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  1. Agree with all of this. Our secondary would be incredible with him in the fold. Depth would not be a concern, although you could argue that addressing safety is more pressing. Either way, sign me up for Bradberry if you can get him on a reasonable deal. He's a solid player and fits our scheme perfectly.
  2. I am so in on this potential move for our defense. I would take Bradberry every day and twice on Sunday over a guy like Haden, and we have the cap space to make it happen.
  3. Or because he sucked in run support...or the fact he would always look around to blame his teammates after getting burned in coverage...or that he clearly hated being in Buffalo. Other than that, he would've been a fan favorite. I was so glad that he signed with the Colts this offseason. He certainly isn't worth the salary he is getting paid, especially at this juncture of his career.
  4. Disgusting but unfortunately not unexpected. It's amazing how a lot of the policy in this country (and yes, I said policy as the Court is basically the Legislature now) is in direct odds with public opinion. An overwhelming majority of Americans are NOT in favor of this. Oh well, let's all go back to the 1950's I guess. Pretty soon it will feel like Pleasantville
  5. Short clip but gotta agree that situation looks a bit unnerving, especially when your draft projection is on the 1st/2nd borderline. You know McD loved his preparation. Elam should be a quality player for us.
  6. Yeah his offensively philosophy is a little overrated...
  7. Agree about Araiza, but the Bills are going to want him to win the job so unless he completely blows he will most likely be our punter
  8. Jets better, Pats worse, Dolphins push. The Fins get a lot of hype but they will have a 1st year coaching staff with new schemes to implement. Their defense was pretty solid towards the end of last year. Who's to say that the improved personnel on offense won't be offset by a regression on the other side of the ball?
  9. Everyone needs the next Rick Tuten. Alas, only one team can be so lucky
  10. To take it back further, remember when the consensus was the Browns slayed the 2012 draft with Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden in the 1st? Poor Cleveland
  11. Yup. I love the draft, but hearing the hyperbole about teams doing what they should have is really annoying. Everyone's 0-0 in the spring I guess
  12. No worries. I hope I look like a complete ass when these guys actually get on the field
  13. I have 300 posts lol. I was mostly a lurker until recently. Believe me, I am very positive on the overall outlook of the Bills. Am I not allowed to have some critiques?
  14. I'll take the negative reactions. I am generally pleased with our decision makers. How could I not be after 20 years of suckage. I just hate to see a talent like Allen never given a full arsenal of weapons to work with. As much as I love Gabe and Steph, speed still kills. Seems to me we could've been more aggressive
  15. Honest question - Where exactly is our receiver to take the top off of defenses? We went through this last year and drafted Marquez Stevenson in the 6th, who belongs nowhere near an NFL field. I can't be the only one disappointed with the inability to add a legit gamebreaking element to our offense for 2 consecutive offseasons. Love Beane and he is obviously a great GM, but we severely lack quick strike firepower. We also lack depth. An injury to Davis or Diggs leaves us barren outside
  16. Not in terms of providing their All Pro QB with legit gamebreaking talent. This is indisputable
  17. Won't lie, this is a very disappointing draft so far. It seems the attitude is "We have Josh Allen, so who needs playmakers on offense. And while we're at it, let's draft a 5th rounder in the 3rd." Are we becoming the Packers of the AFC?
  18. Jesus H Christ we are destined to be forever slow at receiver
  19. They also still have Zac Efron as their quarterback...
  20. And there is nothing wrong with that. But I will be extremely disappointed if we fail to upgrade the speed on offense again. I can see the Bills going after someone like Thornton from Baylor in the middle rounds. That's where it would be nice if we still had our 4th.
  21. Is Metchie really that fast? Every scouting report I have read indicate he is not a deep threat, and it sure seemed that way when watching Alabama. Great intermediate target, but gaining 1100 yards on almost 100 catches is not overly impressive.
  22. All this talk about the Jets, I should hope they upgraded their team with 3 first round picks. It would be a problem if the consensus was anything else. Time will tell and they appear to have done well, but I am hardly worried...
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