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  1. Yea I want a high risk / reward D. Give me ball hawks and pass rushers. The whole philosophy w McD is wrong when you have a qb like Allen. the goal should be to have as many possessions for Allen and the off. It should not be to allow the other team to dink and dunk and burn time and keep Allen from more opportunities
  2. How does wash make this trade ? 2nd isn’t enough
  3. Sounds like buf signing another player….. and bills mafia will be “quite pleased” gotta believe it’s suh
  4. Is it me or is everyone tripping and stumbling on this crap turf
  5. What!? Penalty for a low block on the defense ?
  6. I still don’t know the rule. I also don’t believe the nfl knows the rule either . I guess if the pass is at or behind the LOS? It doesn’t count? Then they change it to pass NEAR the line of scrimmage
  7. Nothing like a 6 -0 barn burner
  8. But specifically - penalties. They are unreviewable. They are to be on the field judgment calls. Those are the rules
  9. My god the officiating it’s clearly illegal contact - but whatever John is explaining it away and get another flag that’s picked up by the ny sky judge - how is replay / penalties being reviewed in ANy capacity ?
  10. there’s a lot of flexibility? In a rule ? Jacobs trying to catch that
  11. So alarming to hear that
  12. WHAT is this ! Walt Anderson live from the nfl booth . dude sounded awful. No wonder the officiating is like this
  13. And not but 3 mins and Aikman already talk. To john
  14. I didn’t know the university of buffalo was playing the raiders tonight
  15. He’s a Harris replacement sounds like Harris may not come back this year https://atozsports.com/buffalo/bills-sean-mcdermott-unclear-if-damien-harris-will-return-this-season-nfl-news/
  16. Just like how he did vs Ridley jax Yea playoff win % , conf championships, and Super Bowl appearances
  17. in general you are right. But we have major season ending injuries at all 3 levels. OUR depth arguable is DL and secondary. So we need to play , god forbid, SOME of our rookies - slow development be damned. You cant tell me dorian who balled out vs usc (spread O) in a bowl game cant be COACHED up by our COACHES. AND as an off ball LB if that is the critical achilles heel of this D to give up the big play that loses us games - then our problem is the COACHES and player evaluators
  18. right - notice i said THEY cant even play him. I think Dorian can play and youll have to live and die by his play. But instead true to form these coaches and player evaluators ahve decided to play it safe and die a slow death w dodson. OR poyer at LB! its crazy
  19. Interesting. And beane and Sean draft Dorian. and we have 1! 1 injury to Lb. And they can’t even play him now.
  20. I don’t care about reg season winning % for a Hc Tony dungy Marty S marv how about this zac Taylor w burrow is better than McD w Allen
  21. That’s pretty damning. He is a tight ash that’s afraid. Players play the same way
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