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  1. Again, because he will comment on those things. You are so butt hurt with the excitement, its bizarre.
  2. because they have practiced and everyone in the world knows they are playing sunday lol. Any card he can keep close for as long as possible, he repeatedly has. Davis and Butler are those cards this week.
  3. They already know their status, look at the injury report. McD doesnt comment on injuries further than that, you should know this by now. We will know if they practice or not today.
  4. lost to the Chiefs in 66' and lost to the Bengals in 88' (thats the one you are referring to). So technically we are 4-2
  5. PRE GAME meals, hours before. Thats when you eat.
  6. Per Twitter KC Chiefs beat guy: "Patrick Mahomes practiced and looked like Patrick Mahomes in the portion the media was allowed to watch"
  7. I got a recipe for home made if you want the good ish - tastes just like original Lupo's
  8. I am most definitely one of the most optimistic and happy people you would ever have the pleasure of meeting baby! I am AMPED for Sunday and cannot wait for Josh to go out and display his game to the world. Finally put to rest the talk of "the bills should have drafted Mahomes". Gonna be EPCOT!
  9. Forecasts literally change an hour before LOL. And that is ONE FORECAST you are referencing, I can show you dozens of others that give a different interpretation of what the weather will be. THAT is why its pointless. The weather nerds and worry warts should go start a weather thread instead of bogging down pregame threads. Was annoying as hell last week, just as annoying this week. thats the last ill be saying about a pointless topic.
  10. yea thats my point, waste of dam time, we all heard how bad the weather was going and how much snow there would be alllllll last week and how the snow would give the edge to the Ravens. How did that work out? lol. Worrying about something that changes constantly is DUMB. Both teams also have to play in it. Its pointless. Glad ya'll concern youselves with dumbsh!t. Its annoying to the rest of us.
  11. what spiedie marinade? I am ordering BBQ - we play KC after all
  12. unequivocally yes. I dont go in for the table smashing, leave your trash, overly drunk idiot thing. But thats not all that he mafia is. We are so much more than that. The sports world is starting to finally see that too with all the donations and its a wonderful thing. We are the most passionate fans in sports. the Mafia is all of us, and if you are a Bills fan you are part of it whether you want to admit it or not.
  13. even more fuel for my fire baby. Although its not up there in terms of impressive amounts of catches by a RB comparatively, thats just because we have so many weapons baby. Just say no to drafting another RB
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