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  1. I already know I’m not going to like Butler.
  2. MLJ is usually a solid reporter so I’m not sure why he’s trying to stoke the fire again.
  3. Solid depth signing. Not expecting a high end starter. Could be decent trade bait down the road.
  4. Huge loss for the Jets defense
  5. Hopefully he’s fixed the deep ball and can put it all together.
  6. Who’s going to be the new whipping boy?
  7. His floor is Newtown’s MVP season and his ceiling is Mahome’s MVP season.
  8. Not sure Knox will get enough targets to be that productive.
  9. Didn’t Oliver’s own lawyer admit there was an empty beer can in the car but it was being used as a spittoon?
  10. “I wanted to draft a great QB but chose a garbage WR instead.” It doesn’t matter what you wanted to do. Your reputation is based on what you actually did.
  11. I saw that and was hoping to find it in the article but didn’t so I’m not sure what to believe.
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