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  1. 😳 Eichel is great, but he's not close to being in the best player in the league conversation IMO.
  2. Full context. Trump absolutely dropped the ball on what should have been a softball question, but what he actually said still matters.
  3. Chris Wallace getting a lot of heat, and it's deserved.
  4. Joe will almost certainly have his usual number of gaffes. Its what he's done for years even before his mental state was in question. I think what you really need to watch for is Joe losing his cool and lashing out when confronted on Hunter and Burisma. Whatever you want to say about Trump, and you can say a lot, he rarely loses his cool
  5. Same sentiment for our delusional TDS afflicted posters continuing to cling to the RUSSIA!! narrative.
  6. All of the above is true, especially the bolded. Unfortunately it matters zero to those afflicted with TDS.
  7. If you believe that the same media that stood in front of burning buildings and told us that they were mostly peaceful protests arent also going to lie about Bidens performance tonight, no matter where he falls on the senility scale, then I've got a fine bridge to sell you.
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