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  1. So does Glenn Frey… Good to see Milano lighting it up after getting the new contract. Somebody had to… the rest of the retentions and extensions have been somewhat slow to start, haven’t they?
  2. ever watch his tape from high school when he was a wide receiver? As he becomes a vested veteran there’s some interesting specialty situations where he could contribute - Hail Mary defense for instance.
  3. You mean field goals don't help you win against a team that scores TDs?
  4. Oweh is showing out early this year, you draftniks. But, still would rather have Rousseau for the raw traits.
  5. Why did you go for a 2-point conversion when you were up 50 points?
  6. This is going to lead to teams having 2 offensive coordinators, a Running OC (ROC) (e.g. Roman) and a Passing OC (POC) (e.g. Dorsey). Then you'll need to create the position of Offensive Coordinator Coordinator (O.C.C.) to decide when to use the run or pass play.
  7. Mahomes face is just soooo... punchable.
  8. I don't even know what he was doing with his hands unless practicing for the dance line for Madonna's "Like A Prayer" video.
  9. Ladies and gentlement. #4 overall, Sammy Watkins.
  10. To be fair Josh's interception today looked like an "NFL" interception. Bad ball placement, superior DB play. Mahomes' was a Division II play. Or like a Sabres defenseman making an outlet pass under pressure.
  11. Madabuike is now, what we hope Basham becomes. Sugar rush Patrick of preseason returns! I don't even think that was arm arrogance, that was arrogance to the power of arrogance.
  12. This comment sort of reminds me of golfing... you have some little 330-yard crappy par-4. You slice a crap drive into the rough. Then you hook a junky iron 10 yards left and short. Then you chip it to 2 feet and make a low-stress par. You're happy about it, but the execution through the green was by and large poor and you know you can't maintain it and continue to score.
  13. I only saw one snap in the 3rd quarter because he did his Spencer Brown thing of, when the running back gets held up, Brown comes flying in at 100mph and splats someone.
  14. They would have been shut out even harder with Tua It sounds goofy but that might be the least impressive one-sided blowout I've seen in a while. On the other hand it validates what McDermott preaches about complementary football. Last week the 3 phases conspired to to just enough to lose. Today when one phase failed the next one up righted the ship.
  15. Rousseau looks really big and really strong, but he's bigger and stronger than he looks.
  16. Spike that ball rookie, you almost made it to the red zone there.
  17. Of course the same refs didn't see Butler literally tackled in open field to give the runner the edge.
  18. I don't know what was illegal about the hit by Zimmer on Brissett, wasn't high, wasn't low, wasn't late, didn't land on it. Just hit him really really hard.
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