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  1. Sorry dude didn’t see it I did look.
  2. Just heard the news of the shooting in Buffalo. (I stream everything so I didn’t hear about it till I saw it on Facebook) I hope everyone here is safe and just know everyone is thinking and praying for Buffalo. Some things transcend a silly sport and this is one of them. Again thoughts and prayers to those who lost anyone in the senseless shooting.
  3. I don’t think you will get it because it isn’t a Dome stadium in a cold weather market.. you imagine a SB there between say the Rams and Tampa Bay in a middle of a blizzard. Lol Also all built with Krafts money not a dime of taxpayer money.. and the state still screwed them because all he wanted was the roads to be upgraded and fixed.. which they didn’t do. Lol
  4. Tua is on year 3 and this is his make it or break it year… we will see IF your right about him this year with all that talent around him. You will be so pissed if he lights it up this year and the Bills fighting for a wildcard. Jones had a great rookie year, could have beaten the Bills twice if the D shows up at all in Game 2. He leads the Pats to 10 wins and hangs with Allen, Prescott, and Brady in regular season games.. his ROOKIE YEAR.. what’s his upside? Well until we see at least a couple years from the kid we don’t know. For both of us it’s what WE want to see..
  5. That would be like me saying after JA rookie year that he will suck and is yet another crappy QB pick by Buffalo. JA stats were worse and Jones had a chance beat him TWICE this year in the regular season… fans here seen forget they were down by only 5 and 7 minutes left and the D couldn’t make a stop.. amazingly he hangs with the top guy but by YOUR eyes he could never be as good.. your right he will never have a canon for an arm, but he may be better at reading a D than Allen is now or ever will be… he also may be able make faster decisions making his O line and team better.. your opinion isn’t any more valid than mine would have been Allen rookie year. Point is someone can be more talented and still be passed by the less talented counter part..
  6. Unless you have a crystal ball no one knows how good Jones will be. It’s weird how Bills fans can’t even take a compliment to their team without trying see an insult somewhere.. lol
  7. I meant to say good to very good.. he has the ability be very good if he stayed healthy. (IMO of course)
  8. Neither Jones or Tua are close to Allen right now. I don’t see why the Dolphins made the trade unless it was just to dump salary. I mean I bet the Bills make the same trade with the Dolphins..
  9. This was an easy move for the Pats to make. They will get a 3rd for JC Jackson signing elsewhere and got another pick this year AND a very good WR when healthy, and for a good WR he is really cheap the next 2 years.
  10. So basically with a new HC, a still average QB and a D that hasn’t changed much since last year… I didn’t know Hill was worth a 35 point difference… lol
  11. Actually old “talk radio” news the whole idea was they were going to get Brady and Sean Peyton as a package deal.. that’s not happening now and I doubt very much he would leave a rather easy division in the NFC to go back to the AFC East.
  12. Hey now you have Diggs and Allen those are two shiny new toys!! Lol
  13. Why would Seattle trade him? He is young and super talented and on his rookie contract. They are going need him for any QB they draft to replace Wilson. I see Lockett being traded instead.
  14. Hill is a great receiver, he is not a generational talent. There can get 2 good to very good ones to replace one great.. harder cover 3 people than 2.. which is what happened against Cincy.
  15. Actually this draft is DEEP with WR talent and the Chiefs now have 2 1st rd picks and if wanted to could draft 2 WR.. and have them under rookie contracts for 5 years w Mahomes..
  16. Love the list! IMO every one of the wild card teams could fall flat on their face for varied reasons (Miami— QB, Denver - Wilson Hero ball, Ravens - a regressing Jackson) but I agree too 4!
  17. Lmao I had the Pats taking CB in the 1st 3rd and 5th rounds lol
  18. If I had put a top 7 right now: 1. Bills — core in place and added key parts 2. Bengals — improving their O line and amazing O. (Could have won that SB) 3. Raiders — Carr a good QB with arguably the best WR now. 4. Chiefs - Still have Mahomes and 2 1sts to replace Hill. 5. Colts - Ryan is old but still good and with that run game and Defense they be good. 6. Browns - Watson is real good, they have a good D and amazing Run game.. but it’s the browns.. 7. Broncos — Good D but meh O line and Wilson likes playing hero ball I think.
  19. I’m just not a Jackson believer.. I think he will choke when facing two QBs who can light it up fast and his run first won’t work.. but heck I’ve been wrong before.
  20. Because a backup you only want to keep you afloat (which I think he can) for 3-4 weeks while the top QB heals.. let’s be honest if your top QB down for the year the season is over for any team.
  21. I agree, just look here: Jackson — Former MVP but seems be declining and still not very accurate. Odds— IMO Miss playoffs Burrows — great QB I think wins the division Watson — struggles his first year in Cleveland.. No playoffs AFC West — I say 2 out of 4 make playoffs. I think Chargers and Denver miss playoffs AFC East — only one elite and he wins the division.. yes it’s Allen.. AFC South— not one elite QB IMO.. so while the AFC is stacked w top QBs they face eachother a lot and some team that is worse (like NE) makes the playoffs because they don’t face 3 top QBs 6 times a year.
  22. If I am honest I expect Tua fall flat on his face and be a backup in 2 years. He be a decent backup..
  23. I dare say if he fails this year, they are drafting a new QB next year. I dare say his weapons may be better than Allen’s. (On paper at least)
  24. Didn’t say favorites but I’d take Indy run game over Buffalos. If I was the Bills I rather face then in a dome.
  25. I agree! With protection and probably the leagues second best run game. (Imagine him in TN with Their weapons is the only better spot.)
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