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  1. Me too. Got down voted and called names. Redemption is nice.
  2. He was never coming here. Clown or not. Played a bunch of fools here though. Easy leverage for him. Unfortunately for him though, he lost a lot of that with his shenanigans today.
  3. Once a clown, always a clown. Everyone here saying he's changed and not a weirdo anymore. Nope.
  4. He is literally the pits. He's not anti-Bills bad like Collingsworth, he's just freaking annoying in general. I just... I can't anymore with him. Iron Eagle or whatever his silly name is should be the #1 team.
  5. Cuz they ran it down our throats and we had miscues on offense. Then the terd made a few good throws wen it mattered.
  6. Props to Brady on this. AB went no holds barred into his personal life and Brady responds with class. Hate that I love it, but I do.
  7. He really doesn't lol. That guy is terrible. Luckily for him they have Barkley and he can manage a game.
  8. Let's be honest... he's very average as an on field coach. Hell of a team builder/culture guy though (i dont say that sarcastically either)... Lucky he has 17. We're getting into danger territory where another wasted season may come at a price on the coaching front. As it should imo. Realistically though an underpermance likely shows Dorsey the door in lieu of an established OC.
  9. He doesn't care about wins. It's like 5th on the list dude. Plus you count out San Fran. It... aint... happening...
  10. He played you like a five dollar fiddle. He was never coming here.
  11. Well get him on the horn then! You pay him the cap money we dint have and sell him that buffalo is in Arizona. It ain't happening and take it to the 5 other threads on the first page about it.
  12. He had about a 10% chance of coming here before this game. That's about a 3% chance now. Let's just hope Allen gets his stuff right.
  13. Pathetic... your 34 years old. Gtfo. My dad is 70 waiting for a real championship. Don't let the door hit ya.
  14. Maybe though the answer is somewhere in between... we are not as good as we thought we were? No one knows. Right now it sucks, but it's the NFL. Maybe in five weeks we'll be back on our throne. I just think your thought process here that we are incredible, sans a few "fluke" games, is questionable.
  15. With all due respect... shutup. This is a place where people can vent after a loss. Nothin personal dude. Still like ya. Just saying let people vent. Don't like it... leave.
  16. Could happen. No need for another thread for it though. I didn't call you out on your second obj thread. But this is a bit much.
  17. He's following the sun and the money. 2 things Buffalo ain't got to offer him. Dallas or SF. Bank it.
  18. No way he comes here. Dude's gonna follow the sun and follow the money. He kinda has to after that. Not getting any younger.
  19. In the words of Aaron Rodgers... "can't lose a game like that to that team." I dont think they're good at all. Bills (Allen mostly and he'd be the first to admit that ) really crapped the bed. It happens though. They'll rebound (I hope).
  20. I'm still trying to figure out why kumerow sees any snaps on offense. As for Knox, yeah hes blocking for our crap line from what I can see.
  21. This is a classic 05 (after the Bledsoe era)-15ish drought lunacy drunk thread. I could understand then. But not now. Silly.
  22. This is craziness. We beat the Chiefs at Arrowhead with this roster and have fought injuries all year. Josh has, and self admittedly, sucked for 6 quarters now. And throw in some mind boggling offensive play calling with that. I don't care if you have 88' prime Jerry Rice on the roster. If the quarterback can't make the throw it doesn't matter. It will fix itself.
  23. This is ridiculous. We all love Josh. Allen is the first to admit the game was on him. There's some questions there that are unanswered on what is going on with his decision making though no doubt.
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