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  1. Let me grant you all of the above as true and sufficient evidence for the fbi to go in front of a FISA judge and ask for a warrant to spy on an American citizen, Carter Page. Then why did: 1. An FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, alter evidence in an email that stated Carter Page WAS a CIA informant to say that he WAS NOT a CIA informant? 2. The FBI, after interviewing Steeles primary dossier sub source in January of 2017 ( who we now know that he himself was under investigation as an agent of Russia) and learning that the information he gave Steele was bunk,
  2. 😄 Wikipedia. Even still being Wikipedia they acknowledge, but of course downplay, that Steeles subsource told the FBI his information was garbage in January of 2017 and the FBI still went to the FISA court to renew. They are obligated to update the court with this information and they didn't in order that they could continue to spy on Carter Page. I understand that you hate Trump enough that you're seemingly ok with this. But are YOU personally ok with the FBI using known garbage in order to spy on you personally or your family? At the end of the day this really isn't
  3. Uh huh..Nothing came out about the Biden CRIME FAMILY...nothing at all. Lol. By the way...
  4. There is simply no defending this if you have even a shred of intellectual honesty.
  5. These people have been completely broken by Trump. It's glorious to watch. Their TDS addled brains are beyond all hope.
  6. This is happening to a newspaper with the 4th largest circulation in the nation. Absolutely sick and disgusting.
  7. As enemies of the people this behavior is not unexpected. Its up to honest people to hold them to account, no matter who they support politically.
  8. There's absolutely no defending the media on this. If anyone thinks that recent media and big tech behavior is ok then TDS has broken you.
  9. Heard him talking about it yesterday. Hodgkins lymphoma. He sounded quite upbeat and optimistic about his treatment plan.
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