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  1. With all of the complaining about this being a right wing dominated board, this is a welcome post by someone on the left who actually articulates how someone in the political arena pushes all the opposite buttons on POLICY. Political debate on policy issues is supposed to be rough and tumble and contentious, and to a certain degree has always been "it's only bad when the other side does it". But I have so many people on ignore these days because ALL they can do is #orangemanbad posts about things long proven to be false.
  2. RIP Ben. One of my favorite Bills as a kid growing up. Also remember Bruce crediting Ben as an early positive influence and mentor.
  3. My guess is that many of the posters here who are labeled "Trump supporters" did not in fact vote for Trump. I know I didn't. I still dont like the man personally, but I also dont like constitutional freedoms being trampled on in the name of partisan political shenanigans, so I will be voting for him in November.
  4. The medias unrelenting efforts to defend the indefensible as this information drips out is also a positive sign. Zeroing in on the target.
  5. Uggh. Keith Olbermann. I always thought that he was a *****stain during his ESPN tenure. I don't even have the words to describe him currently. What a waste of skin.
  6. When you watch sports for long enough you realize that there are infinite shoulda woulda scenarios for every team. Enjoy the wins, accept the losses and move on.
  7. Fwiw... from sources deep within yada yada.... Four prime time games on schedule.
  8. I said it not a good look...as in maybe not the best idea. I said already that it will not impact his chances to make the team one way or the other. I find the table slamming to be well past its expiration date...when I saw it in the video it was simply my honest first reaction, I dont doubt the kids excitement or passion.
  9. Exactly. I suggest that you take your own advice.
  10. Lol. Good one. It's an opinion. The table slamming routine is old, tired and not a good look for players to be promoting. Will it make a damn bit of difference that he made the video if the kid can play ball at an NFL level? Of course not. However, it's not an outlandish take to view the table slamming as an old and tired bit. Be innovative.
  11. Incredible. Lucky to be alive and extremely fortunate to still have his leg. Rooting for him. Some very, very graphic images. Truly amazing where he is today.
  12. You dont understand the irrational hate for Allen, but its ok to have some irrational hate for Fromm? The only fact here is that he was picked in the 5th round. Another fact is that the Bills had him significantly higher on their board. 4th? 3rd? Only Beane and his staff knows. He could have been a 1st rounder and still nobody would know what kind of qb he will be on the scale from bum to hof'er. Nobody. You, me, Beane or Fromm himself. Let things play out.
  13. Trump was interviewed on Bonginos podcast today. Re: General Flynn Trump: One way or the other he's innocent. You know what that means. One way or the other.
  14. That's how all of this gets so easily labeled as "conspiracy theories" by the masses. If they don't report it, then it can't be real in the bubble they have created for themselves and their readers who lap it up. If and when any of these bad actors turn up in bracelets, then they can report it as Trump/Barr/Durham overreaching/being Nazi's. None of this malfeasance is possible without a complicit and dirty media.
  15. Absolutely he would have, because #orangemanbad above all else. The question is what would he have changed the thread title to by now?
  16. He's clearly been coached on this as the one thing that he absolutely cannot spout off on. "It was a disgrace" and "what happened should never, ever happen to another President" is all we ever get from him.
  17. They were either morons or extremely comfortable that there's no way in hell any of this would ever see the light of day. There's no defending any of this, yet many will try.
  18. If he signs with the Pats* can I get my $17 back?
  19. To the bolded, I'm afraid we are. The FBI actors here could come out and admit under oath what happened and the left/media would still defend what they did as being right. We are irreparably broken down the partisan divide.
  20. I really dont care if fans want to turn a Bills tailgate into the set of Jackass (huge fan of those films btw). More power to them and Darwinism. Where I tailgate, and I suspect this is true of most lots, there is zero tolerance for it so I don't have to see it or hear about it except for two scenarios: 1. When introduced to someone and I tell them I'm a Bills fan and they ask about it. Typically the question is asked with a head shake or in a "what a bunch of idiots" tone of voice. Its a broad brush that I'm not into being painted with. I most definitely get an overwhelming negative response from people that I talk to. 2.) When I click on a video posted here and I see it. Like the one that started this thread that prompted my honest initial post. Yes its good thing that the kid is excited about being a Bill, but I'm pretty confident that everyone at OBD who has a say as to whether he makes the team would give that video a deep furrowed brow if they saw it. I'm not saying it will matter one way or the other if the kid is a beast, it's just not a good look to promote something that you know your bosses are most likely not behind at all. Yes, even for Josh Allen. Beyond the general stupidity of it, it just smacks of the whole viral look at me I'm a follower culture. Again, if fans want to play Johnny Knoxville at Bills tailgates have at it, but at least do something original. Is it really funny or interesting anymore with the table slamming? Being the umpteenth guy to knock himself woozy at a Bills tailgate by being launched through a table is simply old and tired, even if once upon a time it was new and funny. How about one of you young and innovative whippersnappers come up with a new stunt to become the next viral look at me sensation? Like having your buddy launch a Josh Allen spiral at your junk from 10 yards. You'll get on barstool and it would be funny....for awhile.
  21. Oh I get it now, it's all about the influence, eyeballs and badass Bills fan notoriety that comes from it. I was merely judging it on it's face for the stupidity that it is, but now that I know that there's a reason behind all the stupidity...I hate it even more. 🍺
  22. I wear it as a badge of honor that I often need to look these things up.
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