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  1. Thankfully, there is a sufficient sample size to make this determination and not just a handful of games. That would be silly.
  2. What if we just sneak into his house in the middle of the night and just take him?
  3. Every training camp we read reports of Epenesa having good days and being unblockable at times. It never translates to the season though. He’s just out there doing cardio.
  4. It’s mind boggling how some schmucks like us on the internet see these issues but NFL coaches spending 100 hours a week watching film can’t. I say it every week but there’s nothing creative about our offense. Every yard and TD can look so difficult. Even our scripted plays to start games are tough to watch. Nothing easy to get the offense and Josh into a rhythm. It looks too much like backyard football with guys running around and Josh hoping someone gets open. It’s really frustrating and I highly question whether Dorsey figures things out for next year.
  5. No worries y’all, Boogie and Epenesa are going to hold things down until Von gets back
  6. Matt ***** Patricia can design a competent screen pass but we can’t..
  7. All of the above. I think it starts with Dorsey and his inability to get this offense into a rhythm early. Our scripted plays don’t do that and there aren’t enough easy completions early on. Our OL is not good and it starts inside. Saffold and Bates are terrible. Brown also gets beat too often. Allen and Diggs are what makes the offense go week after week.
  8. Thought the play calling on offense was again unimaginative and vanilla. Dorsey continues to lack any kind of creativity. -The outside toss to Cook is not fooling anyone and our OL isn’t good enough to make up for it. -The RPO slant by the goal line has been used consistently for the last 3 years. We seemingly try it every week. Defenses are expecting it and just get their hands up at the LOS. It’s what led to the INT today. Cook had a bad game. Seems like once he takes a step forward he takes 2 back. Basham was completely invisible today. If Von and Groot miss significant time then we won’t get any contribution from the guys in the edge. Basham was a strange pick at the time and he hasn’t done much to wow me. -Beane’s list of 2nd round picks are horrendous: Ford, Epenesa, Basham and Cook. No impact players and no real contributions to our success. Allen had a rough game but he came through when it mattered most. Same goes for Diggs. The OL needs a complete overhaul. Bates, Saffold (FA after this year) and Brown are simply not good.
  9. That’s budding superstar Dane Jackson to you
  10. It wasnt pretty at all but it’s great to get the win. Team still has an awful lot to clean up.
  11. McD thinks we have 4 TOs from saving 1 from the 1st half
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