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  1. Lifelong Dodgers fan here, going back to Sax, Garvey, Cey, Sutton, Yeager, John, Lopes, Monday, Baker, Fernando freakin Valuenzuela, Scioscia, Guerrero, Howe, et al... and to all y'all, who farking cares. The '88 Dodgers are enough to carry any fan through a lifetime- yes, my team is ETERNALLY cooler than yours! Let the Astros and BoSox have their playtime. Those teams needed a good thumb-sucking, and they got it. Congrats to them both on their victories. Limited sarcasm aside, I've watched so much of Kershaw's career, and he didn't look any different in the post-season. I never once lost faith in his abilities, and not just from being a fan, he just always looked like exactly the same pitcher. I couldn't understand any of it, then I'd go right back to hoping he'd come in in any clutch situation... and he'd get shelled again. This crap explains a lot.
  2. We were up by 16 points and blew it. This thread is the only reason I remember that play. It was the right call, according to my hangover. )
  3. They gave us everything, and we didn't win the game.
  4. The Bills are on their way, and I can't wait for a whole lot of our games to come. Love you all. Or at least most of you
  5. I thought I knew you well But all this time I could never tell I let you get away Haunts me every night and every day You were the only one The only friend I counted on How could I watch you walk away I'd give anything to have you here today But now I stand alone with my pride And dream that you're still by my side But that was yesterday I had the world in my hands But it's not the end of my world Just a slight change of plans That was yesterday But today life goes on No more hiding in yesterday 'Cause yesterday's gone, ooooh! Love, my love I gave it all Thought I saw the light, when I heard you call Life that we both could share Has deserted me, left me in despair But now I stand alone with my pride Fighting back the tears I never let myself cry But that was yesterday Love was torn from my hands But it's not the end of my world Just a little hard to understand That was yesterday But today life goes on You won't find me in yesterday's world Now yesterday's gone Goodbye yesterday Now it's over and done Still I hope somewhere deep in your heart Yesterday will live on, ooooh! -Sylvia Plath-
  6. Kelsaydenney must be kicking himself for playing in the wrong era. 3 yr/$32 Mil eh
  7. I think we're mixing playing not to lose with being conservative here.
  8. 1 guy who believed in the run so much he was nicknamed Ground Chuck, and the lifetime practitioner of the 4-3 bend but don't break 'flex' defense don't sound conservative to me either...
  9. Pitt had to have known something was up there too. Gore is a 2-3 yard bowling ball at this point. No way you 'pound the rock' with him from the 10-12 yard range. All around brain fart on Daboli.
  10. Cute and stupid when we should have been normal and aggressive. And the 3rd down RUN. I don't know that I can ever recall a team playing for a FG, when they already had a FG locked up. Might as well have kicked it on 3rd down and avoided the risk of injury. Stoopid series.
  11. Ha! That's great. Maybe we can play 'The Search is Over' every time Hauschka makes a 50 yarder.
  12. My GF,, who knows zero about football, was even piping in with the occasional , "***** up, Collinsworth." It was charming
  13. They were better than us with the speed of their offense. We countered it pretty well, but they have the best natural flow, speed-wise, that I've seen since the Oregon Ducks helmed by Dennis Dixon.
  14. Beasley drop... Brown drop, were killers. We played like an upper-tier team, though, so not all is lost. In fact, change a couple variables and we beat the current best team in football. This season is not over lady and gentlemen. Go Bills!!
  15. Not particularly fun just yet, but we are playing pretty much toe-to-toe with the best team in football this year
  16. He thought his post would garner more respect in rich text
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