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  1. I'm not sure you know what all of those words mean. Of course you do. This is your life.
  2. It definitely makes me wonder lol. I mean I'm straight and I almost never think about gay people.
  3. I mean, sure. Who has more hate in them? BillsFanNC "Self-hating" Widowed Gay Man Glenn Greenwald's Thoughtful, Reliable Reporting and Commentary Reverse Bump Thread #6: The King of PPP Commie ***** Posters: Rhymes with JillsCuck American College of Pediatricians: Stop Harmful Interventions on Children with Gender Dysphoria Commie NY Show Trial Juror Misconduct Toxic Masculinity Heterosexual Awesomeness Month Reverse Bump Thread #4: By Posting in This Thread You Affirm That Joe Biden Is A Racist. Reverse Bump Thread #3: By Posting In This Thread You Agree Biden's DOJ is Behind Get Trump Lawfare. The IC Has Six Ways From Sunday At Getting Back At You... Twinkies Bragg Ran For Office On Get Lawfare Victim Trump Promise Billstime HUNTER BIDEN FOUND GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS Election Interference | Why was the National Guard denied 14 times on January 6? Being associated with a convicted felon and rapist is not good for the brand Convicted felon Donald Trump 2024: I don't care about you. I just want your vote. I don't care. PSYOP tracker Election Interference | Trump’s 'fake electors' scheme | Wisconsin Access Hollywood - take 2: The Apprentice Anyone else tired of the double standard when it comes to Trump? Führer Trump | UNIFIED REICH Election Interference | “I just want to find 11,780 votes” | Trump arrested | Fulton County GA NC's like a mean 10 year old. lol
  4. Anyone convicted of a felony should probably spend some time in jail. I hope Hunter Biden grows from this.
  5. Is the amount of vitriol in NC's thread titles a good indicator as to how unhinged MAGA might be feeling at any given moment?
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