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  1. Sounds like some serous fake news. Not buying it.
  2. What is the head coach accelerator program??? I don’t get it. Frazier has already been a HC in the league and has experience as a Head coach.
  3. Davis and Kincaid are better than Hopkins. Plus the $$$$ factor plays a huge role… Its more like Davis + Kincaid + Leonard Floyd = Hopkins salary.
  4. I’ll take Gabe Davis and Kincaid over Hopkins all day.
  5. A healthy Von Miller after week 6 and hopefully into a long playoff run. That will make a huge difference.
  6. What a stud! Worth every penny. He is a monster.
  7. Great extension. I think it will end up being a deal for a premium position similar to Tre Whites contract. Still 25 years old and the best is to come for Oliver.
  8. How many pages was the Zach Ertz thread? Asking for a friend.
  9. Hopefully Beane is quietly working on a deal for Aaron Donald while everyone is looking at DHop…..
  10. Let’s hope Shakir has a breakout season. Would be huge for this offense.
  11. This is Ed’s opportunity to get paid real money. Let’s see if he takes advantage of it. He has the physical skills to do it.
  12. Trade Hiens and release Murray. Don’t let Miami get Dalvin. Would love to see Dalvin and James play together…. Forget Hopkins get Dalvin.
  13. There is no way he ends up back with Bill O’Brian after what happened in Houston. I think the Patriots are out.
  14. Time to grow a pair and get aggressive and nasty. Happy Frazier is gone, good guy but too passive…. Let’s hope McDermott unleashes this Defense.
  15. Yes I agree he seems like a great guy. Can’t see anyone hiring him and the interviews he is going to get will be disingenuous. Sad.
  16. He will definitely get interviews. Highly doubt anyone hires him as a Head Coach….. BTW I thought he was taking a year off and coming back as the Bills DC? 😂
  17. Hope it happens soon. Major reason for signing him is not allowing KC or Baltimore to sign him. Don’t allow the other strong AFC teams to get stronger.
  18. Is there any benefit to signing him after June 1?
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