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  1. How dare they! You guys are against almost everything that makes poor people's lives livable. Health care, public assistance, safe working conditions, reproductive rights, education (real education) fair policing and anti-discrimination laws, fair voting., Heck, you can't even distance yourself from the Confederate (heroes) You probably would of against the Violence =Against Women Act, Sad Like Ronald Reagan vetoing the sanctions against the Apartheid regime in South Africa. How evil
  2. Now let's go after the Klan, Proud Boyz, insurrectionists and other scum bags like that!
  3. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/brittany-poolaw-manslaughter-miscarriage-pregnancy/ Jail?
  4. No, but you agree removing those racist traitor's monuments was the right thing to do? Right?
  5. You don't think we should honor Confederate Generals, do you? Racist traitors, right? Your little mind can at least admit that, right? Or does that violate your racist solidarity?
  6. Oh, you poor anti-American little troll. It's all so confusing to you.
  7. What? No, just pointing out how you guys are like the useful idiots that supported communism Of course you think their system is better than our system
  8. America's capitalist media cannot be trusted! --V. Putin
  9. Who was the Miami defensive player in the blurb they showed about leading 9n o and d in same year?
  10. Ha ha , truth hurts. Confederates were very Conservative, that's why Trump supporters fly Confederate racist flags. Stop hiding who you are! Come out of the closet! Poor little propaganda bot. You must get worn out trying to cover up the truth so much.
  11. Dems were Conservatives back then. Don't you know your history?
  12. Your assault on the truth is about par for the course of your political affiliation. Conservatives have always used hate to divide people. The Confederates were very Conservative. So was Hitler
  13. Backtrack? Nope. Conservatism has always had racism as a dance partner
  14. They were Conservative Democrats. The Conservatives have left the Democratic Party
  15. Confederates were Democrats but whatever. Conservatism has always had racism as its dancing partner
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