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  1. MARGOT CLEVELAND: If A Legitimate Free Press Existed, The Twitter Files Wouldn’t. The projection from these supposed reporters couldn’t have been any more ironic because had there been a widespread outbreak of journalism following the Post’s bombshell coverage of the Biden family scandal, Twitter’s censorship would not have happened — or, if it did, it would not have mattered. Had journalists from legacy outlets and especially the supposed standard-bearers of journalism, such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, approached the story with the seriousness it deserved, it seems unlikely Twitter would have dared censor the story. Or such censorship, had it occurred, would have been futile because journalists would be falling over themselves to report the latest details in a political scandal that suggested the Democrat candidate for president had participated in a pay-to-play enterprise with his son while vice president. Real journalists would have tracked down and authenticated the laptop materials, as they did a belated two years later. Real journalists would have questioned Bobulinski and reported his collaborating statements. Real journalists would have demanded answers from Joe, Hunter, and James Biden, the president’s brother who also profited from the many deals; they would have sought answers on every detail suggesting corruption discussed in the emails and other materials recovered from the laptop. And real journalists would have pushed intelligence agencies, and the former members of them who signed on to a letter casting the laptop as Russian disinformation, on the basis for that claim. https://thefederalist.com/2022/12/05/if-a-legitimate-free-press-existed-the-twitter-files-wouldnt/ I’m reminded of what Harry Reid said when he got caught lying about Mitt Romney’s taxes during the 2012 presidential campaign: “It worked, didn’t it?”
  2. Not that too many here care. Trump Clarifies Statement Misrepresented as a Call to End to U.S. Constitution. “Donald Trump is so often his own worst enemy but, as we know from Russiagate, he is also grossly misrepresented in the media.” https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/catherinesalgado/2022/12/05/trump-clarifies-statement-misrepresented-as-a-call-to-end-to-u-s-constitution-n1651031
  3. Post CVA limitations are NOT just auditory processing issues Don’t create false equivalencies. .
  4. Same argument, same state. I’m gay, I support gay marriage, and I don’t think the ‘gay rights’ side should win in this Supreme Court case. On Monday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case called 303 Creative LLC v Elenis. The case centers around Lorie Smith, a Christian who owns a website design business. She wants to expand her business and start designing custom wedding websites, but due to her religious beliefs, is unwilling to create them for same-sex weddings, as she would be forced to do under current Colorado civil rights law. Smith is challenging the Colorado statute on First Amendment grounds, arguing that she has a free speech right (note: the case is not about religious liberty) not to be forced to create messages she disagrees with. No, she’s not suing because she wants to put a “no-gays allowed” sign in her window. In fact, she has served many LGBTQ clients and offers her general services to all. Smith is simply unwilling to create a custom wedding website, which inherently endorses said wedding, for a ceremony she does not agree with. She says she would seek to make the same refusal to other custom websites that violate her beliefs, including those which denigrate gay people or feature a heterosexual couple in violation of other tenets of her Christian faith. The state of Colorado, on the other hand, argues that her religion does not grant her an exemption to a neutral civil rights law. The government argues that if Smith is going to offer wedding websites, she must offer them to all. https://www.based-politics.com/2022/12/05/303-creative-im-gay-and-i-dont-think-the-gay-rights-side-should-win/
  5. Karine Jean-Pierre’s attempt to dismiss Elon Musk’s #TwitterFiles is desperate and dishonest White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and her Big Book of Talking Points scheduled a briefing today, and people couldn’t help but wonder: Sure enough, Jean-Pierre was asked about the “Twitter files” that show the social media platform under previous ownership working at the behest of the Biden campaign and other Democrats to suppress stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop and its contents ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Jean-Pierre said that Musk is the one trying to create a distraction, all while KJP tried hard to distract from what the “Twitter files” show happened: Sorry, KJP, but the “distraction” call is coming from inside the house. And “old news”? Please! https://twitchy.com/dougp-3137/2022/12/05/karine-jean-pierres-attempt-to-dismiss-elon-musks-twitterfiles-is-desperate-and-dishonest/
