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  1. That's a sure way to find NY drivers in other states. Most everyone else hangs back waiting for the light to change to they can sit there another cycle.
  2. It could be an Official Retreat Route? Of course they're not going to stop for anything.
  3. "Whenever we looked at the film he's had a lot of drops" Like, 3? Over the entire season? That was the official stat I recall. Or is he counting the passes 6 feet over his head or 8 feet behind him as drops? Yeesh. Edit: Ok, I'm like 4 minutes in where Keon highpoints one and it gets punched out by the safety pretty much at the apex on a helluva defensive play and this narrator is like "And it's another easy drop" follow by a diatribe about he doesn't know if Coleman can ever learn how to catch a ball. At 4:30 a late throw clearly defended by the DB and batted down is counted as another drop. This guy is a clown with an axe to grind, so keep THAT in mind before it "doesn't make you feel any better about him"... what that tape is showing me is Coleman is better than I thought and the QB play and play calling/design is ***** on a shingle.
  4. I'm on a stretch of 4-lane interstate, 70-mph limit, got my cruise control set. You're the only other car on the road going my direction. I've gained the mile of distance on you in a few minutes and I move left to pass. This is apparently an insult in your culture and you stomp the accelerator. Whatever. I move back over. You return to the same slower-than-me speed you were traveling at. I go to pass again. You start speeding up again. This time I hammer it, complete the pass, put a half mile between us and move right to resume my leisurely cruise. Oh who is this now? Of course, it's the other car on the road, roaring up to pass me, move in front, and slow right the ***** down again. Repeat from Frederick to Hancock. Dumb Maryland *****.
  5. Ultimately, it was oxygen that was oxygen for his soul.
  6. " "Effigy" is the last track on Creedence Clearwater Revival's classic, Willy and the Poor Boys. Uncle Tupelo slow it down and give it the full Neil Young treatment. This works so well, you wonder why it took someone a quarter-century to think of it. Or maybe it just seems obvious in retrospect. " Speaking of Creedence deep cuts
  7. There is no one right answer, but this one would be it if Centipede was replaced with Space Invaders. Honorable mention to this game which foresaw a glorious future of hunting Cybertrucks in the salt flats.
  8. I don't get why this is a big deal, the Chiefs buy a ref every game.
  9. I'm going to reference myself and say there's a non-zero chance Alec Anderson is one of the top-5 OL and potentially starts at center. At worst, one of the top-6 who's in on jumbo sets. Anderson's IOL flex has value in backing up multiple positions on gamedays, similar to Bates. Still, with the Bills drafting a C-only guy in Van Pran, the easy button would be to pencil in Anderson as the 6th man. If he builds at all on what he shows when he had a chance last year he just has to play somewhere on that line.
  10. It was fine for KC because the Bills run like Hellmuth.
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