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  1. Tez Walker getting too much attention for my liking
  2. Grant Horvat never was on the PGA Tour. He's a YouTube golfer living the dream playing great courses with cool people.
  3. That's the deal we should've given him last year.
  4. Even with one of the top WRs in the draft I'm still not a fan of our WR room. We'd be praying he has an elite year otherwise the offense is probably going to struggle pretty consistently
  5. Still a pretty weak room if you ask me. It's hard to see how this team got better so far.
  6. I'm curious to see what this does for our cap situation. If we take on a massive dead cap hit then I'm not a fan. Our WR room is utterly horrendous right now.
  7. Only mental midgets care what talking heads in the media have to say. It's all trash tv.
  8. Good player joining an already great defense. Lame
  9. Unless Von becomes an elite player again I fear our pass rush is going to be severely lacking
  10. Gabe's ADOT was 15 yards. Shakir's was 8.9 and Kincaid's was 6. Gabe's role was much different than both of those guys so I would expect his catch percentage to be lower but admittedly it probably shouldn't have been as low as it was.
  11. I like Franklin. The biggest question marks with him are his frame and hands. The speed and shiftiness is definitely there though.
  12. His entire body of work maybe? Or is it the meth you're taking that makes you think a guy who's been a complementary piece on offense for the last 7 years is going to suddenly emerge and become a bonafide #2 guy? Do you also believe Mack Hollins is the replacement for Diggs as well?
  13. Why are you so desperate to put them in the same sentence as if they are comparable players? If you're expecting Samuel to be a good #2 then you're setting yourself up for major disappointment.
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