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  1. Lots of double A gap blitzing I imagine. That was a big part of McD’s defense in Carolina
  2. I’m genuinely surprised at the timing of this.
  3. Reminds me of when Frazier said Edmunds needs to make more impact plays. I imagine we won’t be paying Ed if he’s more of the same next season.
  4. Why do I get the impression that some intern threw this together. Are we supposed to form an opinion with this out of context number?
  5. Absolutely laughable that McD would be ranked in the bottom 3rd of HCs. Meanwhile, guys like Rivera, McDaniel, O’Connell, Campbell and Daboll are ranked much higher. Hilarious.
  6. I could never be bored enough to watch a Madden sim and then break the game down.
  7. You can believe what you like. I’m in law enforcement in WNY so I know more than you think.
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