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  1. I think there is a good chance they trade up if someone they really like starts to fall.
  2. He probably will be looking for a new team. Seems like the staff really values what Webb brings behind the scenes so I would expect him to be on the PS just for that purpose.
  3. I know it’s a need. This d-line is essentially rotation by necessity since we have quantity over quality. Oliver is the only guy who I think should be getting at least 60% of the snaps. I’m sure McD and Frazier would prefer a DE that can handle that many plays while still being productive.
  4. So you agree that Epenesa and Obada are just depth rotation guys? Which 1t prospects are projected to go that high?
  5. In this specific class, the value for a 1t doesn’t match where you suggest we take him. You’re suggesting we reach for a rotational player just for the sake of filling a need. It’s typically a bad strategy. How could you possibly disagree that Epenesa and Obada are nothing more than depth players right now? Do you think they’re going to be 3 down players in our defense?
  6. This mentality is how you end drafting a guy like Torell Troup in the 2nd round. CB may be BPA in the 1st but it’s very difficult to see how a space eating 1 tech will be a good pick in the 2nd. Just draft playmakers regardless of where they play. This team does need help on the d-line in the worst way. There’s no way we should be content at DE. Hughes and Addison are old while Epenesa and Obada seem like nothing more than depth players.
  7. People seem to take Fahey’s analysis seriously and I’m not sure why.
  8. Someone show this to Beane before he makes a terrible mistake.
  9. I knew it all along. From the moment we drafted him, I knew he was going to work out. Don’t go back and check, just take my word for it.
  10. Oliver is the only quality DT we have on this roster and I wouldn’t pretend otherwise. This d-line needs help everywhere.
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