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  1. She'll make Kelce sign a pre-nup....
  2. Bass made both kicks tonight (and won the game tonight, BTW), and McDummy should have let him try the 62 yard FG at the half. He made a couple 50+ yarders earlier this season where the ball hit halfway up the net! I think McDummy has lost confidence in Bass, especially after the miss last week cost us the game. But I think that this game gets Bass back on the "o-Matic" track. Nothing like the game winning FG to boost the confidence.
  3. Not sure that Taylor Swift is an upgrade from Hailee Steinfeld, and I'm not a fan of either....
  4. Nothing much, he's just dropping them in there. Jordan Phillips was saying tish a lot.
  5. Send an Email to Marcia, because he took Cook out of the game in the second half. Imagine Cook's numbers if he actually played in the 2nd half!!
  6. LOL, watching Buffalo EndZone in Rochester on the DVR. Ed Oliver's post-game presser is R-rated, and they're carrying it live. A lot of tish, bulltish and f-bombs....
  7. Jones made O'Cyrus look like OTIS a few times (if you don't get the reference, look down the next time you go through a revolving door....).
  8. Wrap has had a tough stretch here lately. The problem with Rapp is that he hits his own guys harder than the opponents....
  9. The one with the huge return cost him a game ball. It was another down the middle special. Before that, he had good punts, and that last one was a beaut.
  10. How about Leonard Floyd being held all game and not a single holding call against him? Or the two Bills holding calls back to back as they're about to go up two scores? Or the non-call when Josh took a head shot before the game-winning FG? NFL wanted us to stay in the hunt my ass.
  11. Rapp was an interesting experiment. I'll be shocked if he's on the team next year.
  12. Josh had a number of bad plays to go along with the good. While it wasn't his fault that Brady had major brain cramps in the 2nd half getting away from Cook and the run, the INT, the sack on 3rd and 27, etc. almost cost us the game.
  13. He deserved it today. Abandoning Cook and the run in the 2nd half was non-sensical and damn near cost us the game.
  14. The real problem today was Brady's refusal to use Cook and refusal to run the ball in the second half. Stef being a non-factor is not a problem if we use our best weapon, which right now, at this point of the season, is Cook.
  15. Congratulations to all who picked the Bills, well done! With the final score Bills 20, Chefs 17, the winners are: Gold - @Gregg 24-17, for a total difference of 1 point (3 points deducted for getting the Chefs score exactly). Congratulations, a two-time winner! Silver - @BuffaloBillyG 27-17, for a total difference of 4 points (3 points deducted for getting the Chefs score exactly) Bronze - @gonzo1105 23-20, for a total difference of 6 points See you all next week!
  16. Josh gets his automatic game ball, barely. I'm revoking Stef's automatic game ball, he had multiple drops and 0 impact. "I'm Rick" James Cook ",BIATCH!!" - Only guy on offense that showed up today. Brady inexplicably stopped using him in the 2nd half, or we cruise to an easy victory. Taron Johnson - Huge tackles, fumble recovery, he was a madman. AJ Epenesa - The early INT was HUGE, too bad AJ was injured for the rest of the game. Leonard Floyd - Held relentlessly all game long, never got a call. Hit Pat the Rat's arm on the 4th down to cause the ball to flutter harmlessly to the turf. Tyler Bass "o-Matic" - Made both field goals and won the game for us today. WHO YA GOT??
  17. Josh is in the grasp, Pat the Rat, INC!!! NICE WAY TO BONE US REFS!!!!!
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