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  1. I better not see you quoting PFF or DVOA when Allen and this offense become elite.
  2. How am I trying to play it off as if it was all his fault? Im literally saying that we don’t know if any checks he made at the line were right or wrong.
  3. What exactly am I trying to play off as fact? We don’t know what changes, if any, he was making at the line. He could have made right changes, could have been wrong changes, or maybe he wasn’t making any changes at all but just wanted to see how the defense would react. I’m just not going to assume he was doing the right thing just as I’m not assuming it was wrong. The only thing we know is that whatever they were doing wasn’t working very much.
  4. He’s having an MVP caliber season. Allen gets so much love and praise just for being competent, I can only imagine how giddy everyone would be if he was being as productive as Lamar.
  5. I’m convinced that if we started Duke from the beginning we’d be undefeated
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