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  1. Have another Ambien, you dumb *****. I look forward to seeing somebody else being the ones to give him his free money.
  2. When the receiver is good enough to wait til the very last second to show his cards, it's almost impossible to cover. 🤷‍♂️
  3. My tiebreaker is always whose fans do I want to be less miserable. ....... Go Pack Go!
  4. Instead of losing a leg cutting limbs under tension, maybe you ought to use that Husqy to work cattle. That oughta back em the ***** up
  5. If you're going to no-look somebody, you oughta being going to work on Ramsey. He's dumber than a chicken.
  6. In some places, growing a plant would literally get you locked into a cage with violent criminals.
  7. Watching this vid all I can see is how much longer it takes Favre's ball to get home than it does Allen's. Favre was rightfully considered to have a big arm but the difference in velocity between his throw and Allen's is stunning.
  8. That is not wishful thinking, it something teams practice and prepare for.
  9. I hadn't either until my youngest bought me a DVD set of it a few years ago and made me watch some. I thought it was really funny. Rick is hysterical. Thought you'd appreciate the greatest song ever written about veterinarians:
  10. Cin / Tenn has some potential but outside that it's a dog's breakfast.
  11. Good catch. It's actually the same asshat. He has been dealt with.
  12. Von Miller is a fine DE, but he is not a doctor. He can talk all day about how he'll be right back, but it's up to the knee, not to him.
  13. This is not even remotely close to a case in point. The Stillers spent 11 weeks playing the absolute worst dregs of the league until their schedule finally normalized late in the season while the Bills have been playing one fo the toughest schedules in the NFL so far.
  14. The receiving team actually has to possess it first; contact with the ball isn't enough to override the no advancement rule.
  15. If you exclude the single outlier, the Bills have spent the last 3 weeks holding Dalvin Cook, Nick Chubb and the NFL's leading TD scorer to about 2.6 yrds/carry. I'm not sweating a guy that has a single hundred yard game this season and hasn't run for more than 60 yrds since October.
  16. And I've never seen a sack become an interception. But I've seen plenty of QB pressures result in an interception. Pressure creates mistakes and guys who create that pressure regularly are every bit as valuable as guys that pick up sacks occasionally.
  17. He was clearly not all the way back the first couple games after his injury, but he has been absolutely kicking the piss out of people for the past 3-4 games.
  18. Can you please tell me all the other teams that are currently missing more than this: Both of their starting DE's Their top two Offensive Linemen Both of their starting CB's Their MLB/defensive captain 1.5 of their two all-pro safeties Their starting Y receiver Thanks; I'll hang up and listen.......
  19. The reason the Bills don't (can't) run a screen game has nothing to do with their backs, their OL is just not built for it.
  20. Yeah! Coaches screaming passionately on the sidelines will solve everything!! Ultimate Warrior for defensive co-ordinator!!! Nobody will ever score on us again!!!!!
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