  6. NO WONDER DEMOCRATS ARE SO ANGRY AT ELON: Pedophiles Finally Being Kicked Off Of Twitter. https://hotair.com/david-strom/2022/12/05/pedophiles-finally-being-kicked-off-of-twitter-n515701
  7. New York Times Falsely Dubs Hunter Biden Laptop 'Stolen' BY MATT MARGOLIS Everyone knows that Hunter Biden left his infamous laptop at a computer repair shop in Delaware. The store owner even contacted Hunter to get him to pick it up, but he never returned for it, effectively forfeiting the device per the store’s policy — which Hunter Biden agreed to. But on Sunday, the New York Times bizarrely claimed the laptop had been “stolen” in a report about the release of the “Twitter files” by Elon Musk. There is simply no excuse for this blatant mischaracterization of the laptop. For over two years now, it has been widely reported that Hunter Biden legally surrendered the laptop to the shop by not claiming it. Not once has it ever been alleged that the laptop was stolen. So, what exactly is the New York Times trying to pull with this fake news report? https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2022/12/05/new-york-times-falsely-dubs-hunter-biden-laptop-stolen-n1650990
  8. What’s missing from the Twitter files: The truth about the FBI New York Post, by Miranda Devine Elon Musk half-delivered on his promise to tell all about Twitter’s censorship of The New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 election. What was missing were details of specific warnings we know the FBI made to Twitter about a Russian “hack and leak operation” involving Hunter during their weekly meetings with top executives of the social media giant in the days and weeks before The Post published its exclusive bombshell. We know that FBI Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan testified Tuesday in a lawsuit against the Biden administration brought by Republican attorneys that he organized those weekly meetings with Twitter and Facebook in San Francisco for as many as seven Washington-based FBI agents in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. https://nypost.com/2022/12/03/whats-missing-from-the-twitter-files-the-truth-about-the-fbi/
  9. 😆 THEY FEAR HUMOR EVERY BIT AS MUCH AS SOVIET APPARATCHIKS DID: Twitter’s former head of Trust & Safety claims Babylon Bee, Libs of TikTok make ‘people unsafe in the world.’ https://thepostmillennial.com/watch-twitters-former-head-of-trust-safety-claims-babylon-bee-libs-of-tiktok-make-people-unsafe-in-the-world
  10. HOW DARE THEY REALISTICALLY REPRESENT BLACKS AS COMPLEX THREE-DIMENSIONAL CHARACTERS? Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’ called ‘racist’ for casting black actors as bullies. https://nypost.com/2022/11/30/tim-burtons-wednesday-called-racist-for-casting-black-actors-as-bullies/
  11. #JOURNALISM: Reporters Against Reporting. The MSM is having a mental breakdown over the revelations. Their favorite toy, Twitter, has been taken away from them and they will never forgive Musk. Yet their real anger now is being directed at reporter Matt Taibbi, formerly of Rolling Stone and now a star on Substack. He, along with Glenn Greenwald and Bari Weiss has built a huge following on the platform, filling a void in the current news landscape: former mainstream reporters who have defected from the MSM due to disgust with the rejection of journalistic standards. Musk is releasing the Twitter files through Taibbi, and the media Elite™ are in full attack mode against Taibbi. Utterly unhinged attacks Utterly unhinged and totally coordinated attacks. Almost as if there is an official MSM Narrative™ they are trying to push. Almost. https://hotair.com/david-strom/2022/12/05/reporters-against-reporting-n515583
  12. HOUSE DEMOCRAT WHIP KATHERINE CLARK SAYS CHILD WAKES UP WITH NIGHTMARES OVER ‘CLIMATE CHANGE.’ Here’s proof Clark uttered these words on broadcast television, to no pushback: One of two scenarios is possible: 1) Katherine Clark is lying about her child’s experiences to stoke hysteria around climate change for political gain. 2) She aggressively instilled unjust fear into her child, causing them to lose sleep over a political talking point. We hope it’s the former for the sake of the child. Sincerely.
