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  1. what has Milano proven exactly? He has had less than a full year as a starter, has shown flashes of being productive...but he hasnt proven anything yet. All of our LB corp is unproven (lorax I guess has had a few good years of production but he isnt even being mentioned in here for obvious reasons). Edmunds is the captain and leader of the defense, everything runs through him. Milano being a year older than Edmunds is not even close to an argument that "Milano is the leader" of this unit lol
  2. I think the defense SHOULD finish in the top 5, easily the top 10. Historically good? I dont know. Injuries always happen, lets hope not to anyone vital. Need the offense to consistently move the ball and score points, that helps the D. I think you are expecting a lot from Trent Murphy, show me the baby. I think the D will be very good...historically good? IF that happens that is icing on the cake.
  3. I feel bad that you abuse your dog out of hate...please PM me your addy so I can send the SPCA and the Coppers after ya. People like you make me sick
  4. agreed, and luckily McD feels the same way. if KJ wins the starting spot, that doesnt stop the development of Wallace lol. Why do people think in such absolute ways?
  5. nah, would rather have my dog than my house, insurance gets me a new house. why would public shootings make me more upset than losing my dog? I would be upset every day if I got upset over those. have had my dog on the loose before and its one of the worst feelings ive ever felt. so yea, its terrible. but you keep coming round and banging your drum for the literal things that are worse than losing a dog. Again, obviously the poster was using hyperbole...I'm not though, not many things worse IMO. Love my dog. sorry you dont love your dog brah
  6. I can think of two; losing a child or finding out your terminally ill, other than that, losing a dog is right there (unless your not a dog owner, in which case, leave the thread). obviously he was speaking in hyperbole, but for us dog owners, there truly arent many worst feelings than that.
  7. any month not including football cannot even be considered...October is first, then september, then november, then december, then january, then february
  8. LOL, awesome. I was, however, completely joking.
  9. love summercamp, went three years in a row about 8-10 years ago....great sized festival, beautiful grounds...love that you can just walk around everywhere with coolers. Nice fest, too bad I can never return (friends reunion/ryder cup style golf tourney is memorial day weekend now)
  10. please change thread title to "my brother spanks his wife around me" to accurately describe thread
  11. Yea I could totally see the Bills going 12-4, lighting it up on offense, and McDermott getting fired so Daboll could be the HC...lol
  12. I think I am in the camp that I just want to see game to game progression this season, like we saw towards the end of last season. If I am talking about his numbers as far as my expectations go...I would guess its around 3,800 yards, 26 passing TDs, another 3-5 on the ground, and 12ish INTs.. Again, this year is all about the continued progression from Josh, the wins will come with that. Love this kid, he has made me a firm believer.
  13. I mean maybe thats when SI and other national publications came onto James, but his high school prep team had to play home games at U of Akron arena because of ticket demands to see him play as a freshman, so he was indeed a prodigy, maybe not at 12 lol, but who is?
  14. I think its a good place to start. I'd prefer Derek Anderson not to make the team and another WR who shows promise. 4 TEs seem like a lot too....would have to see a lot out of Croom/Fisher for them to both make it.
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