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  1. Awww crap, I love my Bills, but I think it'd be really sweet if the Pegula's put about every last scrap of savings they had into bettering the planet.
  2. So I took the Bills in my suicide pool... I got this. Certainly better than taking the Falcons or the other 31 teams
  3. Gaaaah! ... another ***** gadget. All this team has ever had to do for the last 50something years is forge a ***** identity. Draft linebackers and ***** offensive linemen, luck into the occasional skill position and QB, and this team would be known, year in and year out, as a tough, mean, difficult win. Instead we're a ***** gadget bag in a blizzard. Speedy smurfs on ice. A perennial question bag of jokes. Great, let's find a new way to outsmart outselves
  4. It's often the players who don't play the most who are often overlooked.
  5. If it were actually John Madden snubbing us, I'd be a bit concerned/offended, but it's probably sone guy named Charlie from Mumbai, so not so concerned.
  6. Hmmm, I think I'd be more upset at the KKK for using our flag as their symbol, and Nike for being such wusses, but that's just my take. I actually had no idea they were using that flag as a symbol. Disgusting stuff
  7. You sure do know a lot about someone so forgettable... They can't all be Vin Scully, but what the heck is wrong with having high standards? People like you are gonna put Joe Buck and Troy Aikman in some Broadcaster Hall Of Fame someday. Go whack off to your Joe Buck posters in private and try to keep the noise down. Sicko.
  8. I can only go in my lifetime: 1- Walsh/Montana 2- Landry/Staubach 3- Noll/Bradshaw- could be 2, but for a couple bizarre drops/catches (Jackie Smith, Lynn Swann) the 70's Cowboys were a better coached/QB'd team, but lost. 4- Madden/Stabler- the most contemptible duo ever, and with good reason. They are the figureheads of the most sterling antagonists the NFL will ever know. And they were great. 5- Walsh/Young- the originators of the 'efficient' NFL offense. 6- Shula/Marino- they were brutal. Marino got nailed all the time... after he released the ball and hit Clayton or Duper. It was insane how little he got sacked. Jim Jensen was a frickin nightmare of an outlet receiver... Hello, Wee Welker... yes, Jim Jensen. They were good 7- Reeves/Elway- they were better than us in our prime, and better at quarterbacking than.. 8- Belichik/Brady- They've won, and they've done it efficiently, and with great kicking and the amazing stupidity of their opponents. Don't forget the San Diego interception/return some years back. Belichik belongs at the top of this list in many ways, but Brady would've never survived the game that the upper QB's did. He's weighted up by BB. #8 9- Holmgren/Favre- you were dead at any given moment. 10- Coryell/Fouts- the absolutely most fantastic MR(s) Irrelevant the NFL produced! ... sorry to Grant/Tarkenton and Levy/Kelly. always a bridesmaid....
  9. That's somewhat of a fair point. The world has devolved to where we forget what it is to require a good knowledge base of the opinionaters. Go study the FCC act of 1996 and write your representatives.
  10. Anything before Ken Anderson on the Bengals and I'm a complete blank. I mean thorough, zero, blank. Speaking of which, Ken Anderson and Forrest Gregg should be something like #19 on the best QB/ Coach thread. Anthony Munoz, Max Montoya, Blair Bush was a helluva OLine to build around.
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