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  1. Zo was an average pass rusher on third downs, we can replace that. He didn't play much LB per game anyway. We can replace that. I would say I am more worried about replacing his leadership, but we have a lot of guys who are emerging as leaders on this team. So I am less worried about that. Zo was a great Bills player, mostly for his attitude and community work. His football play will easily be replaced.
  2. Brady was already a shell of himself this year. We saw how that goes, Pats just arent that good with him at QB offensively. Didn't translate to wins for us against you guys for a few reasons. But I wont mind if he's playing for the Pats again next season, which I fully expect. He will never be the reason you guys beat us again, I am confident of that.
  3. I agree with the game plan of running the ball. But I also know we need to get Josh going early or he has accuracy/jitters issues. First drive needs to have quick hitting passes and designed Josh runs so he can settle in early. Otherwise we will score 9 points all game. Have to get him going...then pound the rock and let him play.
  4. where exactly do we have these major upgrades? LT - same LG - could be the same, Spain has been stellar (no sacks all year) C - same RG - same RT - Could be an upgrade but I would be surprised given the resources put into Ty/Ford QB - same RB - probably an upgrade of RB 2, but is that major? WR - I'm guessing this is where you want that "major upgrade" - agreed, a solid number 2 or an equal to John Brown as a number 1 TE - same sooooo...are you just saying the major upgrade will be adding a good WR or a rookie WR with potential? Yea, I agree....but you consider that "major upgrades"?
  5. a few pizzas from Buteras in hamburg (delicious pizza) and a home made salad. Friend of mine has some fresh beer from asheville so we will tear into those.
  6. its funny that you think Allen hasn't had options on virtually every play.
  7. sure me too...but I dont think theres any chance he is there when we pick
  8. 27-20 Bills... Offense plays well, defense plays well but gives up a big play. Houston has a chance to tie the game at the end and the D gets it done.
  9. dude, Marcus Peters, the ravens #1 CB played most of the game yesterday.
  10. They make you earn every blade of grass...god dam does that ever sum up this defense
  11. dude just use nflbite.com Great site, always mutliple feeds to every game, they work perfectly, theres never been any buffering....cant believe people still dont know about this site
  12. I think they will make a fair offer to Spain, and if he walks, turn the reigns over to Ford. Nsekhe is starting RT with Waddle his backup, maybe add another tackle for competition. If anything, Ford offers very good flexibility to play guard or tackle.
  13. Kevin johnson will be 28 next football season, in his 6th season. He doesnt need to "develop", hes a former first rounder, his issues have been health. He is pretty good, but not someone I want to have to rely on. He is also a free agent. Even if he does resign and start I would want another CB. Not saying it has to be a high draft pick, but I guarantee we add to the CB room.
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