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  1. I have all the stats that prove Buffalo will easily win this game... But, I misplaced my notebook
  2. No, the Dolphins are years away. They are lucky to sneak away with a deplleted Bills roster game. Am I supposed to be impressed? Nope... .
  3. Did we ever sign a corner that people actually like around here? No...
  4. This Oliver guy is a slacker His old man was a slacker too
  5. This signing proves Brandon Beane realizes we have a problem
  6. He will sign the same day as the Renderings release....
  7. Probably the JEST next head coach, the city loves that crap...
  8. Oh no, the poor Patriots are having injury problems
  9. These young kids are wimps, one broken leg and they don't even practice
  10. I am not giving any credit to the Dolphins whom spent the entire game in the shade.
  11. I can play LCB, Shaw66 can play RCB. We can't cover anyone but it should be good for a laugh
  12. We need to create tons of cap room to replace these players
  13. Omg can't wait for flag football and a nice crummy band at half time. Where can I get tickets?
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