fixture at the Portland Bills bar. Spoke and joked around with him a bunch. Super nice guy.
  9. If only Lockheed Martin could keep their secrets so well. C'mon, Chris Brown... seriously?
  10. Oh, right now probably the difference between 75,000, and 175,000 American deaths. The science deniers and anti-maskers tend to reside on the 'conservative' end of the spectrum.
  11. It's great that you served, I did not. But, I was on track for naval ROTC before a spinal injury. I have two cousins who are/were Rangers, one was a Golden Knight. My father fought in Korea across frozen mountains. Two uncles fought in Sicily, and one jumped behing German lines on D-Day. I have nothing against the Italian people- Rome is my favorite city in the world, and I often think about moving there. But what was all this fighting for? It certainly was not for some piss-ant, pseudo Mussolini, chicken-***** to try to rig an election in The United States of America. You served, presumably to fight against these concepts; where are you now?
  12. You are so wrong, and your attitude is offensive to actual Americans. Go fly your Mussolini flags down south.
  13. You're being willingly naive in even attempting to play this as a budget shortfall, which isn't even true, just before this November's election. Stop being useless.
  14. My neighborhood mailbox disappeared last week. Scary stuff when it's right in front of your face. Anybody defending Trump in this is a blithering idiot and un-American.
  15. My gaseous expulsions are significantly more truth telling than anything that's come out of Donald Trump.
  16. There is no way in hell the world wants Xi Jinping and the Chinese to be THE major influence on the planet, so at least the US has that going for us, but we have become every bit as internally divided as Bin Laden could have dreamt in the past 19 years, and our President has daddy issues, which leads him to admire two of the biggest scumbag leaders since Stalin. I know, this sounds partisan, but it is as close to engaging a factual problem as I think opinion can get. If you don't see it then more power to ya Every corner of this country will be affected if a looming economic cliff isn't forcefully redirected. Everyone's home values will drop, heavily. The stock market may continue strong on the blissful hope that finally we have a way to automate much of our labor costs out, with an understandable reasoning, the Great Covid Pandemic. But to what end. Do we move toward a more Somalia-like state? Every man, woman and child for him or herself... pirates? Sounds kinda sexy, but when suburban and rural America encounter homeless on a daily basis, it might not feel quite so. It's past time to drop the ideologies, and give the majority of this country a fighting chance to survive, innovate, and maybe even rise. To make it clear, I think Trump is a blithering idiot, and I don't care if you support him, he's still an idiot. But I don't think he's 'evil', just misguided and insecure to the point of his, and our, detriment. I was, and am, in favor of his tariffs on Chinese goods for multiple reasons, so good on him. Call it a long screed, rant, posit, chat, dialogue or loony gaffe, but I hope this post was more intelligible than a story about aluminum-shielded, liberal, cherry-tomatoes being launched from Guyana ala B-Man. Sorry if I've insulted the bright challenged ones with my waste of time. Pass a damn stimulus bill and give our populace a fighting chance. Even the dumb ones.
  17. Just two weeks until 'Troy Vincent takes out a Rookie 1st Round QB Day' Get your piñatas ready
  18. #'s look off. Your average Chargers game attendee spends over $1,000/game on food and merchandise? Average Bills attendee over $600/ game on beer and ballcaps??
  19. I like to tenderize my better Russian meat for a good twelve minutes before broiling. A lemon squirt and shake in a cag of capers makes me think, "Yeah, I could do better".
  20. 238 replies, and 2 thumbs up. I think they call that charisma!
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