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  1. Not gonna lie...... Looking forward to punting a few times on Saturday (as long as it's Araiza doing the punting. I have no desire to see Haak ever kick a ball for us again.)
  2. Awesome dude, stands up for what he believes in, made several big plays in big moments for this team, played through painful injuries, and helped Allen become the all world monster that he is now. Nothing but respect for the guy. I wish him all the best (unless he ever plays against the Bills).
  3. The Pats* did something like this for years with Brady. They always paid him well below market value and then funneled money into a company he owed to make up the difference. Can't remember the specifics about the arrangement, but this has been talked about for years with Brady.
  4. I like that they are getting their own streaming service. I don't like what they are offering and won't be getting it. Now, if they add their video library so I can go back and watch any game ever played (especially Bills games, obviously), I see value in that and would sign up depending on the price. I have roughly 85 old games from the 80s through the present saved on my media server that I go back and watch frequently during the offseason to satisfy the football itch as much as possible, but many are in old VHS quality and the audio isn't that great. I'd love to watch these games with NFL archive quality. Granted, some of the copies I have do still have the original commercials in them and it is kind of cool to see some of these 80s and 90s commercials again once in a while! HA! (Do you remember getting 2 Quarter Pounders with Cheese for $1.99 at McDonald's......now they are like $7 a piece without a promotion/sale!) Anyway, they do have plenty of content that would make a streaming service worth it, but what they are offering isn't worth it yet. Hopefully someday soon!
  5. Good dude on and off the field that had a lot of physical talent that always left you wanting more.
  6. While I don't think I will ever watch any of those Super Bowls again (it was bad enough living through them the first time around), I have been re-watching a ton of old games starting in the mid 80s through the end of the 90s. I will say this.... watching these games and some of the coaching decisions that were made back then really makes me mad. Even in games they win, and some fairly comfortably at that, the coaching left a lot to be desired. I get it. We like Marv because those teams won a ton of games, but let me tell you.....I don't think he was a great head coach, he was one of the most conservative coaches I have ever seen, and didn't make a lot of great decisions in game. Yes, we won a lot back then, but it was mainly because of the talent on that team. Now, was Marv a great people person? Could he manage all of those egos? Yes. He did that well. But after re-watching most of these games, if the internet existed back then, I think there is a good chance he would have been ripped apart a lot for his actual coaching. The other thing I noticed is that there were several glaring weaknesses on those teams back then. I know free agency worked a lot differently back then so it may have been harder to fill holes, but there were several times, even season to season that the secondary could have used some help. Or, the interior of the defense could have been upgraded. The offensive line after was never really addressed for years after Wolford and company left. They just kept plugging guys into key spots that were terrible and unathletic (here's looking at you, Parker). And let me tell you......how this team even stuck with Norwood during the 90 season leading up to that first Super Bowl blows my mind. He missed so many kicks, even the easiest of kicks, leading up to that game that I have no clue how he was still kicking for this team in important moments. He was terrible. Not sure what game it was because I watched it a few months ago now (it may have been against the Raiders) where he missed like 5 kicks, including both FGs and XPs, along with a couple that would have been game winners. Not only missed them, but missed them BAD. Them not replacing him earlier is baffling. OK....this turned into more of a rant than I was anticipating. Didn't mean for this to go on this long! HA! Point is, we all lived through a lot of great seasons back then. We won a lot of games and we were fun to watch. But man, we left so much meat on the bone for a lot of different reasons. Frustrating to see it even more clearly after going back and re-watching most of those games again.
  7. The guy gets it. He is an extremely hard worker and takes his game seriously. You can tell he wants to be great and that is only going to help us going forward. Here's hoping he blows up this season and becomes one of the best in the league. Another guy we will want to have to pay when the time comes if all goes right.
