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  1. A mock draft thread that includes highlight videos is a nice touch but at the end of the day it’s still a mock draft thread so it’s like putting mayo on a crap sandwich
  2. That wasn’t the point of this thread..
  3. He’s older and likely at or close to his ceiling.
  4. Neither will be any good
  5. You wouldn’t draft someone that high if you didn’t have a plan or were just going to keep them on the bench. If McD isn’t capable of finding a spot for really good players then that’s a problem. We also don’t know the status of Milano’s injury recovery. We have an unproven 2nd year MLB, a WLB coming off a significant injury and an aging SLB. I’m not banging the table for White but if he’s there then we should definitely take a long look
  6. Mocks where we trade multiple times and select 16 players and mocks where Williams falls to 9. It’s just crazy and pointless.
  7. Thats fair. I also just read an article that says multiple teams have medical red flags on Gary. Who knows how legit that is though.
  8. 3 years in a major football program, a lack of production, and still very raw? That’s a big red flag for me.
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