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  1. You don’t miss the days of EJ throwing it into the hospitality tent or Tyrod scrambling during 7v7?
  2. I’m confused why he would wait until June to get surgery.
  3. It actually wouldn’t surprise me if Gabe Davis had more receiving yards than Sanders
  4. This is nonsense. Singletary has no trade value whatsoever.
  5. Just saw Beane at Tempo sitting in a booth with Kaawan Short and Nelson. Heard it was a booth for 4 and Ertz was running late.
  6. Surprised nobody has mentioned our savior Duke Williams
  7. You have no shot if you don’t get the shot.
  8. Not surprising he had been drinking. In my experience people that leave the scene of an accident, get involved in a domestic and fight with police are usually messed up on drugs or alcohol.
  9. This tweet goes out to all the people who don’t understand the definition of burglary or why it was charged as a domestic incident.
  10. Wouldnt be surprised if he calls plays during the preseason.
  11. It didn’t take long but this thread has already turned into a clown show
  12. This reminds me of when Tannehill was in Miami and had a similar tell. During his pre-snap cadence, he would either say “Go Go!” or “Go!” before the ball was snapped. If I remember correctly, “Go Go” was always a run and “Go” was a pass.
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