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  1. Funny enough, Tre with one leg would probably be better than our Punter is with two.
  2. I never understood the love for him. He'd had issues his whole career with holding onto the ball. Guy isn't worth being on a roster.
  3. I hope he gets rag dolled like that in prison. What a disgusting POS.
  4. I always get a kick out of people who get so worked up over someone misspelling anything.
  5. Surprised nobody has mentioned Knox being in the bottom 5. The other 4 I'm not surprised at all. It's pretty sad that until I saw some of the other posters mention him by name, that I had zero clue who Butler was.
  6. I'm fine with them getting the nod as long as our boy is kicking FGs in the Super Bowl. Well, maybe XPs because hopefully we won't have to settle for FGs.
  7. So, the Bills should lose because some fans are overly excited about the team? If you truly aren't a troll then I honestly am in complete shock at that thought process. Should they be miserable like some of the other fans are?
  8. As long as Buffalo handles their business, we want the Pats to win since they wouldn't be able to catch us.
  9. Singletary was the other one who fumbled
  10. Really sucks for him and forces OBJ to have to actually be helpful now.
  11. Behind this line? That RB would've been just as useless.
  12. And we lost to the Jags of all teams. I honestly wouldn't be surprised at this point because who in the Hell thought we'd lose to the Jags!??
  13. Hopefully he's alright but that's twice now he should've got a pick. Sighs
  14. SMH I blame McD for this game. We look lost in every aspect of this game. Only reason Jags have only 9 points is because they are dreadful.
  15. A "mistake" that ended someone's life. He should rot in jail for life seeing as that person doesn't get to live theirs anymore.
  16. I wonder how long before Judge gets fired. Such a terrible coach.
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