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  1. Jamies is a treasure. He needs a show for sure!
  2. Great analysis here. Great Job! Should be interesting to see how Dorsey operates the offense, I’m sure Josh will have huge input.
  3. Not surprised at all about this. PFF is definitely a scam. Many things around the NFL are corrupted, sad.
  4. Yeah I agree, would love to have him back but I don’t see him wanting to be back in NY state.
  5. There is no way Cole brings his family back to New York, can’t blame him. I bet he ends up in Jacksonville. Be cool to see him there and help out Trevor Lawrence like he did Josh Allen. Should be interesting.
  6. Leave the guy alone. Can’t judge him on the sins of his father and uncle... He seems like a respectfully hard working young man.
  7. This fells like Josh vs Josh in 2018…. I think we drafted the right CB.
  8. One of the great Bills on defense of all time on IMO. Sad to see him go but at least he goes home to Finnish his career in Texas. Good luck Jerry!
  9. Both great players but I’ll take Elam on this defense.
  10. “The Face of The Franchise”
  11. Exactly this. Many bad QBs out there, Baker better then all of these 👆no doubt.
  12. How much is he weighing these days?
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