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  1. Agree. I don't have anything against jews. I'm starting to really ignore the labels these days as well. Anti-Semetic, homophobic, Islamophobic. I feel they are just fabricated purgatives designed to end and win a discussion. If you question anything close to being critical of one of these groups the word is deployed to get you backpedaling and against the ropes. Essentially a "win" button on a game controller. Anyway, this is a side issue. There is a lot of what the US does that I hate. But I'm convinced it's not the will of the American people. Most people don't care whats going on in Syria, Lybia etc. So it's not the desire of the citizens that drive the policy. I don't hate America or Americans. I hate the tiny amount of high level criminals that make this stuff happen. I apply the same perspective to Israel. It's possible, that it's just the leadership. Not the people as a whole.
  2. I really don't know who is behind it. Deep state, Saudi Arabia, Military Industrial Complex? Fvcked if I know. Either do you. All I know is the US is constantly at war over there. Libya, Syria, Iraq, etc, etc and for what? What's been the result? Certainly nothing good. So to me it's all bullshite. Whoever's behind it I don't pretend to know. The guy asked me and I gave it my best guess. So you just keep on believing the same old excuses thats been pushed and killed thousands on thousands of people. Destroyed how many countries and unleashed millions of uneducated , incompatible military aged refugee men on the west. All cool. All perfectly normal. Keep being your usual charming self and keep thinking it's all legit. 😉 Think so? I figure a chance it might be Israel. Don't think the entire religion is responsible. But I suppose you have your own ideas.
  3. Well, we do seem to do a lot of war type thingies over there for pretty dubious reasons. Just sayin
  4. You think if they were to do something it would be over here. Some sort of terrorist thing. There are a lot of Iranians here. Not to say as a whole they are bad. Just that it would make it a lot easier to have agents mixed in. Makes sense.
  5. States or Israel if it is fake. Seems like certain elements have been banging the drums to go after Iran forever. Not sure why Iran would be so dumb to sink a couple tankers. Just doesn't make sense. I know I could be wrong but I just don't buy it.
  6. Only if you believe it's all legit I suppose. Personally I don't but that's just me.
  7. More likely a plan by neocons in the US. Donald has done a good job keeping us out of wars. Can't have that! It's been a few years since we have had a major altercation with another country! Roll out the false flag. Again. Seems even Trump can't keep evil at bay for long.
  8. It's a horrible look. However, it's probably the only thing worthy of attention in women's soccer.
  9. Problem is they bury other points of view. I tried to Google Hungarian president Orban the other day and all I could find for the first five pages were hit pieces. They are abusing their monopoly to advance their own political desires.
  10. Hero https://www.citizenfreepress.com/column-1/brian-kolfage-we-build-the-wall-completes-first-half-mile-in-3-days/
  11. Only women's sport I will watch. Sometimes women's tennis can be hot as well. As long as it's not the Williams sisters. I guess I would watch another sport if I had a relative participating. That's about it.
  12. We are supposed to take this at face value. Like it's a matter of fact. Prove it! You can't. When all this horseshite started in the 60s, , something this important, the citizens were never asked to vote on it. Not in Canada or the US. I imagine, since this is a global initiative to weaken the west, is was never approved in Europe either. Cause they knew it would never have been rubber stamped.
  13. After having to sit through the sjw "Perfection" shitshow maybe it's for the best.
  14. This guy is crushing it. Although you wouldn't know it as I had to skim through four Google search pages to find anything positive. That is, four pages of HuffPo, Daily Beast, Vice, NYTimes, WaPo propaganda to get something real. This guy has refused to submit to the EU crime syndicate building effective walls, throwing out Soro's, reaffirming Hungary as a sovereign nation. Modern day hero even more than Trump. https://spectator.org/welcome-prime-minister-orban/
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