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  1. Hopefully we get more Trubisky before they put in Rudolph.
  2. Really hate wanted the Patriots to win but how Trubisky and the Steelers lose.
  3. What a gong show this team has turned into. One thing after another. If we don’t make the playoff’s McDermott is gone.
  4. I would say yes to Fournette playing but Ty Johnson has been playing great. Hard nose runner with some speed. Tackle breaking machine. Hard to keep him off the roster at this point.
  5. The scary thing is they barely used him in the beginning of the season and now they aren’t using him enough. He should get 10 targets a game.
  6. Dont like to see anyone get seriously injured. That looked like a serous injury. Hope he is ok.
  7. Chiefs dropping like flies on defense and we are coming off a week of rest.
  8. 2 big injuries for KC so far. MLB and LT.
  9. Did the 1:00 games work In Our favour today??? Haven’t watched any games.
  10. CB or DE and make him ride the bench because he isn’t ready yet…. McDermott is a joke.
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