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  1. Thank you fantasy points. Still hate myself sitting the Bills D.
  2. Except for the part about them living in the Bills backfield I guess?
  3. The thing the really do well, that they're coached to do, is get the ball.
  4. Saw Spencer Brown on the first play of the drive and thought, finally they saw that Williams isn't going a thing. But then saw he was just in for a mysterious tackle-eligible play which was that super-tricky dive run for 1 yard.
  5. Wait, what? Did they decide not to enforce yards on the penalty? That was a dead ball foul, should be an end-of-the-play enforcement.
  6. Two fouls, and neither was the top-rope elbow to the back of the Allen's head.
  7. A big body threat in the end zone is a good dimension to have!
  8. And that's why the ball goes in the outside arm, good job Motor. Didn't see a facemask there.
  9. This game being this close is... very reminiscent of last week. Both should have been ended by now.
  10. Step into a damn throw will you Allen? This back foot crap is arm arrogance.
  11. Know what? When he was contacted he didnt have the ball. He never established possession with feet on the ground.
  12. Well that worked out just find, but Haack just puckers my sphincters.
  13. Would be nice to have that timeout back that was pointlessly used on the 4th-and-hut-hut-hut-hut-hut-hut
  14. Some things Tremaine does are unintentionally funny, and it's not a good thing.
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