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  1. I must disagree with the bolded. LJ is great, but pre-incarceration Vick was IMHO the best running QB of all time. He was the fastest guy on the field and incredibly elusive. As for a historical comparable to Josh's running style, I'd suggest pre-knee-injury Daunte Culpepper, who was 6'4", 260 and pretty fast, although not as fast as Josh. In his 1st 5 years as a starter, Culpepper had over 400 yards rushing every year, including 1 year with over 600. JA is a better passer, but his running style reminds me of Daunte's.
  2. Soprano -- please keep posting. I enjoy it and for that matter I do believe you have a source. Any info on specific terms of the deal? Also -- any info on whether we are going to bring in another QB? Go Bills.
  3. Dave, I must disagree. I don't think you can say the media or fan base are worse than any other NFL city -- and I think both are better than most. Bottom line is that MM did a crappy job this year. I don't see how anyone could have watched this year's team and thought otherwise. 1-7 on the road? Losing every close game? The debacle in Miami? Getting completely blown out multiple times? Pulling out McGahee on every 3rd down? Throwing those GD screen passes to Shelton inside the 5-yard line instead of giving it to McGahee? Public blowups with Moulds and Adams? And why did Pittsburgh become really good after MM left? Are you kidding? Your point about getting another assistant from a good tree is right on. That's been tried twice and failed miserably both times. I have a hard time believing that the Bills are going to go down that road yet again. I was OK with MM staying, but that is just out of deference to Marv's judgment. If Marv's judgment is that MM should go, I will again trust him. If he leaves, I think it will be because the Bills want him to. This business about "family considerations" is nonsense. It's about negotiating a buyout. I'd guess Marv will go with someone with experience. My first choice is Mike Sherman, then Steve Mariucci. Go Bills.
  4. Marv is going to do a great job, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was with us longer than TD was. No matter how long he's the GM, I fully expect Marv to produce more than TD's 31 wins and to get us into the playoffs by 2007. I think this is a great move by Ralph. I wouldn't have minded seeing Mariucci, Reeves, Fassel, etc. replacing Mularkey, but there is also something to be said for not replacing the coaches too often. Marv knows what to do and he knows what we need. First order of business is a good DT, then a couple of O-linemen, then a sitdown with MM to make it clear that McGahee needs to get the ball more than 10 times a game and to stay on the field on 3rd down and on goal-line situations. No more Shaud Williams and no more GD passes to Daimon Shelton. We are not going to look like bozos next year -- or else MM is not going to last the year. Go Bills.
  5. So are you saying that you want him as the coach, or not? And would you prefer him to Mariucci?
  6. Freester, you are probably right about the pay cut but completely out to lunch on TO. Yet another one of your whacked-out predictions. In any event, if Moulds does leave, I expect him to pick a playoff-caliber team with a good QB as his destination and to have a huge year. Donahoe must go.
  7. right on. 0 and 5 on the road. the 4th pick in the draft, BENCHED for an undrafted free agent. heading for 5-11 or 6-10 at best in year FIVE of the TD project. A defense that is utterly helpless against a good offense -- can't stop a run on 3rd down to save its life. It's not just the front office -- it's coaching too. Our best players on offense don't get the ball. WM gets 10 carries, even though we're starting a young QB on the road against a playoff team. How many times are we going to thow it to Daimon Shelton? How many chances is Josh Reed going to get? Would he still be on a Bill Parcells team? Too many GD trick plays that go nowhere, instead of lining up and pounding the run. TD must go, and although I admit to liking him last year, Mularkey should go with him. This team has no guts.
  8. McGahee is much better than Peerless. I didn't mean to imply otherwise. I don't think we should've kept Peerless at the salary he was looking for, and TD deserves credit for creatively using the franchise tag to get the #1 in exchange for him. However, in deciding to let him go, we needed another receiver to replace him. TD figured we could just plug in Josh Reed -- much the same way he figured this year we could just plug in Ron Edwards and/or Tim Anderson for Pat Williams -- and the result was a disaster. The offense that year was unwatchable. There was no one to stretch the D, so everyone keyed on Moulds, and then he got hurt, and Bledsoe completely disintegrated. Donahoe must go.
