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  1. I'm confident walker is a pos You'd vote for a guy who held a gun to his wife's head?
  2. Lol, nice guy like Walker? Ya, I'm sure this is all hot air. Wife beaters don't pay for abortions, right?
  3. So you want to hurt this people, correct? You want them rounded up and shipped back to where they escaped from, correct? Get those darn students! Hurt them! You are sick
  4. What existing laws are not being enforced? Big laugh at your little sophomoric temper tantrum at the end there. reminded me a a little girl sixth grade girl No, your comparison of roads to federally subsidizing insurance is what makes no sense. Roads are vital necessity, subsidized insurance in dangerous areas are not. That should end that argument. But that doesn't mean we should subsidize insurance in hurricane land
  5. 1) Roads save more lives that are actually killed in driving. So your example is not so good. 2) We all pay taxes, that doesn't give us the right to demand more to insure our risky behaviours! 3) Subsidizing people to live in hazardous ares is not rational thinking. 4) Well, we like your house and will make a special exception for you. Ok? The only thing "luring" people to the boarder is our economic engine that is such a jobs machine. The best way for you clowns to shut off immigration is for you guys to stage a coup and ruin democracy and freedom. Economies don't run as well without government oversight and input from the people--through government(Oh please jump like a ***** into that one!) Oh wait, you guys tried that on Jan 6, I almost forgot
  6. Federal money should not go to luring people to their deaths in Florida. How many are dead already?? Isn't that enough? The human thing to do is let the insurance market work naturally. Those who want to live in a dangerous, high risk state like that should have the money to pay those rates. Try and think humanly. Do the right thing, not the politically short term way that gets people killed
  7. Well, when you steal government docs, you get investigated Ha ha ha, is this movie like the one on Hillary's "stand down" order that never happened? Is Putin is the main producer?
  8. They can go live somewhere else. That's not heartless, it's just good common sense Probably will save lives. How many are dead in Florida now? And you want to subsidize more people living there? How many must die for you to realize this is not a good idea? Just kill them all, why don't you?
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