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  1. This is a D Felony in NY. Not sure what it is in CO but still pretty serious stuff.
  2. Bangarang

    How and Why The Bills Could Win Monday Night

    It might be less embarrassing to forfeit the game.
  3. Bangarang

    Trade deadline escapism

    This infatuation with Foles is not healthy.
  4. Just so you’re aware, the NFL draft has more than 1 round.
  5. This is true but this isn’t what we are getting. Allen isn’t showing improvement. We aren’t seeing him develop a chemistry with a young WR like Zay that we can look forward to for years to come. Things are looking real bleak.
  6. Bangarang

    Amari Cooper Traded To Dallas

    I wouldn’t want him to trade what looks like a top 5 pick for Cooper.
  7. Bangarang

    Amari Cooper Traded To Dallas

    I wonder if we tried getting involved at all
  8. All I know is that if Allen had half the production of Mahomes, we’d all be walking around with massive erections.
  9. Bangarang

    McBeane Confidence

    Their success or lack there of will be tied together. I can only assume McD recommended BB because they share the same views on how to build a team.
  10. Bangarang

    Maybe the team should move out of Buffalo?

    Am I the only person that likes the sour cream glazed donuts from tim horton’s?
  11. Bangarang

    Mind Numbing Stat- Point Differential- this hurts

    Except Allen has mostly been bad himself. I don’t see why anyone would think he’s going to suddenly make everyone else around him better and carry the offense. He’s the best QB we have, let me make that clear, but that isn’t saying much st the moment. And I’m sure he’ll improve with experience. How much he will improve is where I have my doubts. I’m sure EJ improved over time and we all saw where that got him.
  12. Bangarang

    Someone needs to be fired over Mahomes right now.

    With the way McD and BB have handled Allen’s development, does anyone have any confidence they would have brought the best out of Mahomes? It probably wouldn’t have mattered who we drafted because this regime is utterly clueless when it comes to offense.
  13. Bangarang

    The Vikings think Allen > Darnold

    I still don’t understand where the title of this thread is coming from