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  1. Finding again in favor of Marxist tactics in order to save democracy? No friggin way!
  2. Awesome. Zero doubt Marxists like Roundy, Finding and Quack would do exactly the same thing if they believed they'd get away with it like this guy did... 11 Months ago a radical leftist coward named James D. White, Jr. rode his bike under the cover of darkness to set my "Trump Won" sign on fire, not once, but twice. Thanks to @Timcast and @bennyjohnson we were able to identify White as the arsonist using his Strava data. I sued this scumbag and as part of a negotiated settlement, in addition to paying my legal expenses I got his bike. The bike is a Salsa Warbird that retails for ~ $2,800. If anyone would like to purchase it please DM me. I will donate 100% of proceeds to the Trump campaign in honor of Jim White. Until then, the bike will be displayed as yard art beside the Trump sign for everyone's enjoyment.
  3. ⬆️ Fuk.c's given about Finding's take?
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