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  1. That's why it is important to win now....THERE IS NO TOMORROW
  2. Who would shoot crap anyway, I am a busy guy...
  3. I am surprised the Browns won, usually their players are in jail by then
  4. RIP my friend, you are a hero in my eyes..
  5. John is no Van Miller but he tries hard
  6. It takes more then 17 games to fine tune an offensive line Feliciano at RG with Cody Ford at RT
  7. Lets face it, The Dolphins are a train wreck, this guy should be happy to leave.
  8. Isn't every quarterback worth 45 million per season? Joe got screwed ..
  9. This is great for the NFL, more commercial time while the officials review video. 4
  10. I spent the entire off season hoping the Bills would jump Maddy Glab but now they gave her a raise... Maybe next year she will own the freaking team
  11. The video ends with the words Petermen >DAK You can watch by clicking on youtube
  12. You obviously didn't watch the video, its not my words...lol you guys
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