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  1. Likely going to see a lot of 2 high safeties. I’d like to see us actually test them deep if possible.
  2. $6mil cap hit this season and $25mil next year. In other words, it isn’t happening.
  3. Nothing confusing at all about Hodgins not being on the 53. He’s not that good and doesn’t play ST. Mystery solved.
  4. Down the road does nothing for us right now. If he’s actually healthy and we are still having injury issues at WR then sure.
  5. No, it’s not time to look at Hodgins. He’s a fringe NFL player who struggles getting separation. He’s where he should be. Im not worried about Gabe.
  6. He didn’t take any unnecessary hits and made more of an effort to slide and get down. That’s all I care about. Allen running is part of his game, I just don’t need to see him try and bulldoze through defenders for a few extra meaningless yards.
  7. Shakir slides into his role pretty easily.
  8. He’s not even healthy. Guess he’d fit right in.
  9. He played well in garbage time against backups. He continues to be unimpressive with the limited snaps he gets in times that matter. Beane’s history of using 2nd round picks on guys that don’t really help this team is something you can set your watch to.
  10. The pick becomes even more mind boggling when it clearly looks like they don’t know what to do with him. I hate seeing Moss get the ball. It’s a wasted play more often than not
  11. It’s possible to address needs after the first round right?
  12. You were awfully quiet when things went well and came out of hiding when they weren’t. But sure, you’ve spent money on team apparel and memorabilia so that makes your takes less horrible.
  13. Tre White is elite and Elam has been great the last few weeks. Did you see our CB depth before the draft? It was no bueno. You trashed Allen and McD among many others but you keep spewing those lies.
  14. You spent the entire game day thread trashing everyone on this team but now you’re proud and happy?
  15. The first half game thread was one to forget. A lot of you should be ashamed at the amount of ignorant crying and whining.
  16. Dorsey killed that drive before it ever started by handing Moss the ball
  17. The one with consistently terrible takes with another terrible take. Shocking
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