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  1. He should resign, but he won’t. Democrats control the system, which includes most of the media, and aren’t being held accountable for the absolute travesty they’ve just thrown onto this country.
  2. If those two are even 70-80% of what they've been to start the year, this Front 7 could be something serious. The DL/LB depth already look like it has much more potential in guys like Smoot, Solomon, Carter, Johnson, Williams, Morrow etc.., we just need our featured guys to be healthy and effective.
  3. Keon has some things he needs to work on, and we'll see if he can get that done ... but outside the Big 3 in this Draft, he IS the potential superstar of the bunch. Already looks like a red zone monster.
  4. Andddd we’re back to nakedly partisan mainstream media propaganda.
  5. I very much think this will be a competitive election now.. but this is an outlier poll of all the post-Biden polls and it heavily oversampled Dems.
  6. Wild. Honestly.. it’s wild that we’re even debating this. Just say you don’t gaf about norms or “protecting democracy” and I’ll drop it. My entire issue is with your party pretending to do so. You no longer can claim that label.
  7. Who’s the arbiter of the first two points? Seems wildly subjective as we throw away norms (again) in the name “protecting democracy”. And no, it’s not.. and that has zero bearing on the point I’m making. A point I wouldn’t expect democracy protectors to argue with, but hey.. yall believe in dismantling the Supreme Court, prosecuting political opps and swapping out an incumbent presumptive nominee now - so, I suppose, nothing should surprise me.
  8. Cool. Well just ignore primaries from now on. If the presumptive nominee isn’t polling well, f it, we’ll swap them out a few months later. No big deal.
  9. I’m sure you’d feel the same way if Biden was way up on Trump and then all the big money R donors pulled funding from the Trump campaign, forcing him out, and then selected Ron DeSantis next month if the situations were reversed.
  10. Im so sick of weak people like this. Your “love, peace and compassion” has resulted in so many parents losing their children to fentanyl. Women being raped and murdered by illegal migrants. Children making life altering decisions about their body that adults SHOULD HAVE protected them from. Ukrainians and Russians being fed to the slaughter. Children set back entire grades because of blue state covid policy. Record inflation and crime that set has back entire generations in Millennials and now Gen Z. You’re not compassionate. Youre weak. You simply cloak it in glowing terms.
  11. Everyone is having a discussion and here you are, subjecting us to LP self hating white man tweets.
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