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  1. Brown aint a WR2....hes on pace to come close or surpass Andre Reeds best numbers here for a single season. Your smoking some good stuff. Does Brown LOOK like a WR 1? Not necessarily. Does he go get contested balls like SOME WR 1's? No. But he gets open consistently and catches balls...period. Can't believe people are still in that camp. Yes I agree we could use another WR 1 or an actual WR 2 (Beasley is slot). Josh has weapons, and its helping his development. Could surely use another though, on that I do agree.
  2. that was also Milano out game which led to that
  3. im not wondering it, of course he will, its the NFL...you only get suspended for any length of time if you smoke pot!! Garrett playing sunday isnt even out of the question in my mind lol
  4. Agreed. Just really hoping he develops into the QB who hits those throws that good QBs make. He is still in his second year (and not even really that...has had less than a season and a half as a starter) as a RAW prospect coming out of a nothing college program. Gonna take time, IF it happens at all...he gets through next season before I will reach a conclusion as to if he is "the guy" or not.
  5. also has more targets than anyone else other than Brown and Beasley....also has a terrible catch %
  6. thread of the year candidate here, lol
  7. Unless you think allen isnt talented then I disagree completely. We have two very good WRs, one who is setting records as a Bill so far (Brown). Two more than capable RBs, and a starting o-line that is great at run blocking and getting better at pass pro every week. Morse = great center. Dawkins = capable and even good LT. Spain = capable starting guard. Feliciano = capable to good starting guard. We are lacking a true starter at RT, WR 3 and maybe TE. So 3 starting spots could use an upgrade.....thats probably in as good shape or better than more than half the teams in the league. You have to be able to score points with that talent. We have the weapons/talent to score points. Unless of course your argument is Allen isnt good, because in the NFL, thats what it really comes down to. And if that is your argument, thats a different discussion completely.
  8. hes been more than fine fitting balls in tight windows, he has no touch on long balls, that is where his accuracy has been poop since coming into the league.
  9. so then you think we already missed the playoffs because we lost last week? Put your money where your mouth is then and bet me that we dont. I'm game for that.
  10. fair point there too, "on the shots that Josh took deep yesterday that were incomplete, and not interefered with, so the other 5ish, were no where near their targets, and it wouldnt have mattered who the WRs were". There. Pick that one apart BANDIT! : )
  11. I was only referring to this weeks deep ball problems, he wasnt even close...im not talking about all deep passes this year, my bad for not being specific
  12. I dont care who he has to throw the ball to, wouldnt matter if Randy Moss or Jerry Rice were out there, they dont have a prayer at catching balls that are 15 yards past them...the issue isnt whos playing WR (on deep balls), its whos throwing them
  13. Josh Allen had a problem with the deep ball last year too...2 for 24, he just isnt accurate deep...simple
  14. same yo, just want Sunday to get here so I can stop worrying about it
  15. They certainly might if the other game is Rams vs Niners - two playoff teams who play on the west coast. Makes sense.
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