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  1. Fumbles are a bad thing. I remember when George Allen benched Roman Gabriel for fumbling 4 times in 2 weeks I will try a quote here " The ball is your paycheck, don't leave it laying around " .
  2. I agree with that guy from Jersey. It can't continue. 😬
  3. Why calm down? Its best to run your car into a guard rail over and over OR throw furniture out the 2nd story window This will make you feel better. Calm down does nothing....
  4. I thought the fans were louder for Sanders , Beasley kind of got cheered & booed ...lol
  5. Ball Security is on my mind this morning because the problem will not just go away Its been 4 years now, something needs to change
  6. Poor Levi Mitchell, he wasn't even in town
  7. Rumor has it Cam Newton to Washington
  8. Yes, he doesn't look anything like DK Metcalf 😬 .
  9. Josh said he worked on ball security during the off season I think hes lying
  10. These are the people who fall asleep by halftime
  11. This can only mean the return of John Brown. Sanders is injury prone 😬
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