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  1. Any charges against the dummies breaking into the neighborhood destroying the gate?
  2. https://freebeacon.com/media/nbc-contributor-reveals-he-never-had-coronavirus-after-network-documented-his-recovery/ lol
  3. Maybe we should just wear paint respirators 24/7 from now on and be real safe? Why even leave the house if it's that unsafe? Hell why even get out of bed we can have our pc's in there and maybe become bubble boys?? In fact, why even live at all if life is that dangerous? You know, safety is always first these days
  4. Pneumonia always has been deadlier than the flu. Breaking news!
  5. Bill Nye such a fraud. He is much of a scientist as I am a starting right tackle for the Bills. Biggest danger to this idiot is not a fantasy virus but lighting himself on fire with that candle.
  6. .2% probably. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! But please be safe and take the mask OFF because wearing it drops your oxygen intake level well below OSHA's acceptable level! Not good especially when running in the summer heat.
  7. Marxist=Communist no? Or has that been re branded? Social Democrat
  8. Need a mask or not?? Can't be that threatened. The lady behind doesn't seem to be to worried either. Another liar.
  9. There are lots of options. Besides the usual world ending climate change,. Or maybe Muslims/Isis? They may opt to reopen hostilities with the North Korean. If that doesn't satisfy them its possibly Putin? Hillary was doing her best to get something going with the Russians before Trump derailed that plan.
  10. Did you have to take the jelly out of my donut?? Even though you are probably right.
  11. Holy shite can you imagine if this state flipped? Is it a possibility?
  12. Posted above I know. Here is another report on it. When Cali gets it right you have to put it in the win column. Doesn't happen very often https://www.bitchute.com/video/oJRX6miEB8Y/
  13. One of the better pics Ive seen in a while. Made me lol
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