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  1. I hope that we figure out how to throw a screen pass.
  2. I haven’t read into the policy specifically in relation to Adderall. If he’s driving while impaired, prescription or not, it’s still a problem.
  3. I don’t know about that. He could also (and more likely) be suspended under the leagues substance abuse policies.
  4. You just lost the element of surprise. Now I’m going to edit everything that proves me wrong.
  5. Maybe seeing Allen 3rd in Orlovsky’s eyes has you in a blind rage because that’s not what’s actually happening.
  6. You seem really fixated on his BAC for some reason. The league can still suspend him for being arrested even if it’s pled down or dismissed.
  7. That’s probably true but is that supposed to somehow prove I care about what DO thinks? Weak gotcha attempt.
  8. When it comes to Orlovsky or any other random media member, I honestly couldn’t care less.
  9. The plea deal is almost a certainty even if Ed has a public defender.
  10. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Oy vei 🤦 Yes, I’m saying it’s literally all Allen’s fault. Everything. The defense could have been better but it’s hard to stay mad at them when they are one of the leagues best and a big reason why we’ve even made the playoffs twice in the last 3 years. The offense hasn’t been nearly as good so they don’t get the benefit of doubt.
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