  8. While the Wall of Fame has been nice at the current stadium, you legitimately have a chance to do something epic at the new one. It's time for a real Buffalo Bills/Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame. Whether you want to do your own busts or statues, or something else, you can do something really cool at the new place. The beauty of it is that is can be anything you want it to be and have it as big as you want it to be. Have stations set aside for each legend with a bust or statue, some of their game worn memorabilia, a TV that shows the players' history and highlights, etc. You could make this a travel destination that is open all year round. Almost like a Buffalo version of the Pro Football HOF. If done right, it could be absolutely amazing. Will they do this? Probably not. But man, I think it could be something not only for Buffalo fans to enjoy, but to introduce visiting fans to our history and all time greats. While we don't have many Championships to our name, our history has plenty of awesome players, people, and moments to celebrate.
  9. Kelly used to do the same thing....
  10. You just have to watch this clip and compare it to the one the Dolphins put out with Tua under-throwing Hill at like 35-40 yards after putting everything he had into it to realize that these 2 QBs are miles apart.
  11. He is always going to be the "punt god" until he proves that he isn't that. Whether he likes it or not, he earned that nickname and it's an awesome one. He keeps the title until he proves that he is unworthy of the name.
  12. Because all of a sudden, our entire defensive coaching staff, including our head coach, shoved their collective heads up their butts and failed the team in the biggest moment. Most people on this board......most football fans in general.....could have made decisions that would have closed that game out. It's like our staff took the ideal defensive strategy for that situation and decided to do the exact opposite. It was not on the players. The coaching staff literally stole one should have been one of this franchise's all time greatest moments, and in my opinion this teams first Super Bowl Championship, and flushed it down the toilet. That said, there were other moments in that game where we could have been a bit better. Honestly, it could be as simple as Tre not playing in the game. Not a doubt in my mind we win that game by 2 scores if a healthy Tre is in there.
  13. I'll admit I don't know anything about this guy. He may turn out to be a fine player. But, if you wanted to get an undersized LB that can run, why not trade up a handful of spots and get Dean? Oh well...... We'll see what happens. Some people are saying he is just like Milano. Time will tell.
  14. Give me Parham here. Need some long-term stability at IOL.
  15. Ready to see James Cook in this offense...... A great pass catching back and I love drafting guys with siblings in the league, especially when they play the same position. They will strive to outdo each other.
  16. I want to trade down again..... Just for fun this time. I want 10 picks in the 6th round!
  17. Wouldn't mind trading down again. Get some extra ammo to move up in the 3rd or even back into the 4th if they want to.
  18. Finally have 2 gifted CBs that we can leave on an island and still mix in a bunch of zone as well. This will help not only on the back end, but it helps gibe our pass rush that extra tick to get home. With Dane Jackson, we have quality depth as well. Another insane athlete added by the front office as well. They love guys that are elite athletes and I think it really pays off. Good night for us. Still a lot of talent on the board as well. Might be able to move up a bit if we want tomorrow to get a guy we want. The trade compensation has been all over the board tonight. Some trades have been cheap. Some not so much. May be a bit easier to move around in the 2nd or 3rd if we want.
  19. NFL Draft Diamonds @DraftDiamonds · 15s Bills trade up
  20. The Chiefs jumped us...... Ready to trade back if we can. Ari Meirov @MySportsUpdate · 25s The #Chiefs will select Washington CB Trent McDuffie with the No. 21 overall pick. The knock on McDuffie is his size and length, but he has the kind of production that warrants overlooking those concerns.
  21. Ari Meirov @MySportsUpdate · 10s Another trade: #Patriots are sliding out of No. 21 and the #Chiefs are on the clock.
  22. This is shaping up to be a prime trade down scenario for us. I say if McDuffie is gone by the time we pick, we should trade down to get an extra 2. There will be good players in the 2nd round and to get a couple of them would be real nice.
  23. UPDATE: CASE DISMISSED TMZ is just all over us lately! This one isn't for the right reasons, though. TMZ @TMZ Von Miller is being sued by a woman in L.A. who claims the NFL star, consumed by jealousy, sent sexually explicit photos to "two celebrities" and allegedly asked, "this the B word you want?" Full Story "Von Miller is being sued by a woman in Los Angeles who claims the NFL star, consumed by rage and jealousy, distributed a sexually explicit photo of her to "two well-known celebrities" in May 2020, TMZ Sports has learned." Doesn't sound like much will come of it. Seems like a really bad breakup. Not a great look, though.
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