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  1. Jonathan would be signed elsewhere the second he was put on the practice squad.
  2. When Quessenberry actually got signed to an active roster, I knew the bottom had totally dropped out on tackles, setting the stage for pass rushing dominance like we’ve seen from the Bills this year. Thankfully we have promising trainees like VanDemark in the mix.
  3. The talent level on this team is really increasing, how many TEs could make that run let alone the catch, maybe not even the aging TK I saw Sunday night.
  4. Still can’t believe they broke the bank for Jones. Not that they are loaded with talent anywhere. Basically Daboll coached too well to get any value out of his good coaching. And Shoen added to the mistakes. Shoen should have used the fan base good will capital to continue to clean house obtain draft picks and temper expectations like Beane did in year 2.
  5. I think the analytics department armed with irrefutable data demanded changes from mcbeane after the season. Part of the changes were limit the drops so they targeted a journeyman 3 and 4 who do not drop. Another part of the changes were limiting penalties especially chunk yardage PI. That’s where Elam got the axe.
  6. Harty making something out of nothing for the first down. He’s not making all pro, but what an upgrade over ‘lol dirty. No negative plays.
  7. Love the way Dorsey is using Allen’s arm strength to create low risk opportunities.
  8. It’s amazing how the media gives Burrow a pass for the injury, when Allen is in regression playing through a season with a UCL
  9. Very disappointed. Need to mix in press coverage if you want the Lombardi.
  10. also, remember Vons tear did not even show up on an MRI. They had to do an exploratory to even find it.
  11. Kim Bokamper on moving the chains said he feels the same about Dolphins Bills as he did a few weeks ago about Dolphins Pats. The Dolphins superior talent level will prevail.
  12. I’d do it for a 5th, they eat 80 percent of his salary. Problem is we have too many good players and we’d have to cut/move someone, maybe Ford, unless else someone goes down before Von returns. Jonathan is worthwhile to development and he needs to be kept.
  13. https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/ranking/predictive-by-other/ Teamrankings.com has had the Bills number 1 for pretty much 4 straight years, even through the 11-6 year. No one blows out decent teams with nearly the regulatory.
  14. Why is Vegas - Chargers pre-empting Bills Dolphins in Tampa. I thought maybe Herbert or Jimmy G was from there but nooo. Also, Mack is from east coast Florida. What gives.
  15. A saw a very pedestrian rating for him in Madden which did not make any sense. With Tucker showing some age, we may have the best in the league.
  16. I’ll be happy if he sustains the same stats in tight games against playoff teams without garbage-time breakaways boosting the numbers.
  17. Siemian is a metaphor for rag arm journeyman JAG backup qb.
  18. Daboll constantly went to plan B - make josh run, which is not sustainable.
  19. They deserve everything they have coming. The last straw was deciding to overspend on Dalvin rather than the best available swing tackle.
  20. Anyone know if this officiating crew will let the DBs play? If they will, I want to see a lot of press coverage from Elam.
  21. The combination of 6’6 Floyd, 6’6 Rousseau and 6’6 Epenesa is unlike any QB has seen before. Tia is only 6’1’’, Rodgers was only 6’2’’
  22. On the all 22 after week one, they showed how the Aaron Rodgers injury play was designed to be an easy completion exploiting the weak link Bernard, but Rodgers was shocked when Bernard diagnosed and shifted seamlessly into coverage.
  23. I knew he was trash when we signed him as the Allen bridge, then had to cut him and go with Peterman because he was so bad. He could not win an important game EIGHT seasons ago with that loaded Bengals team he inherited when Dalton went down.
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