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  1. So Daboll calls 3TOs. To have Tyrod lead a drive ? to then punt on 3 and 6? wtf
  2. Shannahan again. For the life of me. Why is cmc playing
  3. And there in lies the downfall of niners. Hyperagreesive , physical , YAC team. Deebo down
  4. Waller is now officially a black hole bad ball from Danny dimes
  5. Waller is becoming a black hole for targets
  6. Once again. Critical 3rd downs. Refs thrown flags
  7. What a classic NfL iffy DPi to keep viewers and Vegas happy so giants get back in it
  8. Before the ne blowout game and 13 sec weALL wanted Daboll gone
  9. I guess so … hate those RTP calls
  10. This is the Problem w the SF offense. (I mean they’re very solid). but death by 1000 paper cuts. Multiple plays. Require a lot of precision blocking. Penalties and blown blocks will torpedo their drive
  11. I see more negative / blown up plays on offense bc of TE disaster blocking year after
  12. For sure. Had a concussion
  13. I didn’t think anything of it . Didn’t think it was egregious. Hard football play. Why that’s flagged and the hit on Kincaid in end zone wasnt makes no sense hey Adams - yea you’re getting blown out and backups are in on D - you guys don’t need to be airing it out. He’s a diva that is on a sucky team and Father Time catching up and he knows he’s going to be irrelevant REAL quick
  14. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/38449406/davante-adams-criticizes-control-safety-taylor-rapp love me some drama
  15. Gates sure the rest , to me are NOT hall of fame this is becoming the hall of very good or even good becoming a joke and willie not gonna get it for his legal stuff now
  16. We don’t have any red zone plays like that. Takes us multiple 4th downs. And Allen running around forever and a great scrmable play.
  17. https://x.com/jasrifootball/status/1703576266836746477?s=42&t=mgxvmMTkSegI0ZIfnaIEmA cant leave the other acfe team out
  18. Yea. Looks like a league wide shift to stop the prolific passing O. I would study the eagles. Gotta run the ball. Gotta get nasty
  19. Mac just crumbles to the ground in fear
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