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  1. Thanks, you got it John. The Edmunds Report is undeterred. Enjoy your bye week, see you next Sunday.
  2. Chris Spielman was the ultimate baller, well-deserved.
  3. I did it because I wanted to see if all the Edmunds haterz were right. I counted myself among them until I started analyzing his play. He's better than he gets credit for, but I also see the seeds of the criticism. It's going to be interesting to see what the Bills do with his contract.
  4. In the immortal words of John Cleese, "It's people like you what cause unrest". You've now taken on me, @Mike in Horseheads and @GoBills808, not by debating our conclusions, but with condescending, ad hominem attacks. This thread is for people that want to discuss football. If you want to discuss football with respect, feel free to post. If not, you're not welcome here. Take your personal attacks and your condescending attitude to other threads, there are plenty of people out there who will be more than happy to engage you.
  5. Good question. Almost impossible to tell from the TV tape, you'd have to do All 22, and I don't have it. Then you'd have to figure out where to get the stats for other LBs. No clue there. I tried to point this out in the report, but I neglected to add a conclusion that PA in the 2nd half killed us. All the completions given up by 49 were in the 2nd half, and almost all were PA. He didn't give up a lot of yardage, but he did give up a couple critical first downs.
  6. As much as I love SmokeY, Sanders is better in this offense. Gabe wants to play? Get better.
  7. It's a HATERZ PLAY because the haterz will say that 49 lacked the "instinct" to prevent the first down. I typically ignore plays where 49 is off-screen and not involved. It's impossible for me to ignore a play where he made a solo tackle. Other HATERZ PLAYs highlight the other haterz gripes: - can't shed blocks - blocked downfield by OL - overruns the hole - never gets to the hole None of us know what 49's assignment is on any given play, so any grade is subjective. I do the best I can with what I see. You don't wanna read 'em? Fine.
  8. Interesting idea. I think they have it set up so he and Milano fill the gaps on both side of the center, but I see 49 lining up over the right or left tackle a lot.
  9. I'm loving this. The haterz were giving me crap and questioning my objectivity, and now the loverz are taking issue with my grades. When both sides are pissed at you, you're probably doing it right. So good to discuss football in a thread, rather than watching posters question the ancestry or mental stability/age of the OP. Keep it coming!
  10. Football knowledge, cogent sentences with good grammar and spelling... What the ***** you doing on this board?
  11. Thanks for keeping Pufnstuf alive, you were one of the few who got it!
  12. The play action killed us. You had to respect it with Henry, and the Bills did not have a plan to combat it.
  13. I know it's the end of the half. Giving up 6 yards on a 1st and 10 running play is a negative, for me. One of the positive plays on Turner's video was a 7 yard run that Henry made down to the 3 yard line, when Lewan got racked up. That's a -1 for me, all day long. Dave Mason time.
  14. I had the stick at a -1 because it was a 6 yard gain. <4 is typically a +1, >4 is typically a -1. I commented on Erik Turner's video above.
  15. My grade is probably colored by the fact that they lost the game. If 49 made a PD or an INT on the seam throw between him and Obada, or could have tackled 15 before the first down, either one of those plays and the Bills likely win. I have to call them as I see them, and we needed 49 to make just a few more plays. I use HATERZ PLAY to highlight plays for the haterz, and their primary beefs: - can't shed OL blocks - overruns the hole - never gets to the hole - bad instincts (whatever that means) The haterz can then point to these plays, say "49 still sucks" and not read the rest. Lazy analysis, lazy conclusions. Thanks for reading, appreciate the feedback.
  16. There were 3 holds, Poyer, Taron Johnson, and Tre'. Remember when they creamed the guy in KC on the KR, caused a fumble and recovered it? They were trying to do that again. It worked out until the last KR, which was helped by a non-call for a blatant hold on Smith, Jr.
  17. During my work for the Edmunds Report, I replayed the 35 yard KR that set up the Titians last TD drive. There was a blatant hold against Smith Jr. that was a carbon copy of his hold on the McKittrick KR TD that was called back. We got jobbed on holding calls in this game. There were three on the Henry TD run, but no one cares about that now, it's been deemed a "great play".
  18. For a team from Buffalo, the Polish demographic is underrepresented on the roster.
  19. Interesting video, which shows only positive plays for 49. Most of these plays I had graded at +1, there were two I graded -1. I may have changed my grade on one of the plays, due to the TV angle, which showed me something different.
  20. As I said last week, when 49 does get there, he brings the lumber. He just needed to get there a few more times this game.
  21. It was clear from the tape that play action to Henry kept sucking up the LBs, which opened holes behind them. Tanny hit the receivers in those holes. Cookie's game did not bear close inspection. He was invisible. As posted above, play action to Henry was effective as *****.
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