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  1. PaattMaann

    Barbarian's Mock 2

    Would be THRILLED with this draft, but I have a feeling McBeane stays away from Oliver due to character concerns. If we sub out another D player, edge rusher or something in that spot that would be on par too. Harry in the second and anthony johnson? Yes please. Hopefully we bulk up the o-line during FA (expected) if that looks like our draft. Nice job.
  2. PaattMaann

    McBeane and the hiring of coaching assistants

    I didn't say I base my opinion of coaches on their physical appearance. I said I had no comment on him as a coach because I don't know much about o-line coaches, just said I am biased against him because he is morbidly obese. Really fat people gross me out, and make me question their being. I am not talking about someone who is carrying a few extra pounds. I am talking about fat slobs who you can hear breathe when they are just existing, fat slobs who cannot bend over to tie their own shoes. It shows a lack of discipline or desire in their lives and I don't know how one could be an effective coach/disciplinarian living that kind of life. Again, not saying the Bills shouldn't hire or should hire any o-line coach, just my personal opinion of fat slobs.
  3. PaattMaann

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    wont change a thing. people will still show up just to party and throw people through tables then watch the game at bars or at home or not at all
  4. PaattMaann

    McBeane and the hiring of coaching assistants

    Armstrong was hired in Tampa for ST, no? Bob Wylie I have no comment on, as I dont know much about oline coaches. Obviously scheme and coaching matters BUT the most important thing for revamping this o-line is GETTING TALENT (i am biased against Bob because he is morbidly obese, like, dude...try salads)
  5. von miller??? where is this coming from? just hopes or dreams or has there been speculation? first I am hearing of it
  6. PaattMaann

    Just got a stadium survey from the Bills

    This doesn't get rid of the whole tailgate fiasco that I am sure the Bills and the NFL have on their minds. Some cities can handle tailgating (Kansas City) and not make a$$es out of themselves. Buffalo has shown that, while our tailgates are legendary, we can not handle it. I am sure they would like a stadium downtown so they can limit and try to avoid the huge parking lots conducive to tailgating and debauchery.
  7. PaattMaann

    Whose renewing seasons?

    I am renewing, and always will, regardless of performance. I am a fan of the Buffalo Bills and an extra thousand dollars in my pocket does not change the quality of my life.
  8. PaattMaann

    LAMP: My 20,000th Post

    how many of them have been worthwhile posts bud? : )
  9. PaattMaann

    Shady throwing shade at Bills O lineman

    people are really mad about this comment? if you are mad about this, you need to check yourself. Shady is saying nothing but truth, his oline SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED all year. Did he have a great year? No, but there were also literally zero holes to run through, the only reason any RB had "success" (none did) was because they lowered their head and plowed through the backs of their olineman for 3-4 yards if they were lucky. Thats not Shady's game, and not what we pay him for. All of our RBs for the foreseeable future (shady will be part of that) need a better offense line. We need 3 new starters AT LEAST.
  10. PaattMaann

    Andy Isabella: Josh Allen's potential new toy

    I mean, its not by Phish, its by Hendrix, but I get what you mean, I want the Phish version every time he scores
  11. PaattMaann

    My Off-Season

    whats the "right price", I think the right price is whatever his contract is because we arent hurting for money. We have more money than we will be able to use in this meager free agent market. Do I think Shady has seen his best days? Yes. Do I think he's worthless as a running back? No. Do I think hes a huge part of team chemistry? Yes. We have enough holes where I don't think its prudent to be creating even more by getting rid of a RB (even if its a third down back) and a leader. Are you saying that if he took a pay cut of "2 million" (insert whatever number) he would be worth bringing back? What are we in need of that "2 million" for?
  12. PaattMaann

    My Off-Season

    it is obvious you are shaded (see what I did there) by his so called off field "issues". Teammates love him, coaches love him, does good community work. I wont get into defending the off the field stuff because it has had no impact on his play. Theres no reason not to keep him, we have plenty of money, even if he is just a third down back. If you dont think him being a captain doesnt make him a leader, well, sorry but you are wrong. He is viewed in the locker room as a true leader and thats all that matters. Brace yourself gug, he will be back next year.
  13. I was firmly aboard the "ANYONE BUT ALLEN" train at the draft. Yes I have done a 180 on that since draft night, and would take Allen over any QB from that draft aside from Baker Mayfield. He is not finished, but the best part is, he knows that and WILL get better in all aspects. Of that I am highly certain. Kid is a worker. He wants to be excellent.
  14. "theres plenty of guys" - and then you name 5...cool...like I said, less than half this offense will be around next season. Its not bashing, its truthful. Allen is doing incredible things with a talentless offensive roster.
  15. 100 percent Gug Baffles me anyone can actually watch Josh play and think he is plagued by these accuracy issues lol...9 starts in, from a rookie who everyone saw as a huge project, and he is already carrying a worthless offense to victorys...crazy