  9. Dwight Freeney was picked #11 that year. Jeremy Shockey was #14. Ryan Sims was #6. Roy Williams was #8. John Henderson was #9. Albert Haynesworth was #15. Javon Walker was #20. Ed Reed was #24. Kendall Simmons was #30. So there were plenty of good players available. Obviously no one can predict the future -- or we would've taken Freeney or Henderson. But I am not making $1 million per year to take the right guy for the bills. TD is. Mike Williams is probably going to get cut this year, after 4 years of waving to pass rushers as they sped by him into our backfield and $25 million or so of Ralph's money that could've been much better spent. Donahoe must go.
  10. Not that anyone needed to be reminded, but I think we can now safely eliminate all doubt that the selection of Williams belongs on the list of HUGE donahoe blunders. In no particular order, this is how I see the list (keeping in mind that this doesn't include all the mediocre draft picks): 1. Mike Williams 2. Gregg Williams 3. Keeping Rob Johnson 4. Trading a #1 for Bledsoe 5. Letting Pat Williams go without an adequate replacement Each one of these decisions has been a complete disaster. Cumulatively they have put on on an express train to a 5-11 season in TD's FIFTH year. Note that I am not including JP on this list b/c it's too soon to tell. I am also not including other bad moves such as: A. Bennie Anderson B. Josh Reed C. Ryan Denney D. letting Peerless go without an adequate replacement E. failure to bring in quality players at offensive and defensive line F. keeping Gregg Williams around a year too long after it was clear that he was a loser etc. etc. -- but only because I don't think the items on the 2nd list were individually as crippling as the items on the 1st list. Donahoe must go.
  11. No, not an earth-shattering revelation, but I think DM's question is WHY aren't we as good as those teams, esp. the Chiefs and the Chargers, both of whom recently were mediocre? McBride's point about us being lousy 5 years into the TD program is right on. We are soft on both lines, aging rapidly on D and without an NFL QB anywhere in sight. Next year, Clements will be gone, Spikes will be rehabbing an injury most don't come back from, and Sam Adams will be another year older and heavier. Fletcher, Milloy and Vincent will also be another year older. I don't see Tim Anderson or Justin Bannan (is he still on the team?) or any of the free agent castoffs on our OL morphing into good linemen. It's also quite possible that Moulds will get fed up with playing with a bunch of stiffs, they will ask him to take a pay cut, he will say no, and then he'll get cut. The only hope we have to be in the playoffs anytime soon is of JP turning into a good QB. Notwithstanding DM's pessimism and the various comments we've seen here and there, there is just no way to know the answer on this yet. It's still a 50/50 shot. Elway and both Mannings all stunk their first years. Bottom line is that after 5 years of TD making $1 million per year, we are in worse shape than when he took over. Remember Wade Phillips? He got run out of town after making the playoffs twice in 3 years and finishing 8-8 in his 3rd year. Would anyone here not trade this coaching staff, front office and team for Wade's/Butler's group in a heartbeat? TD has: 1. hired gregg williams, wasting 3 years of everyone's life 2. wasted a 1st round pick on Bledsoe, when QBs of comparable quality (eg bledsoe himself, this year) are floating around in free agency every year. 3. wasted the 4th pick in the draft on Mike Williams, who is a lousy pass blocker and gets hurt every year. 4. drafted ONE starting o-lineman 5. drafted ZERO starting DTs (you can count Ron Anderson or Tim Anderson here if you really want to) 6. failed to address getting a replacement for Pat Williams this year -- somehow forgetting how bad we were against the run the last time Ron Anderson was starting (ie before Sam Adams arrived, when it was just Pat Williams). Did he think we were just going to "stop the run with numbers" to quote his protege GW? 7. drafted ZERO starting LBs 8. drafted ZERO starting safeties 9. assembled a team with zero mental toughness that gets completely waxed every time there is a road game of any consequence. I still can't believe how badly we lost to Pitt's backups last year when a win would have put us into the playoffs. Note that the above list doesn't include the possible wasting of another 1st rounder and at least 2 more years of everyone's life on JP b/c I do believe it's too early to judge. On the other hand, it probably would have been wiser to not invest so much in a rookie QB and instead find a caretaker veteran QB (e.g. Brian Griese, who could've been had for a couple of throwback jerseys) and spend the money and the draft picks on lineman. Donahoe must go.
