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  1. The guy catches everything thrown to him. Works his way open when Josh scrambles. All you can ask.
  2. When virtually everyone else is a criminal, the innocent guy is the outlier. The one that has to be eliminated.
  3. Kinda funny Romney accusing anyone or anything of being weak. That guy is so wimpy you would almost think he's related to black face Justin T.
  4. Bills 30 Dolphins 6 I can't see MIami getting a TD
  5. Germany is pretty much gone now so I say yes let them enjoy their love of globalism and the EU. Korea as well. Trump did his part backing of N.Korea so South Korea should step up and build a better defense. Japan and Poland I would stay if desired by them. The Polish and Hungarian leaders know which way is up and Japan has been good with us for a long time now.
  6. I'm always wondering when we can investigate the accusers? After the Russian thing was exposed as a hoax. The Kavanaugh thing as a hoax isn't there enough evidence to go on the offensive? Knowingly lying. How much time and money has this coup attempt cost us? Shouldn't Pelosi and Company be investigated for treason? As a nation, the entire population should be disgusted that the Democrats are actually drawing a paycheck when in reality we should be suing the shite out of them because of their gross abuse of their position that we pay for.
  7. Barry didn't have a policy. He was carrying out his masters policy. Obviously I don't have to tell you that. If it were up to Barry, Hillary and their bosses, we would be at war on multiple fronts. N.Korea, Russia and the mid east. Thank Christ we have someone sane/not fugging evil, in the White House to at least hold off some of the lunacy.
  8. Just a heads up. It's the furthest thing from a comic book movie. I think we have had a discussion before about Marvel movies and they just aren't my thing. This one is more of a character study than anything else. Nothing "Super Hero" about it. Not very often a movie sticks with me beyond a day but this one sure has.
  9. Joker is a instant classic for me. Disturbing depiction of a mans decent into insanity. Very well done and Oscar worthy performance Jaquin but I doubt is cause the SJW's warriors hate the movie.
  10. I think I'm a good tipper. If the service is good I have no problem going over that 15%. I have no problem going below it if its terrible. Sounds like you go to the same kinda places I do. Of course here in the Bay Area that $13 hair cut is $20 but it's still the cheapest around. $5 is my standard tip as well. That may even too much cause my cut is a #4 on top #3 on the sides. Done in less than 10 minutes.
  11. Got my tix for this Saturdays game! Should be a fun game as long as the Sharks can get their shite together in time!
  12. Reinforcing my hatred for basketball. Dumb sport. Dumb people running it.
  13. I agree. About as thorough and objective coverage as your going to get.
  14. With you 100%. All this "2 week bye" stuff makes me nervous. Bills haven't earned that right yet.
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