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  1. NFL Live is decent, but that's mainly because Dan Orlovsky and Mina Kimes know what they're talking about and the cast has good chemistry. I think that's the only show on ESPN that I can stomach. Everything else is hot takes and nonsense. GMFB is on every day at my office and is decent for what it is, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a debate show.
  2. I have to agree with those that think he may have signed here hoping to start, but sees the writing on the wall with Bernard locking down that spot. Still not great, because while Bernard looks the real deal early on, we don't have much behind him until/unless Dorian Williams can get up to speed at MLB.
  3. Burrow is elite, but part of the fear for Bills fans is due to how our Defense matched up with him last year. -Meh pass rush -Lack of disguise/creativity -Corners playing bend/don't break coverage much of the game -Compromised Safety play due to injuries That's about as bad of a recipe in defending Joe Burrow as it gets. He has elite WR's and is a cerebral QB that is more than willing to underneath/intermediate throws all game. Why is it he's been mediocre in almost every other playoff game aside from his matchup against us? Why is it he struggles against every defense in the AFCN? IMO.. Allen and Mahomes are on another level, with Mahomes separating himself due to Super Bowl victories and week in/week out consistency. Burrow is a less talented version of those two, but with better weapons. And I'm honestly sick of pretending otherwise.
  4. I've wondered this as well. Especially if we're looking at wholesale changes on the Defense. Can probably move off Morse if we want and have Bates move into the Center role. If we extend Davis, all we're really looking to fill on Offense (fingers crossed on Brown at RT) are some depth roles. Would allow the team to focus on DL and S in the draft to restock DT, EDGE and Safety with some young talent. That being said.. I could go either way on Davis, because 15M or so on Davis (if that's feasible) might be better spent on extending Jones and Floyd, while using an early pick at WR. And even then, to get under the cap with spending like that could require a surprise cut to Tre White if he doesn't bounce back to reliable high end CB1.
  5. Yea.. I could care less about the average age metric. We could easily become much younger next year if we are replacing Hyde, Poyer and spending draft picks on the DL again.
  6. I'm not moving Elam if I'm Buffalo. Dane Jackson is a FA after this year. Let's see how White's season progresses. At the very least we have a solid player in Benford and a guy who's looked good when given the chance in Elam, under contract for 2 more years after this season.
  7. Bills suddenly look like they have a strong foundation of young players to build around Josh Allen with as we look forward and envision the next window without guys like Poyer, Hyde, White (potentially), Morse etc... Of course, the hope is we win it all with them and then move into the next window. Key players 26 & under with multiple years on their current deal.. Defense will likely need some retooling in coming years, but if Oliver has turned the corner... they will have a strong core for the next few years in Oliver, Rousseau, Von and Milano to build around. Offense is really looking solid with Davis and Morse being the question marks after this season. RB: James Cook 23 OL: Connor McGovern 25 Ryan Bates 26 O'Cyrus Torrence 23 Alec Anderson 23 Spencer Brown 25 Ryan VanDemark 25 WR: Khalil Shakir 23 TE: Dawson Knox 26 Dalton Kincaid 23 Quinton Morris 24 DL: Greg Rousseau 23 Ed Oliver 25 LB: Terrel Bernard 24 Dorian Williams 22 CB: Christian Benford 22 Kaiir Elam 22
  8. Is that Nick Chubb screaming … ok, yup… crowd reaction can’t be good.
  9. I have zero desire to consume any content involving her. Anything she's involved in, I'll typically turn off. I'd love to see anyone replace her. That said.. I don't wish for anyone to go out like this, even if she was quite unprofessional in that moment.
  10. I don't know if I'm there yet. Does Benford have the ability to become a CB1? If so, I'd be inclined to agree. If his ceiling is solid CB2 in our system, then a potential miss on Elam still hurts. A guy you draft in RD1 typically has traits to become a high end starter. Elam has those traits, but it hasn't translated yet. Does Benford? Maybe, we'll see.. but for this to be a one for one deal, I need to see that ability from Benford. Ideally Elam figures it out and we have the option (not saying we should, but we "could") of moving off Tre next year, depending on how this year goes for him, and have a much easier job resetting our cap by moving off say... Tre White and Mitch Morse.
  11. Good thing I didn't say that. I wasn't a fan of the Bernard pick, and was extremely underwhelmed with what we saw from him as a rookie, but to say MLB is still a need based off his play so far comes off as personal bias. That's not to say MLB won't be an issue, but through 2 games... it is not.
  12. Hopeful on your post.. and I do think there's reason to believe this will be the case. We saw a legitimate vision on how Cook can be used this year, in addition to how they plan on deploying Knox and Kincaid. Harty is likely an X-Factor type player behind Diggs, Davis, Knox, Kincaid and Cook.. So once we get them all established, I could see things opening up for him.
  13. The calf injury is worrisome. That’s where them being 0-2 is concerning. If Burrow was healthy, you’d think they could get it together, starting with an interesting, but certainly winnable game, against the Rams. Now they have to decide whether to play him and risk serious injury or let him rest and risk dropping to 0-3.
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