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  1. I think the hope is Shakir takes over in the the slot next year.
  2. I can’t imagine we even tried. Why would we trade for his salary on the first place?
  3. Meh..I don’t see an elite or even great pass rusher with Groot. Especially not coming off the edge.
  4. Had a 2nd round grade on him so this is a steal
  5. This is how the late rounds go. They don’t give input on every pick.
  6. A punter in the 4th round? What? Since when was that a thing?
  7. Elam, Knox and Allen are at the Sabres game. Got a huge pop from the crowd
  8. Our o-line depth is still questionable. He could easily add 125lbs before the season starts if he’s really a team player.
  9. The video of McVay laughing maniacally at the pick and saying he wasted time watching him thinking he’d be available later is fantastic. Drafting isn’t so easy when you don’t have Brady covering up for all the blunders.
  10. We desperately needed help at CB and I’m not going to question McD’s (and Frazier’s) ability to coach them up. Especially a guy with elite traits like Elam.
  11. Is it me or does Zion look…”excited”
  12. Josh in shorts and a cutoff T-shirt makes me feel some kind of way
  13. Incredibly sad. Schefter with a real scumbag tweet to break the news.
  14. Isn’t that why the Chiefs are supposedly interested in him?
  15. How is this dude still able to own the team?
  16. I’m sure Beane has talked to several other teams about moving up and down.
  17. I used to love Hard Knocks but that last few years have been so incredibly lame. There used to be a really cool balance between football and cool stories.
  18. I’m cool with Josh running but my biggest issues were relying too much on the designed QB runs and Josh unnecessary taking hits. Maybe that’s what McD has an issue with?
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