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  1. The NFL makes many policies that are intended to keep a competitive balance between teams. On OBL it was stated that the Bills could have only used those Cool Zone misting systems if Miami had chosen to use them first. Sort of the situation where if one team loses communication to the field the other has to shut it down too. But if the ambient temperature is 90 on one side and 115 on the other, how is that maintaining a competitive balance? I would think the NFLPA would weigh in.
  2. I do not think they would overrule the call because they are inclined not to but Gabe had two feet down, brought the ball to his chest with both hands, took his right hand off the ball in a stiff arm sort of move, and kept the ball tucked to his chest with his left hand until the defender chopped it out. The secured, tucked position is enough to complete the process of the catch as I highlighted in the section of the rule that you posted. I heard some talk of the third step but it is just one example of the an "act common to the game." The officials "wanting to see a third step" was mentioned in the Monday night game.
  3. There is no quantitative time component to completing the process. Two steps with the ball and the ball is tucked to the chest when the defender makes the play on it. I would like to see the complete play from more angles but the steps and the tuck should be all is needed. I would like to hear an official breakdown but I agree the challenge is likely not to go their way.
  4. Not a drop if defender chopped it out. Gabe did enough, two steps, tucked to his chest and TD. Defender's action came after TD criteria was met and was therefore irrelevant.
  5. Watching Coach Dorsey go into a tantrum meant I didn't feel the need to do so. He did it better and with more violence than I could.
  6. Do not, do not, do not take the play clock down to zero for the snap.
  7. I, for one, am happy to know that my team has a worldwide following. In my part of the world, there was a heavy influx of Swedes in the mid 19th century followed by Italians at the start of the 20th. For generations these groups did not get along very well and were mutually hostile. Within the last week, we have had a Swedish fan visit for the Titans game and now an Italian poster to TBD. Ironic to me. We have even seen support for the Bills within members of the Ukrainian armed forces. All this way too cool (American English slang meaning personally pleasing) regardless of some less refined grammar. A proper, more modern American title for your thread would be "Josh Allen is a Cheat Code" and I agree with your premise 100%.
  8. Good points. That 4th and 1 play was that funky pitch play that Cam Sutton blew up.
  9. I think we are so accustomed to seeing Josh with the scruffy facial hair, that the clean shaven face of Josh Allen is a throwback to his much rawer QB play of 2018. A fine starting point but a version we do not wish to see again. Sort of like seeing your kids baby pictures and recalling all the diaper changes, Happily done with that.
  10. Interesting thought. Only the Titans play where Simmons beat Dawkins and stuffed Josh comes to mind. I should consider that here were more. Close games in the NFL usually turn on QB play or the PK. Josh and TBass were not to blame for that 0 and 6 record in one score games, imo. It has me wondering if there was any root cause at all.
  11. I was thinking similarly. If so, their mastery of English is much further along than my Italian. My four years of high school Spanish taken over 40 years ago does not get me very far. Now, if the OP is the product of a proud but inebriated Italian American Bills' Mafioso, then let the fun begin.
  12. My favorite Bills look. All the colors are featured and are visually distinct much like the Orioles great Friday home uniform with orange on black tops, black belt, and white pants with a thin orange stripe. Both these combos look great during daytime but become even more vibrant for night games.
  13. Looks like we are open the season losing the gameday weather roulette again. I recall that last year some were answering the "Bills gameday weather has been crappy" complaint of the STHs with "It's WNY, what do you expect." The point was that the gameday conditions were consistently the worst of the 5 day window. Patrick Hammer is saying on WGR now that the worst of it will clear by 4PM.
  14. The accuser did something of a media blitz. CBS News, ABC Nightline and some of the local SD affiliates. On one of them, her image in silhouette was poorly done to the point where her facial features were visible. Her attorney also released an e-mail he sent to the Bills where he cc'd her e-mail account which was not redacted. So, she has basially been outed by the actions of her attorney. Shortly after this, a YouTube video called "Slutty Halloween" and created by some organization called "BagNation" which was posted last year, came into prominence because it supposedly had the accuser in it saying she was only 18 and bragging that she had a body count of 20. There were two clips in it where she puts her age at 18 and, oddly, was the only person in the video to even mention their age. She was in the fairy costume and getting friendly with some unknown, skinny, college aged male person unrelated to the football team, near as I can tell. It is likely that this video was shot a party earlier the same night as it seemed not to have any of the SDSU football team in it. Since all this happened, she and her attorney seem to have gone media silent which certainly is interesting and leads to much speculation. There has not been much new to the story since.
  15. And punched at the ball to try to dislodge it.
  16. Wade went for the FG on 1st down. That's my go to finger pointing direction.
  17. At Wyoming he shattered his collar bone taking on a defender. It may have been a fluke but it's on my mind. At least when running he can see the threats and adjust accordingly. So many potential injuries for QBs in an and out of the pocket. Smash a hand on a helmet = broken thumb, pass rusher tripped and crashes into legs = torn knee ligaments, shot to the chest = cracked sternum, taken to the ground with full body weight of defender = cracked ribs (Tua) or hip injury (Fitz.) Bad things happen in the pocket more often, I think. Fitz's last play in the NFL Hip displaysia for Fitz
  18. If criminal charges are ever filed or there is a civil trial, this thread will have new life. We love our court room dramas even if cameras are not present. I'd say the statutory rape charge is a no go with the accuser being recorded claiming to be 18 and bragging about her 'body count" at 20. Her attorney seemed to have much less to say after it came out. I wonder if there may be a grand jury that is reviewing the evidence. That would explain the appearance of DA inaction.
  19. In a possibly related matter which I have not heard reported anywhere else buffalo-bills-legal-chief-away-from-team-as-nfl-season-begins Some sort of fallout from the handling of the Matt Araiza accusations? The timing would be after the call from the plaintiffs' attorney and before the civil lawsuit was filed. Interesting to say the least but I doubt we will learn what this is all about.
  20. Get the play in early and let them get to the line with more time to start the play. snap at zero when the D gets a jump is disastrous.
  21. It's normal for an offense to go through a period of lackluster play during the course of a season. The OC needs to know the right buttons to push to get the O back on track. The Bills had such periods during every season Daboll was in charge of it here. Dorsey may be better at it as you posted. I agree. He may have better concepts of how to distribute the ball to players in space. He may unlock the YAC.
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