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  1. You do realize that he actually was an NFL scout before going to television right? I don’t get this hostility towards him. He’s one of the better media people out there. Bills fans are so easily offended over such nonsense.
  2. What am I supposed to convince you of? I think Shaq is a poor pass rusher. Certainly if we go by your claim that McD primarily used him against the run, then that stands to reason he must feel the same way no? You created the argument that his sack numbers are low because he wasn't used that way and I'm saying that there was a reason for it.
  3. Don't you think you should have some data to back up the claim that Shaq's sack numbers are what they are because he was mainly in the game to stop the run?
  4. It's only impressive if you're into that sorta thing.
  5. It absolutely is fair since he's not good at rushing the passer. Are you saying Murphy has been better than an average player before coming here?
  6. Breaking news, NFL player understands he needs to be good at his job
  7. "I'm not going to my waste time thinking about someone so let me make a post on the internet saying exactly how I feel about him"
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