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  1. The offensive line looked bad to me from the very start of the game, which makes me think a good part of it wasn’t necessarily the heat. By the end of the first quarter, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing from either Dawkins or Brown. In fact, I began wondering if they were going to pull Brown just for his performance, and I thought that’s what they did when I first saw Q in there. I don’t think they are as bad as it seems, and I suspect a good chunk of it is getting accustomed to the new coaching. My father always told me the OL was always behind other position groups, and you had to give them until game 4 or 5 to see them really start jelling. This year is making me believe him.
  2. With how this team deals with head injuries, I'd be surprised to see Bates back this week. Could happen, but I think they play it safe with him.
  3. I'm hoping Brown's struggles last week were heat-related, but early in the game both of our tackles (Brown and Dawkins) were pretty bad.
  4. Nice to see an impact once they decide to work on something specific like that.
  5. Pretty sure if Teller was still with us, he'd be out with a severed left arm and an arrow to the knee.
  6. The way Bates got tossed around like a rag doll on that play makes me think he might have already been concussed prior to that. Then again, just about everybody on the offensive line looked like they could barely do anything against the Fins there. Did they have Dawkins lined up outside the right tackle there? He didn't even seem to know what the snap was. They left Morris on the left to block Jaelan Phillips, and it went about as well as you might expect. The only guy who looked okay was Saffold, who pulled to the right and didn't have to do anything.
  7. If we can get Poyer and Dane back this week, I'd start feeling a lot better. Nice to see Elam and Hamlin got good grades. Overall, aside of course from the 3rd and 22, the defense really did a nice job yesterday.
  8. That's the usual time frame for broken bones, but it depends on how well he could play with a cast on it. Could be sooner, but I doubt it.
  9. I'm sure this is more of a decision by the team to rest up as many guys as they can in preparation for the gauntlet ahead. This is a road game against a team they play again, in Buffalo, in December, so the chances of us being able to cancel out a loss today are pretty decent. Need the wins against Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and KC coming up more than this one. Also a good chance to get the young guys some real game experience against a tough opponent to see what they've got.
  10. I just hope we don't overreact and pass final judgment on Johnson and the rookie DBs after this game. Gonna take them a few games to get used to each other and playing full time.
  11. What a game! Felt like that was the game that put the league on notice.
  12. Interesting, never thought of it that way. Nobody would ever do it, but it’s interesting.
  13. Gotta believe McBeane is/are thinking long-term here with respect to the secondary. No quick fixes with veteran FA signings, let the young guys show their stuff against an offense with a lot of weapons. Throw them all in the fire and see what we’ve got going forward. Seems like a reasonable strategy given the investments they’ve made, but it could get a little ugly at times as they learn to play individually and together. But just imagine if, somehow, we come out of this one with a solid showing by the secondary. When Dane, Tre, Jordan, and Micah are all healthy and back, that would just be an embarrassment of riches.
  14. I see you, trying to butter us up. You've got Week 6 circled.
  15. Sounds like they were expecting the same with the game in LA, and were all over the hydration thing. Seems like they did a bang-up job of it.
  16. I was just so flabbergasted that Miami was throwing the ball so late in the game, and that Marino threw that interception. I mean, the odds of that all happening were pretty darn slim.
  17. Please tell me this is true.
  18. Well, yeah, I guess I was a bit more skeptical that we'll get both Oliver and Settle back. I think we'll see Settle, but not so sure about Oliver. I hope so, but if not, then the loss of Phillips is huge.
  19. Damn it. Really need Phillips against Miami, and hamstrings have a way of lingering for a few weeks.
  20. You mean you all don't have a pair of these beauties?
  21. I watched much of that game, and it was just painful to watch the Steelers offense. No ability to get the ball downfield. A lot of that was Mitch, but their receivers are not helping him at all.
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