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  1. Instead of focusing on the verbiage that that the media chooses to describe the alleged rape, perhaps the focus should be on the alleged rapist and victim. Pretend he's a Dem for a minute. The media didn't pay a 17 year old for sex. Or he could just not bang teenagers or hire prostitutes. Creepy AF
  2. I'm simply wondering about your focus on the former minor description being ridiculous. Care to comment on that specifically?
  3. She was underage when he paid to ***** her. Any argument?
  4. How old was she when he illegally paid her for sex? What's your gripe? That she aged? The moral majority is obviously alive and well.
  5. You should check it out. Some stories are sad but a lot are morbidly funny.
  6. What's more weal, the Q conspiracy or the personal tragedies that follow?
  7. By that logic, Trump should be his BFF.
  8. Oooo...americanthinker! Let me get a drink so I can really enjoy another unbiased, stellar read. I think he's guilty af and I'll bet you do too.
  9. Can I get a link to this tweet?
  10. I hope they keep their virtue signaling off of your lawn.
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