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  1. Was that really worth a timeout to try to draw them? I can see it where the 5 yards doesnt matter and taking the delay.
  2. Threw way behind Diggs. Josh has been very 2018 so far this year.
  3. Taron has a knack for big plays at big moments, gonna suck when he gets overpaid somewhere else.
  4. That's just... dumb by Butler. For a guy that doesn't make many plays, can't be doing that. Jeez, every play Brissett is .05 seconds from getting trashed.
  5. Tre, keep your feet on the ground. And keep reaching for the stars.
  6. They put him at 1-tech on that Wallace interception. The double team stoned him, but it's a interception so...
  7. That is a ridiculous call based on everything I've seen in the league this year.
  8. Feels like nobody has noticed Beasley yet... have to think JA wants to work him into it.
  9. Mahomes and Rodgers wouldn't have been able to buy enough time, Murray and Lamar might have but can they find the guy and make the throw?
  10. Can another guy in the league can do what Allen just did? Mahomes or Rodgers can make the throw. Murray or Lamar can make them miss. I don't think anyone has both those moves and that arm. That's a unicorn play.
  11. What a friggin burst from AJE. I didn't know he had a step that quick.
  12. Epenesa doesn't like all that talk about Rousseau passing him by, I take it.
  13. Zimmer can friggin run. Without his effort Waddle maybe gets the 1st down.
  14. Epesena caused that errant throw on 2nd down, because he's long and Tua is not long.
  15. He does but he still doesn't have that top gear, and I'd like to see a guy without a top gear move the ball to the outside arm too.
  16. I think we can say that was pass interference in every era of football and at every level.
  17. I don’t even know what pass interference is or isn’t anymore.
  18. Spencer Brown got one rep when Dawkins threw a shoe, and Witherspoon even jumped offside while trying to beat him with a speed rush, and didn‘t. That may be an answer down the line.
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