  13. Ex-Intelligence Officials Who Said Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was a Russian Operation Silent After Twitter Files Released by Kristina Wong https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/12/03/ex-intelligence-officials-who-said-hunter-biden-laptop-story-was-a-russian-operation-silent-after-twitter-files-released/
  14. Secret Service finds more than 100 records on Hunter Biden gun case that agency earlier said didn’t exist by Melissa Fine After several flip-flops, the United States Secret Service has finally revealed it is in possession of more than 100 records related to yet another Hunter Biden scandal — his alleged gun, which was reportedly ditched in a dumpster in Delaware. According to its website, Judicial Watch, led by Tom Fitton, “uses the open records or freedom of information laws and other tools to investigate and uncover misconduct by government officials and litigation to hold to account politicians and public officials who engage in corrupt activities.” https://www.bizpacreview.com/2022/12/04/secret-service-finds-more-than-100-records-on-hunter-biden-gun-case-that-agency-earlier-said-didnt-exist-1314335/
  15. The Great Meltdown Is Just Beginning Townhall, by Kevin McCullough The vindication for President Donald Trump on a number of fronts is just beginning. The malign actors know it and they are angry with rage at the prospect of what it means. Losing control of the people’s House last month was bad enough. Now they have this “Twitter thing” that is not within their authoritarian control. They don’t have the free hand to tip the scale in their favor. They don’t have the ability to gaslight the nation with dishonest narrative about their political enemies. They see glimpses of the future if things proceed as they currently are—and they are very afraid. They should be. https://townhall.com/columnists/kevinmccullough/2022/12/04/the-great-meltdown-is-just-beginning-n2616707
  16. It’s almost comical the way the liberal media at large falls back on two narratives when confronting stories that hurt Democrats: 1. “This isn’t a story,” “nothing we didn’t know.” 2. Attack the messenger. It happened the first time around with the Hunter Biden laptop story. When The Post published stories about Hunter introducing partners and foreign agents to then-Vice President Joe, who swore up and down he “never discussed” business with his son, they either insulted us, claimed falsely it was “Russian disinformation” or bought the campaign line that these stories were “long discredited.” Now it’s happening again, after internal Twitter documents were revealed through reporter Matt Taibbi. In almost lockstep, journalists are bashing Taibbi, who has a long history of campaigning journalism and colorful prose. He’s the man who called Goldman Sachs “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity.” The typical comment came from Ben Collins, who tweeted, “Imagine throwing it all away to do PR work for the richest person in the world. Humiliating s–t.” Which is rich considering NBC has a reputation of taking whatever the bureaucrats of the Justice Department or FBI tell them and printing it without question. Rather than focus on the relevant questions — are the documents on the laptop authentic (2020), are the Twitter messages real (2022) — reporters resort to ad hominem dismissals. https://nypost.com/2022/12/03/liberal-dose-of-denial-to-guard-dems/
  17. Elon Musk is putting the Democratic National Committee on high alert as he threatens to expose more "smoking guns" in his efforts to release internal communications and documents to the public. >Musk, who recently became Twitter CEO, released never-before-seen information regarding the social media platform’s decision to suppress news stories about Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020. The "Twitter Files," as the internal information was called, was the subject of an over two-hour audio chat on Twitter Spaces on Saturday night. >The billionaire called the censorship of the laptop tantamount to interfering in the 2020 election. >"If Twitter is doing one team's bidding before an election, shutting down dissenting voices on a pivotal election, that is the definition of election interference," Musk said, per the Daily Mail. >He went so far as to call Twitter the "arm of the Democratic National Committee."
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