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  1. It's not about total carries, it's about how the Bills offense comes to a grinding halt every time Moss goes in.
  2. Belicheat has no business on any top 10 list, cheatin' mutha *****a.
  3. Singletary, for whatever reason, is in the McDoghouse. He's clearly the superior back (cue the haterz with his low avg per carry because he's been getting hit 5 yards deep in the backfield). But we all saw the best example in Miami of what happens when Zack Moss inexplicably gets two carries in a row for 1 yard. Josh coughs up the strip sack, and we hand the Fish 7 points and the ballgame.
  4. Awesome breakdown. My favorite line, talking about Josh, "He's a *****in' freak o' nature...."
  5. That's because if you have a brain bleed, you could die. Once you're cleared with a CT, they recommend sleep.
  6. It's normal to have a bad day out of the blue. I was concussed in April, LOC 45-90 seconds. Was in a fog for 24 hours after being released, then the fog lifted somewhat. Started getting random dizzy spells getting up from bed, rolling over in bed, etc. Turned out that the concussion exacerbated my nearly lifelong vertigo. I underwent neuro rehab, the tech recognized my symptoms were vertigo, and corrected that (about two months ago). But April to July were not fun. Best of luck to you.
  7. My first thought was "What happened to McKittrick doing this?" But it makes sense to save McK for first team reps in the offense.
  8. Wife and I were travelling through Erie during a Bills game one time, and stopped at The Colony. Like three people in there were Bills fans, said "Go Bills", met by stony stares and silence. Bills scored, we started yelling, again, stony stares and silence. We left at half time and went to the Bdubs in Erie. Way better atmosphere. The Colony is a joke. It has no business being on any list of Bills Backers Bars.
  9. Spotrac shows the Bills cap room at 1.4M. What impact safety is available on the open market for 1.4M? McBeane's cuevos are in a vise cap wise. Don't forget we still have to sign OBJ....
  10. I don't see how we can afford Saquon, unless the Giants took on the salary, but then we're coughing up more draft picks. I'll pass, that price is too high:
  11. It's now or never for Super Mitch. You can't beat the Jest, you're done.
  12. Because despite the loss in Miami, we're still the best *****in' team in the NFL?
  13. We resemble that remark. That, sir, is *****in' cold.
  14. He got that right at least. If you're not going forward OB, clock keeps running.
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