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  1. What are you going to miss more? Jerry getting swallowed up by O lineman, the penalties or his ability not to finish. I don't deny that Jerry has been a very good addition to the Bills but his play has declined and its time to move on. When the Bills are on "D" I probably won't even recognize that Jerry isn't in there. It's nice that the Bills are no longer in a position where they feel obligated to holding on to players out of nostalgia or because they cannot attract free agents.
  2. Willing to bet no Bills fans will actually miss Jerry on gameday. Hasn't really made a consistent impact in the last two seasons.
  3. First 4-6 games, worse. Rest of the year, better.
  4. Saw Cook at the airport today.....He was wearing a Breece Hall jersey.
  5. Agree. By the time Reek gets a good enough QB to make the throws that Mahomes was making to him, he'll have lost a couple.....or few, steps. I suspect his profile will dwindle.
  6. I mean, if he's soooo good....why haven't the Bills locked him down before he has another monster superstar outstanding season and his price goes even higher?
  7. If Edmunds was anything close to being a solid MLB, he would have been locked up by now. The guy takes rides from RB's and O lineman. Does not effectively cover. He consistently leads the league in tackles four yards past the first down maker. He sucks.
  8. Even if the Bills didnt have a QB...I wouldn't love this trade. I think this was a dumb, impatient move by the Broncos. But since the Broncos are willing to part ways with draft picks, maybe they would send the Bills a 7th rounder for Edmunds. 🤣
  9. Bills might be able to trick another team into giving up a 7th rounder for Edmunds due to his talent level.
  10. This what always holds the Bills back. The great character Harrison Phillips type turds that they keep on the roster. Sign some nasty SOB’s.
  11. I’m good with compromising character if it means winning a SB. If the Bills signing Ray Rice means they’d win a SB….git ‘er done Beane. Worked out well for Tyreek Hill and KC
  12. Milano is a over paid middle of the pack LB. He’ll be gone in a couple of years and barely be remembered. Bills can do better but he’s a high motor home grown player that McPuke and Beane love and don’t have the guts to get rid of.
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