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  1. Tua is a public figure and knew what he was doing. Don't be dumb. You're right when you say I'm not a liberal though. They only look good compared to the crap you lap up every day.
  2. 100% All the Libs are, right? That's what you believe, right? Don't project your repressed pedophilic tendencies on me. Not everybody has those urges to fight.
  3. All this pedo crap they throw around is such projection.
  4. Of course MAGA sees yet another sexual predator as a hero. That's how they do.
  5. No more embarrassing than giving handies at a kids play!
  6. Like a goon? Really? Fetterman dresses like someone who doesn't give AF as to what people think about how he dresses. His actions speak for him. I'd imagine his folksy ways would appeal to folksy Republican voters if he weren't so blue.
  7. It's even creepier when an elected official gives out handies in a family-friendly movie theater.
  8. Seems Boebert's new guy owns a bar that may have hosted drag shows? Can anyone confirm this tasty bit of trashiness?
  9. You should probably just suck Donnald's cocktail and get it over with. I mean, everybody knows at this point.
  10. Yes, look at all of the autonomy he has taken from people. What a great man. We should celebrate his life now because his mind has failed him. Plus, he's far too tame for what the Right has become. Mitch is dead. Lomg live Mitch.
  11. Holy crap, how far down that quabit hole are ya'll gunna go? He made death threats against the president. Going back many, many years, how has this ever been a good idea? He did the thing you're not allowed to do. It's ***** simple. He taunted the world. ***** around and found out. Personal responsibility. Am I doing the right thing right??? This is crazy town when you disgruntled lunatics are defending this *****
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