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  1. Is the weather going to be as bad as I’m hearing?
  2. Wouldn’t hate it. Decent versatility and is familiar with the offense. Depends on price.
  3. He was toasted by Waddle on the 3rd and 22 completion. You don’t realize how much Poyer and Hyde are missed until you have a couple of JAGS out there.
  4. His speed isn’t being questioned and that’s not even the point. He’s not fast by any means but he’s still our best back right now.
  5. He’s at least right about is not being able to run the ball. We’ve used two 3rd round picks and a 2nd round pick on RBs in the last 3 years and we still don’t have a guy that can consistently carry the load for 15 or so rushes a game. Asking Allen to throw it over 60 times is not a recipe for sustained success. Just commit to Singletary as your lead back and treat him like one.
  6. It’s not semantics. They are two separate events.
  7. It was already a flag football game. Haven’t watched it in years and I probably still won’t.
  8. Either you struggle to understand the difference between a drop and a pass breakup or you don’t care and just want to be a troll. It’s sad either way.
  9. There’s no way Hackett lasts 3 years in Denver.
  10. I said it before but the Dolphins had every reason to blow us out. We were missing half of our starting defense and offense line today. This game shouldn’t have been close and the fact that it was says more about them than it does us.
  11. Sounds like this player to be named later completed the process of a catch.
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