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  1. What! Hayward and tuitt?!?! (Spelling) they wrecked the bills oline last year
  2. LA gotta get rid of Ramsey for some draft capital
  3. Bills need some dynamic take it the house playmakers
  4. How’s brate still in game ? Had a clear concussion
  5. would have liked a TO by coach there. team is tired . dont need them
  6. edmunds goes from some good plays. to just some really bad soft plays. you cant give up 10 yards going backwards. AND not get off block
  7. he actually was ok. what wasnt ok. was #71 totally whiffed on interior. so allen couldnt step up. their OL is flaming dumpster fire at times
  8. for the love of GOD. get a 4-3 look out there. enough of the nickel base D. its a cylone out there/ they are a running team
  9. get charles davis off the air. what a fake news / word spewing garbage mouth. thats a defenseless receiver. dont soften it by saying not crown of helmet. WHAT WORLD do we live in allen. you are so good
  10. finally get something going runnning. and then 3 straight passes
  11. can you day ADJUSTMENTTSSSSS a blitz on 3 and long? no soft zone?
  12. bills kryptonite is clutch and grab man coverage on our smurfs. if NFL refs dont call it, DBs keep doing it. luckily we got calls and things opeend up.
  13. so bad. see this gets washed out now bc they scored. that was atrocious coaching/clock management.
  14. worst matchup for us. OUR offense should be able to keep up. but weather negates it. and we just cant run/ OL is so sub par. why leslie and MCD continue to keep running nickel D with our soft point of attack MLB against this power run team. is indefensible. if edmunds was above average (hes not even average overall MLB) then ok. you need to have 2 BEASTSSSSSSS LBs to have two of them out there running a nickel D against teams like colts and ravens. im sick of it.
  15. WGR, nate and jeremy. 100 right. Time for james cook. 2nd round pick. To become a focal part of the offense. A little spice, keep the O next level
  16. Bills rush offense DVOA is ranked #32. Unless they surprise us with being able to run the game in a sloppy rain game. And I think they are putting more on more tape that their O line stinks. I see it every game. Dawkins whiffs or gets blown back immediately. Routinely with our RT. And very routinely interior O line. Ravens. More solid than us right now with all these bills injuries
  17. read MLJ twitter feed. one of the most bizarre unfomfortable pressers from a coach. clearly mcdaniel was uncomfortable. trying to cover it / get out in front of it. and really poor PR. kept talking / trying to talk it out . made things worse
  18. Nah. High ankle sprain is extremely painful. The ligaments that hold your shin bone together are all torn. You can’t stand. Almost every elite athlete would get surgery. Tua had it in college. interesting it’s not automatic surgery here
  19. This is what I said after rams game. He HAS to win the super bowl. They have a killer roster. Qb. All pressure / questions are about him. Sleepless nights this year
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