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  1. We all know McD chooses his words carefully and will always be respectful when talking to the media. The harsh reality is that trading Zay for peanuts told everyone how they felt about him. Produce or be gone as it should be.
  2. The spread for this game should move considerably as a result.
  3. Did you guys know Fitz went to Harvard and wears a wedding ring when he plays?
  4. Maybe if he cut his hair he’d still be in the league
  5. I probably would have called you crazy if you told me that he would still be without a sack through 5 games. I think he’s due.
  6. Just like I say in every game day thread when people say the refs are out to get us....it’s a league wide problem. Im sure it’s going to be a major talking point at the owners meetings.
  7. I’d respect him more if he said he puts mayo on his wings. This is just unforgivable
  8. McD is playing 4-D chess. He leaked that video so the Fish have to prepare for it then on Sunday we exclusively run the Wild Cat and catch them off guard. Coach of the year confirmed
  9. Hey Allen haters, here’s a thread that shows how most 1st round QBs in the last decade ended being busts! Take that you idiots!
  10. you’re many things and right wouldn’t be the first word that comes to mind.
  11. Why so confrontational? You’re always in attack mode when it comes to Allen.
  12. Well he was playing a great defense. One week doesn’t define who he is.
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