  12. Yes, one of the best CBs in the league, but not worth what it will cost to keep him -- esp. when it's obvious how many other crying needs this team has.
  13. Hold on, gentlemen. I completely agree that TD must go, and frankly, I won't be unhappy if he takes Mularkey with him. However, I can't accept Ralph-bashing. He wants to WIN, not make money. That's why he hired TD -- the person everyone said was the best football man available -- and stepped back to let him run the football operations. Ralph has ponied up huge $$ for Spikes, M. Williams, Milloy, etc. There is no cheapskate issue here. Let's remember that the man could have sold this team anytime he wanted for a cool $750 million or more. Instead he has given the people of Buffalo an NFL team for as long as he is with us. There aren't many people who would have done the same. As to the real issue: TD must go. He is accountable for putting together this pathetic, no-heart, soft bunch of losers. I look at this team and see no hope for the future. As lousy as it is, the D is getting old in a hurry, which means it's going to need a few new starters ASAP. The O-line is pretty weak as well. We have a big zero at QB, with no reason to think that a real QB will emerge from either JP or Holcomb. There are no leaders on either the O-line or the D-line. Mike Williams is average at pass protection, way overpaid and gets hurt every year. Sam Adams is way overweight, so he needs a lot of rest, and throws too many tantrums to be a leader. Schobel, Kelsay and Denney simply aren't good enough players to have credibility as leaders. Donahoe has assembled a team that is weak on both lines, has lousy quarterbacking and questionable coaching (once again, McGahee didn't get the ball nearly enough yesterday). THIS TEAM HAS NO HEART!!! How many times during Donahoe's time here have the bills gotten waxed on the road at a pivotal moment in the season? TD must go.
  14. Let's not take any shots at Ralph. The man is a prince. He has ponied up plenty of cash for bonuses and free agents. There is no cheapskate factor. If he was in it for the money, he would have sold the team for $750 million a long time ago. As far as what do you spend the money on if not your own good young players -- I agree with this up to a point, but that point is below what it will cost to sign a top-tier DB. A DB just doesn't have that much impact on the game, unless he's Deion Sanders in his prime. McGee is good, and maybe even comparable to Deion as a KR (but probably not quite as good), but he doesn't shut down half of the downfield the way Deion did. Again, I ask: who would you rather have: one of our 2 (admittedly excellent) CBs, or Bruce Smith or Ted Washington in their primes? There is no doubt, is there? A great D-linemen, which is what our D is crying out for, is just much more effective than a great CB. I don't know who the top DTs/DEs/LTs on the market are going to be in the next couple of years. However, the bills shouldn't use up their cap space just because they have it -- this would preclude future steps down the road. There are always good veterans unexpectedly becoming available -- like Milloy, Pete Kendall, Corey Simon, etc. And by the way, another expensive position that IS worth the money and that it is quite likely we will need to spend money on next year or the year after is QB. I hate to say it, but can anyone feel confident that this is not the case?
  15. We will not lose both in the same offseason, but we will lose them one after the other. Believe me, I would prefer that this not happen, but I also don't believe in spending that much on a DB. Each of them is just going to cost too much relative to value to the team. You can't blow that much cap space on a DB.
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