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  1. This is what gets people so angry?
  2. I hope someone took your keys so you don’t try and drive home.
  3. Best case scenario is Allen has a great camp, wins the starting job and wins the Super Bowl every year.
  4. Didnt McD say that getting him reps with the first team during mini camp was part of he plan all along? Still seems really early in the process.
  5. Going to sell all the EJ Manual stock I bought and hopefully have enough to buy one of these.
  6. AJ probably has little value if any. Teams weren’t exactly running to sign him as a free agent.
  7. Bangarang

    Josh Allen interview WGR

    Based on what?
  8. We are probably one of the least attractive options for a FA WR.
  9. Bangarang

    Who wants to be the new Bills Beat Reporter?

    Here’s a chance for Bills fans who constantly complain about the media to go out there and do a better job.
  10. Its tough when the media only has access to 1 OTA practice each week. Not much to report and even less to actually talk about. Things should pick up next week for mini camp.
  11. Bangarang

    Mindset and QB accuracy

    It’s just that simple folks! Amazing how there aren’t 32 franchise QBs in the NFL today.
  12. Its actually good for your mental health. I’ve limited the time I’ve spent on here so far and it feels good. Also, the topics and discussions are terribly boring and stupid.