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  1. While Poyer did indeed make a great play, he also allowed that player to get wide open. The DLine saved us with that pressure.
  2. I'm not sure if you can even call that an attempt. Such a joke of a player. Smh
  3. I know this clip is late but damn, what a play. He's unreal.
  4. Prayers for Dane. Felt like he was coming into his own. Hopefully speedy recovery.
  5. And that's why I find it laughable ppl think Jordan is better than Ed. He's such a dumbass!
  6. I can't wait to test that out with our DLine.
  7. Lolz well you weren't really far off. After that, he became invisible.
  8. To be fair, he did get a b-. Probably just not many players that graded poorly in that dominate game. I'd have Cook lower than Brown tho.
  9. I suppose you guys could be right with them doing so.
  10. What a joke of a list. There is no damn way he is better than his brother or Chase.
  11. What a shame it will be if this scumbag never plays another down again.
  12. I'm trying to calm my expectations seeing as he's playing against trash right now. Dude is lighting it up so far tho.
  13. Jesus, that guy with the chair better have been arrested. He struck that poor dude in the head. The dude wasn't even involved from what we can see.
  14. He was with Denver for 1 year. The rest has been with Buffalo. Not really a journeyman.
  15. Love you to bro! There is nothing like the Buffalo Bills. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a great one. ❤
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