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  1. I mean, according to Merril Hoge, Larry Fitzgerald is the kind of guy you'd want your wife to marry, so...
  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news... but 100% of people who have been born will die.
  3. Vox on my fave Kansas song Edit: And my second RIP
  4. I honestly don't care whether the virus is being manufactured or not. Even taking into account that hospitals are incented to deem any death with a positive common cold test as being from common cold, the overall rate of death is... largely unchanged. Except, the flu has magically disappeared as a contributing factor. Instead, it's ZoMG!@! CORONIE IS KILL US ALLLLLL!! Treating a bad cold as if it were the Justinian plague is nonsense.
  5. It's not anything ideological. That's for the wonks and bureaucratic termites. Just good old-fashioned mobbed-up corruption at the top.
  6. Word count "vaccine" by page: 1) 35 2) 36 3) 50 4) 45 5) 47 The failure of this post's argument occurs on the first premise - that there exists a vaccine. I'm pro-vax. I have all of my vaccinations. There is an historical compendium that correlates a positive health cost/benefit ratio to vaccines. As soon as there's one for the common cold (e.g. novel coronavirus) I'll take that too. But - it doesn't exist. There is an experimental gene therapy that has acquired emergency use status through some questionable data suppression of available, common
  7. He participated after his rookie season. True to his then-form, his stats weren't great, but he was clutch. https://www.golfchannel.com/video/american-century-2019-josh-allen-nearly-aces-17
  8. A franchise QB seems to make a bad OL look like a mediocre OL. The Bills OL went from bad to mediocre last year, didn't it? That scramble in the Denver game, you could see it coming. The Broncos secondary was running man and showing Allen their backs and it was "he's gonna take off and they won't know till it's too late..."
  9. IIRC the Fins couldn’t believe what they had seen either and challenged, much as Belichick did later. That was spectacular. It happened 10 feet away from him and he didn’t believe it was possible. I guess that’s eye arrogance.
  10. Perhaps a front 4 with Basham and Rousseau at tackle could be considered the Bills' thinset.
  11. Those refs were just as bad as they are now.
  12. The court of public opinion has also never been "product" until recently. The ripples of this dislocation are deep, and widely misunderstood.
  13. do you know the prerequisites for consideration for emergency use approval?
  14. Using the word “science” as an appeal to authority ought to be automatically disqualifying to any argument.
  15. Take what someone said, change it to what they didn’t say, then mock them for what they never said.
  16. A Fiat went 30 miles without a tow? The times really do change.
  17. NATO Domes was turned down as a name for a missile defense system.
  18. Was that Wawrow or did his doppelgänger Greggggg Williams blackjack him to butcher the same stupid question that had already been asked, twice more? The urge to beat him with a stick felt similar to Gregggggggggg. Edit: I also learned a new journalism word, “comfortability.” I’ll have to see if I can use it in a sentence with “wessonality.”
  19. the melt value of a pre-2015 nickel is 6 cents
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