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  1. I'm thinking this clip whenever I watch these aholes . Sans the rescue at the end
  2. Ever wonder how public servants with little or no skill(frauds like Barry) become multi millionaires with multiple mansions? https://www.citizenfreepress.com/breaking/in-final-days-in-office-obama-rushed-to-let-iran-import-130-tons-of-uranium-enough-to-make-10-nukes/
  3. Every time I have the unfortunate opportunity to listen to this hag I think head trauma victim. That aside, I think the best way to "save the country from peril" this weekend is to get her drunken a$$ to the game and leave us alone.
  4. Now that brings back memories. I remember upgrading from one of these to a gas powered Toro!
  5. Poor Kap https://babylonbee.com/news/iranian-officials-say-they-have-no-interest-in-signing-colin-kapernick
  6. Thanks for this list. WR opportunities pretty thin though. I guess Bill's have to draft one?
  7. I fell this is a back door attempt to destabilize the Mexican earning power here. No professional mow and blow outfit can get decent production out of the electric shite.
  8. If you want to see how a winning organization operates look no further than the final drive in Seahawk/Eagle game Sunday. Third and long for Wilson Eagles have a single TO left. Hand it off and make them burn their last one correct? NO! Go for the jugular and throw that SOB deep to finish em off. That's how you win guys. To watch the Bills gradually sink into a conservative funk the last half was giving me a sense of the inevitable. Another loss or at least a unnecessarily close game. Damn I can't handle watching Gore slam into the line for 1.5 yds on first down any more. Essentially wasting a down.
  9. Dante

    The Irishman

    Lots of tired retreads in movies the last couple decades
  10. Like most things in the MSM these days lying by omission seems to be the preferred tactic.
  11. Dante

    The Irishman

    And if that isn't bad enough, it's almost impossible to find a movie that isn't "woke". "Ford vs Ferrari" is a rare gem that has no agenda. Just a good story. That aside, I thought "The Irishman" was decent but not great. Acting ok apart from Pacino laying it on too thick, yet again.
  12. Now this is interesting. Considering no one is allowed to go down there (at least past a certain point. I believe 60th parallel?). They were most likely shot down. Tired of the entire world bs hoping for something better beyond the Antarctic? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-50752686
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