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  1. There's a bunch of Allen analysis vids popping up post-GB game and the bandwagon is starting to look like a train in Calcutta: Cosell Simms Hector Elizondo the Fins Fan: Some Dude:
  2. Well that makes it easy, rhymes with "salami-salami-baloney"
  3. Hollister just wasn’t a good enough blocker. He was Logan Thomas-bad on a good number of plays that I paid attention. Knox is the field-stretcher, TE2 needs to be able to thrive inline.
  4. Jumpin' around like a bunch of Kansas City Chiefs...
  5. What’s Madden’s gimmick, being the shape of a pear?
  6. The one matchup concern I have is the one thing the Bills have yet to address on defense - what to do about pass-catching TEs? Steelers still have Ebron (assuming he can catch it) and have added Freiermuth (he will catch it). Kelce gave teams a blueprint on how to kill the Bills D with TE , similar to how the Rams schemed up their runs last year to find a particular weakness with the pre-snap set and motion. Hope McD and Frazier have spent time this off-season figuring out how to get it done with scheme because they haven’t added personnel to handle the TE eliminator role.
  7. You of all posters should know better
  8. I’d guess Hollister and Ferguson come back after H Phillips and Sweeney and maybe McKittrick to IR unless they really do go get Kaufusi who seems like he has the frame to fill the Lee Smith role?
  9. Beane jumped on Pegulajet to go get Kaufusi...
  10. Scrolling down, through the boards Twitter updates can't keep up with cut lists now But in the space between the waivers And the sideline of some football field I had a dream Good-bye Bills Good-bye Heath After the Turk comes, feeling just like Ryan Leaf And the playbook he took back fades like the cheering of a sack You covered punts well And gave kickoff returners hell And as the tear drops rise, you hear a soft muffled ringtone You take out your iPhone... A call from Brandon Beane! "We'll let you stay So grab your cleats We stuck a guy on IR, and your gunner skill's elite! We'll convert some bucks Into some guarantees And what’s more, you're paid the full year Just in case your old legs don't hold up anymore Go put some smacks on WR's and running backs, Maybe block a kick, or cause a fumble with a good lick. Special Teams won't be the Bills' flaw. And no big plays against us anymore. No big plays against us anymore." Game after game Like a helmet to the brain This dream is driving me insane In the corner of some football field The gunner sleeps tonight What’s done is done He cannot be left off the fifty-three Take heed of the dream Take heed.
  11. If he could actually run that fast he wouldn't be.
  12. I have no qualms cutting both Webb and Fromm. Apart from the draft pick there’s not much sunk cost into Fromm’s development since he was the “break glass in case of disaster” guy last year.
  13. https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-betting-snapshot-bills-have-perhaps-the-most-enticing-super-bowl-odds-141822002.html
  14. I may not agree completely but that's a perfectly valid assessment, so I won't belabour it. Besides, your handle reminds me of The Zombies whom I do quite like.
  15. Very fast but the breeze from a linebacker knocks him down
  16. He looked very good in preseason action, seemed to have a couple of snaps a game where the tackle barely touched him as he blew past, winning immediately off the snap.
  17. Not a fan of that, more so for the dominoes that follow (i.e. Taiwan probably makes it now)
  18. Are the Giants tanking to get rid of Judge? They can't all be that bad, can they?
  19. Perhaps one of the "glue factory guys." Wonder if Beane is looking for a player swap for say, corner depth. Too lazy to check for any underperforming guys making something near Addison's hit, on a team that can use DL depth.
  20. He looks like he knows he's playing for his job, but Zimmer and Star are still making the impact that Butler isn't, notwithstanding the hybrids getting reps inside and showing something as well (Bam, Boogie, Efe/#93/the-latest-ex-Panther). Between those 3 having inside ability and Butler being behind (IMO) Star, Horrible and Oliver on the interior there's a path to a 7/3 split or more precisely 3 tackle, 4 edge (Rousseau, Addison, Hughes, Epenesa) and the 3 hybrids.
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