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  1. That lunatic should be happy he didn't get snapped in half. He looks like an even more sickly Tom Scholz.
  2. The jumbo package late last year with Doyle at TE was very effective. Of course, that's no longer an option, at least as far as Doyle is concerned.
  3. That Raven who jumped on the pump fake to Singletary, you could see on his face while he was still ascending "Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
  4. Crowder hasn't gone to IR yet, has he? This is for the 4th and final year of his rookie contract.
  5. Interesting thought. He's gotta be similar to Ricard, his speed is top notch for a DT.
  6. I wouldn't have blinked at Salyer in the 3rd. Amazing he dropped to the 6th. Is Jackson going somewhere? He played the whole game Sunday, and was noticeably good.
  7. I don't know if that's where they like him, he's not a downfield or separation guy. The reps he got at big slot in preseason he was highly effective. Size, catch radius, elite hands. All he really has to do is post up and present the numbers, bam, easy 6-7 yards.
  8. Stafford's arm is fine, that's not why he throws it right to defenders. The salt level in this game is still rising. Hoping for more skirmishes.
  9. Stafford doing Stafford things... I'm shocked.
  10. I'm all for elevating Duke and inactivating Cook for a game.
  11. Yeah, I'll believe it when it comes from PFF.
  12. Rams are getting chippy with the Nines, with each other... lol, I think one of them just speared Donald, his teammate.
  13. My audible has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R
  14. Did I just see "Giants sign AJ Klein" on the scroll? Let the recycling continue.
  15. I don't like the spying thing for Lamar, anyone on defense you spy up on him is at a disadvantage as Lamar can win 1-on-1 in the open field 90% of the time. The Bills scheme where DBs and backers don't often have their eyes turned around, and have the play in front of them, works a lot better. Just have to contain and rally once he breaks out of the pocket. Yes, the faster you force him to decision, the more the advantage swings to the defense. He's not an elite processor.
  16. He went to the second read more often than say, Tua, but it looks like Roman still only asks him to process half-field reads, figuring 2 reads max, then just take off and do the running thing.
  17. He was a terror all preseason. I would have kept him over Lawson honestly, but he got through to the PS and since has been signed to the 53, because pro scouts see this stuff.
  18. No worries mate! I'm in the middle of rewatching, it was the last series of the first half where Poyer came through the receiver and could have been flagged but wasn't, just like the Raven defender on McKenzie in the first half wasn't. Both 3rd downs, both resulting in a defensive stop. It was one of the first blitzes the Bills ran, and forced the first punt from the Ravens. Speaking of adjustments, I was dumping all over Frazier midway through the 2nd quarter but the Bills D coaches definitely were figuring it out. Baltimore drives: 1) TD 2) TD 3) FG 4) FG 5) Punt 6) Punt 7) Punt 8) Punt 9) Int 10) Int
  19. I know that when I had the "New Member" tag under my name, the first thing I did was pick a contrarian argument with the guy who has "Moderator" under his. Troll Union, membership # T193746.
  20. I was referring to the third down stop that Poyer defended. He did came through the back of the Raven receiver. Are you referring to the end zone interception? I mean, Poyer did make a lot of plays Sunday!
  21. Correct on the tipped pass to Knox, he was expecting it right in the body and it ended up fluttering and arriving behind him, he reached and tipped it again. The Lamar stretch looked like it was marked exactly right, a half yard short. It's where the ball crosses the boundary while the runner is still inbounds, OR the location of the ball when the runner steps out of bounds, if the ball hasn't yet crossed the boundary. While Lamar was still inbounds, the ball reached the boundary a half yard short.
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