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  1. Was just about to list the same thing. Definitely a 'gotta hide my arousal' thigh squeeze.
  2. Only place I've seen it is a fake Schefter account.
  3. This I agree with. We did it all the time during the regular season. Squib can give up extra yards, could result in same play, but at least try to kick it to the one.
  4. Same. Totally numb. During the game I thought I was literally going to barf. When it went to OT I could've cried. And when it ended I just sat here completely emotionless.
  5. Allen is 1 of 1 (as in, a generational athlete/QB). But give Burrow a break. It's year two. Kid still has a lot to learn about the nuances of coverage and throwing the ball away. Allen wasn't perfect at it at first either. Look at Zack Wilson, guy had no idea when to throw it away. I think Allen learned a lot from watching Brady just dirt the ball when the immediate reads weren't there.
  6. While I understand your frustration... There's 11 minutes left in the quarter. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here...
  7. That is an absolutely awful call. If that was the Bills I would have lost my mind. The ball was clearly dragging on the ground, the nose of the ball disappears. Awful.
  8. Curious about this too. I have battery powered socks and a balaclava and think I'm just gonna toss the batteries in a spare set of gloves/hat and put it in my clear bag for entry. The fact that you can bring in a cell phone (same type of battery) but not warming clothing, especially for this game, is ridiculous and borderline negligent.
  9. Can you just imagine if they played kneel downs for the tie. Man, what a sight. "Wanna just kneel it out, get our guys healthy, and get on to the playoffs next week?" "Sure do."
  10. Shhhhhhh. Cmon Yolo, you know the schedule makers monitor these threads. Way to ruin our extra day of prep!!
  11. JFC Davis, cmon. I know these aren't the easiest catches in the world, but do your job.
  12. Absolutely. McKenzie fumbles. Benched. Stephenson fumbles. Bench. Brieda fumbles, bench. Haack, season long suck. Still safe. Absolutely absurd. He should be gone. I'm so tired of "he's a good holder." We don't even kick that much. SMH.
  13. Both done. Colts in with Raiders win.
  14. Oh Ray-Ray Edit: meant to agree with Boco re the timeouts and then Ray Ray dropped that ball. Zero attention span, haha.
  15. Jags game being what it was, I still can't believe we lost to the Steelers. Watching Ben throw is painful.
  16. Personally for me, I'd rather have the Steelers win so that the Raiders/Chargers game has meaning for the Raiders. Given I'd rather play the Raiders in the first round, if the Steelers/Raiders win, we play Raiders. If the Ravens win, Raiders clinch playoffs and likely rest starters, meaning increased likelihood of Chargers win, and thus we play the Chargers next week.
  17. If they tie. Then the results of the Raiders/Chargers becomes. Raiders win = Raiders 6th seed, Colts 7th seed. Chargers win = Chargers 6 seed, Raiders 7 seed
  18. If Baltimore wins, the Raiders clinch. If the Chargers win, they would be 6 seed and Vegas 7. If Vegas wins, Baltimore is the 7 and Vegas is the 6. But with Vegas clinching they'd have very little reason to play their starters. Colts are pretty much done.
  19. Playing against Justin Tucker, and Baltimore has 2 TO's. 4th and 1 and you punt??? Wow, Tomlin. Freaking disgraceful.
  20. Depends on who you want to play. It pretty much comes down to NE, LAC or LV
  21. Correct. Their win and loss only determines who the #1 and #2 seeds are (Tenn or KC)
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