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  1. When that play happened and Von broke down over the line at the snap I thought it was a free play for the Chiefs. Happy for no flag. Very happy,
  2. Bills close to being Offside on that 4th down play. I think he assumed he had a free play but no flag.
  3. Maybe thought Bills were across the line and should have had a free play.
  4. Shades of Bills fumble in 4th quarter vs the Jets. Snap came too early.
  5. Well, if you do a story on what's wrong with the 6 and 6 Bills, why they are losing to inferior teams and then seek the opinions of those no longer with the team, this is what is the most probable result.
  6. Sean's style is really more likely to get a team somewhere. The question for me is whether he has enough self awareness to improve his overall effectiveness. Rex might screw up because he was not paying enough attention to details and could not hold his staff accountable. Sean's style requires that he be a competent, confident leader when the pressure is on and have more awareness about how his style plays within the organization. He seems to be lacking in both. He may be the George B McClellan of NFL HCs. Maybe Tyler Dunne's article might lead to some sort of self correction.
  7. A total of 25 interviewed. Some who went on the record had positive things to say.
  8. Sort of like R. Lee Ermey's Parris Island DI admiring the outstanding marksmanship of ex Marine Lee Harvey Oswald.
  9. After Rex, it was clear that the Pegulas wanted a detail oriented, set the right culture guy. Trouble is that details oriented leaders often obsess over nonsensical details because they do not know the one detail that can get them beat. Sometimes that one detail has been his elite, playmaking QB who can get tricked into seeing opportunities for plays that aren't really there. So, he has probably developed the thought that he needs to reign Josh in with better "situational football" acumen. For Want of a Nail For want of a nail the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe the horse was lost. For want of a horse the rider was lost. For want of a rider the message was lost. For want of a message the battle was lost. For want of a battle the kingdom was lost. And all for the want of a horseshoe nail. But, on the other side of the coin is Captain Queeg and his obsession with the strawberries. It takes some real wisdom to not devolve into that guy. That story about McDermott's heated altercation with a beat reporter for writing about bulletin board type material posted at drinking fountains (where the reporters could see them) and that they were practicing a fake punt play, smacked of Captain Queeg to me. As did Chris Brown's suspension for answering Tasker's on-air question about O-Line personnel groupings in a preseason practice which sounded like a McDermott inspired thing to me, too. The off season work hours thing mentioned here sounds petty and Queeg-like, as did making the "very concerned" statement about Diggs. Yeah, consistently getting beat in big games by last minute execution errors seems like evidence of a guy whose leadership fails when the game pressure is on. Sean needs some self reflection/correction before it's too late.
  10. Some differences that matter greatly. Cutting a rookie punter that had not made the 53 has very little financial ramifications. In Von's case, the ramifications are huge. With criminal and civil cases that were destined to wind their way through the entire 2022 season, it was clear the victim's lawyer was going to make it a media circus all the way. That's nothing an NFL team wants to deal with. We have no idea how Matt Araiza conducted himself when interviewed by the Bills' lawyers. He may not have left a good impression. In one case the alleged victim is recanting and in the other the alleged victim and her lawyer have not and the civil case goes on.
  11. Also, bring a dome team into the Great Lakes region, in an open air stadium, on December 17th for a late afternoon game with sundown at 4:42 PM and I wonder if they will even know how to handle it. It's easy to get accustomed to playing offensive football in perfect weather conditions. But, there will be an extra portion of Cowboy fans there as every such fan within 200 miles of High Mark has likely considered going to game as it is a once every 8 years opportunity. So, beat the Chiefs and it looks more much more doable. Just don't leave the game to the defense to fail at the end. Play and coach the game with that as a an overt goal. There are a majority of other contenders that are wounded at the QB position. That has to matter.
  12. Both were noncontact, connective tissue injuries which makes it even worse, imo. Contact injuries are often more of the bad luck variety when big men, moving fast and crashing into one another at bad angles applies Newtonian physics to the human body. It's the evidence of Doug Whaley's "humans were not meant to play football." Running full speed and quickly changing direction causing two injuries is a very bad sign for his career path where he needs to do that on every play. Much respect for trying to come back from that. Much surprise if he can.
  13. One theme was that JT hated throwing a wet ball and was amazed that Josh showed no signs of struggling with the rain.
  14. A stationery receiver catches the ball in the EZ but does not take a step nor do any of the other football acts. After a healthy period of time a defender pokes the ball out. Of course it's a catch and a TD. There was possession of the ball for enough time to have done an act common to the game although in this case there was no reason to do so. That's what the bolded means. There is no minimum time to establish possession in the rule. It's only time enough to do a football act of which they list 6 examples, tucking being the first one given. Now you say that the process of tucking the ball wasn't finished. He caught the ball above his head and brought it down to his side, covering the second 1 on his jersey. How much lower was he going with the ball? It was in the tucked position. No player takes the ball any lower. So when does the tucking process end?
  15. It could very well be that the rules for running that route have conflicts that were never resolved. Gabe might be taught that leverage trumps the zero blitz read. Josh might be taught to make the throw before he can even read the leverage and that the open middle of the field means that's where the throw goes. The defender may have been inside but Gabe was by him so early that all options were then open. Maybe Josh needs to take another split second to know for sure where Gabe is going. There are likely coaching elements to that situation that demand clarity.
  16. Sure. There is no minimum time element to the rule so saying there wasn't enough time from catch to tuck is irrelevant. Tucked ball = a 3rd step.
  17. I heard him say it as the key thing officials look for. As if it's the only thing that matters. There were five other examples in the rule that are the equal of the third step including tucking the ball.
  18. The broadcast rules expert, forget which one, said they like to see a third step. Two feet down and then a complete step. He may be totally correct in the way they want to call it but that is not the way the rule is written. Scott7975 had the language of the rule posted up thread. c. after (a) and (b) have been fulfilled, performs any act common to the game (e.g., tuck the ball away, extend it forward, take an additional step, turn upfield, or avoid or ward off an opponent), or he maintains control of the ball long enough to do so. That's 6 equal examples given as acts common to the game but game officials only want to see the third step? It's like counting to three is the only judgement they are willing to make. The ball was clearly brought to the tuck position. Any talk of a minimum time element is irrelevant to the application of the rule.
  19. I think he was taking himself out. On one of them I saw him point to the sideline for a sub.
  20. He had possession on his knees. Down by contact as soon as he is touched, The defender should not then be able to punch it out.
  21. People often say that there can't be a collective "flipping of the switch" on a team's season. We should all hope for the 2023 Bills to be an example to the contrary. In his first press conference as OC, Joe Brady used an interesting metaphor--"You shouldn't wait until the house is on fire to check the smoke detectors." This is a cryptic thing to say that invites speculation. My thought is that he was talking about how they were coaching during practices. The "braindead" play has created a crisis but had some connection to their practice habits. Maybe that's the switch to flip.
  22. There might be something real about this, I heard Sal (?) say on a Philly (?) podcast that Von was to wear that knee brace for a full year post surgery. It may be coming off soon. He may be more brave without the brace.😉
  23. I see that glow during night games with the stadium lighting. Blue on white for day games, white on white for night games. Sunset in Philly will be 4:38.
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