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  1. Decision making, mechanics and accuracy huh? So basically everything important..how comforting.
  2. Mahomes, 300 yards and 3 TDs. So boring to watch.
  3. What do you suggest? Getting warrants and arresting people is part of the job.
  4. Not just yet. Going to see where things go.
  5. We already knew Josh’s ceiling was incredibly high. What we don’t know is if he will have the same progression and success as Wilson. This comparison seems to suggest that he will which I clearly think is flawed logic. What’s the bias you’re referring to?
  6. Oh geez, based on your wording, I wonder which answer you want to hear. Why ignore it? Because it doesn’t agree with the agenda here?
  7. And again, Allen’s 2nd year stats are also strikingly similar to Mariota who was benched and looks to be on his way out of Tennessee. Why didn’t you pick him?
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