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  1. This record I think owned by a beloved Ex-Bill who went 400-400-400 to start one year and the press conferences were legendary.
  2. Very Quesstionable call by Beane on the off-season swing tackle acquisition. The hope was that Doyle would solidify the swing tackle role by late season.
  3. Cooper Rush has become an elite $8M backup if not a full out bridge.
  4. No. We had two perfect chances to win the game with drives at the end and we blew them both.
  5. The ball tends to bounce off of stevensons hands and tends to melt into shakirs hands.
  6. Benford projects to safety long term and is a sponge when it comes to learning. Awareness, hard hitting, good size and very fast for a safety. Benford to safety when Tre comes back.
  7. In that Browns Jets situation the coaches have to go in and demand three kneel downs. You should not even be risking injury to your D by forcing them to play a possession. I was pissed at Moss fumbling v. the Rams just because of the injury exposure factor.
  8. With Grow lights much better and cheaper, companies are popping up offering stadium grass growing solutions. Basically robot trucks with lights that move about a field.
  9. Turf at the Browns stadium looks strong. Should hire that crew. I expect the partially closed roof will present challenges.
  10. Going WR is another good sign for the injuries in the secondary
  11. It’s odd to feel uncomfortable when not blowing away the opposition by the second quarter, but I’m adjusting.
  12. if Josh wants to go for it every single time that’s the way it should be
  13. Where can you get wings like in the old days when your eyes would water
  14. The saint was easy to pick on, but the 2014 coaching performance that he put on with Hackett in retrospect may be the most underrated in team history. Recognizing correctly in camp that they were going nowhere with a QB forced on them by the GM, recruiting Orton right off the couch with a week to go before the season, and getting him playable. The unforgivable sin was losing by 2 on a cross country road trip to an improving raiders team with Carr and Mack on the roster.
  15. Jerry has been just missing getting home for a few years now. I’m happy for him for his great game. Wish he got home once against the chiefs.
  16. Who cares. They are in there NFC and we would only meet them in the super bowl. At that point we know it’s going to be an all out war.
  17. Damn. He might be hired away as head coach somewhere else mid-season.
  18. Not fearing slow Joe. It’s clear they will have to constantly sell the farm for franchise tackles and it won’t matter.
  19. As much as I hate to admit it that was some performance by Mahomes in his first start in the post-Tyreek era.
  20. The DB covering the Giants receiver was totally shocked that Jones would try to throw it deep.
  21. I don’t understand how Daniel Jones was given this many years to demonstrate he’s not at best a backup. Its like watching Trent Edwards right before he was released as the starter. Hard to watch. At least could have taken a low cost flyer (a third) for Malik to not waste the entire year.
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