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  1. wow mark brunell. qb coach!?!
  2. hes captain checkdown. and is fumbling nonstop
  3. yea what does that even mean. nonsensical quote
  4. thats what it takes to win. gotta be aggressive
  5. he was better as a rookie. he gets stoned now blitzing
  6. i think his only impact plays a safety /sack against CLE a 4th down stuff against SF last year an INT here and there
  7. just such a mysterious / unprovable "stat" to hang onto to keep defending him
  8. really would like to see what the D looks like with dodson and milano
  9. https://billswire.usatoday.com/2021/07/23/pro-football-focus-tremaine-edmunds-hype-linebacker-rankings-matt-milano/
  10. right and its not enough to be "long" and drop back. He consistently doesn't make plays against the pass.
  11. wow diggs BEAT him off the line. NOT a great ball. that could have been a td
  12. hes constantly throwing flat foot and leaning back .....bc of the online. im sorry our line usually has a major breakdown every negative play. josh hasnt been perfect by any stretch.
  13. yea i really think allen and mahomes the only ones thatmake that play
  14. love evrthing about the D minus. edmunds. what is that play on that screen
  15. would like to see some NE-ly type, double TE looks. pound it/ or pass to TE and RBs.
  16. when fox goes to the football field w ex players lining up to show us schemes. I vomit. And turn the channel
  17. 100 % the 2nd and 3rd round picks have left something to be desired. zay jones, phillips, aj, basham, cody ford. best pick arguably is bass (obviously allen is) and davis
  18. Because their line blows Individually, here's how PFF graded the Bills' O-line, player-by-player: Mitch Morse: 60.5. Jon Feliciano: 39.9. Ike Boettger: 53.4. Dion Dawkins: 45.3. Darryl Williams: 58.8. Cody Ford: 64.7.
  19. dew point 76. going to be miserable for the players. dunno. dont have a good feeling for the bills. field is trash. cant run the ball. advantage mia
  20. i didnt see edmunds make any impact plays sorry. ebron caught some passes up the middle
  21. yep. tua not gonna throw deep. bills have trouble w fast twitch in space. they will put waddle on wallace (who always plays 10 yards off every single wr) and hit underneath and let him RAC. then they will pound the ball to TE (who we still cant cover. Edmunds) steelers O 2nd half showed continued weaknesses in bills D. cant stop quick WR screens. misdirection plays - our ends lose contain. and TE pass coverage
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