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  1. Is this really how the offseason is going to go? Must we really do this?
  2. Definitely not. Ross isn't better than Brown. He's just a guy who ran a really fast 40 time. He's not a particularly good WR. I don't want guys who are fast and unproductive. The Chiefs have speed and talent and I don't think we're going after a guy like Ross does much for us in terms of getting closer to beating them.
  3. Hilton used to be very good. He isn’t anymore.
  4. Don’t see a reason to let Williams walk. He had a great year and we already know Ford isn’t the answer at RT. I think if they make him a priority, like they should, then they’ll get it done.
  5. Not by a wide margin but yes.
  6. Why would we lose Williams just to sign a more expensive replacement? I’d rather restructure Brown for that money than getting Hilton. Or I’d give that money ago Stills.
  7. We’ve reached the pinnacle of an offseason thread on day 1. Good work boys
  8. If there was a way to dump everyone but Oliver I’d be all for it. It’s a sad group of guys we have up front.
  9. I’m not worried about Bass. I think the overall point about draft classes is worth discussing. Beane has probably found NFL caliber players but he hasn’t found that game changer.
  10. Here’s the thing, I don’t want us running more. I just want us to run better when we do. Moss and Singletary are slow and have little big play ability. We have an MVP caliber QB who led one of the best offenses in the league to 13 wins. The last thing I want to do is take the ball out of his hands to run the ball more. We are a passing offense now. If you’re telling me we need to draft a RB high then I’m not thrilled with the idea. I’d rather draft lineman high and look for a speedy back in the mid to late rounds. One of the big issues we have is we don’t have anyone that c
  11. I’d make Williams a priority. The price would have to be really good for Milano.
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