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  1. Gabe Davis was looking around as if he was checking to make sure Isaiah McKenzie wasn’t getting stepped on.
  2. We have a coaching staff that helped guys like Levi Wallace and Dane Jackson look mostly serviceable. Do you really think that replacing Wallace with Elam makes us worse? If anything it’s likely a push at worst. When it comes to getting the most out of DBs and hiding their weaknesses, this staff has proven they know what they are doing. Regarding Tre, BB and co. are most certainly on top of where he’s at in his recovery. I think I’ll keep giving McD and BB the benefit of doubt that they know what they’re doing.
  3. Did you just wake up from a coma and miss the draft?
  4. Did people really expect us to go after him after drafting Elam?
  5. Clearly every other front office saw the same thing ours did. The guy is also going to be 40 this year.
  6. I think the hope is Shakir takes over in the the slot next year.
  7. I can’t imagine we even tried. Why would we trade for his salary on the first place?
  8. Meh..I don’t see an elite or even great pass rusher with Groot. Especially not coming off the edge.
  9. Had a 2nd round grade on him so this is a steal
  10. This is how the late rounds go. They don’t give input on every pick.
  11. A punter in the 4th round? What? Since when was that a thing?
  12. Elam, Knox and Allen are at the Sabres game. Got a huge pop from the crowd
  13. Our o-line depth is still questionable. He could easily add 125lbs before the season starts if he’s really a team player.
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