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  1. So genocides just happen in one way? We can agree that this is group punishment, right? People that had nothing to do at all with attacking Israel are being starved, bombed, and shot, right? Sub human? Like the people that funneled money to Hamas? And did not have a watch on a group sworn to destroy Israel? Netanhoo let them attack.
  2. Why not? How come they get a blank check to commit genocide?
  3. Venezuela? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13143577/Russia-Vladimir-Putin-weaponise-migrants-Europe.htmlPutin plans to stoke conflict in Africa with private militias, 'weaponising' the flow of migrants to try and influence European elections Russia is trying to destabilise Europe and influence its elections by driving migrants into the continent using private armies, it has been claimed. Vladimir Putin already wields influence over a number of the main routes used to reach the continent, and it is now feared that Russia will 'intensify' its efforts to move migrants towards Europe with the arrival of spring. Using paramilitary forces and private mercenaries, including the notorious Wagner group, it is believed Russia will stoke violence in already volatile nations such as Burkina Faso, Mali, Sudan, Central African Republic and Libya - forcing people to flee their homes and thus driving refugees towards Europe.
  4. Oh yes, those cancer medications are for sure duel use items! Dates? Can't they be made into bombs? https://www.cnn.com/2024/03/01/middleeast/gaza-aid-israel-restrictions-investigation-intl-cmd/index.html Al-Zarqa, Jordan — Humanitarian workers and government officials working to deliver urgently needed aid for Gaza say a clear pattern has emerged of Israeli obstruction, as disease and near-famine grip parts of the besieged enclave. The Israeli agency that controls access to Gaza for the multi-billion-dollar aid effort has imposed arbitrary and contradictory criteria, according to more than two dozen humanitarian and government officials interviewed by CNN. CNN has also reviewed documents compiled by major participants in the humanitarian operation that list the items most frequently rejected by the Israelis. These include anesthetics and anesthesia machines, oxygen cylinders, ventilators and water filtration systems. Other items that have ended up in bureaucratic limbo include dates, sleeping bags, medicines to treat cancer, water purification tablets and maternity kits. In a January 13 press conference, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu boasted about permitting “minimal humanitarian aid” to enter Gaza. “We provide minimal humanitarian aid,” Netanyahu said. “If we want to achieve our war goals, we give the minimal aid.”
  5. These MAGA nuts have just lost their minds https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2024/03/01/ivf-embryos-alabama-ruling-conservative-women/ Late last Saturday, after she’d put her two toddlers to bed in central North Carolina, Hannah Nelson spotted a troubling post in her Instagram feed: “The Alabama ruling & a Christian consideration of IVF.” “Being pro-life does not mean ‘have babies through whatever means necessary’,” a Christian influencer had written of the recent ruling by Alabama’s Supreme Court that frozen embryos are children — a decision invoking God that quickly upended IVF treatment in the state, panicked many women there and elsewhere and sent legislators scrambling to respond. Nelson, who conceived her son through IVF, is not normally political online. Her Instagram profile reads “Jesus follower. Wife. Mama. Optimist. School counselor.” But that post by Allie Beth Stuckey, who has more than a half-million followers, shocked and saddened her, and she felt compelled to push back. “There is an ethical and Christian way to do IVF,” she wrote. “I am curious why you’re against that means of creating a family.” Across red-state America, other conservative Christian women have had similar reactions since the Feb. 16 court ruling. Like Nelson, they usually post online about faith and family. In the past two weeks, though, they’ve become outspoken, even angry advocates. They’ve decried the Alabama ruling on their social media pages, galvanized to defend both their values and in vitro fertilization. Their comments have often appeared amid photos of the babies that IVF made possible. Nelson, 30, resorted to the procedure after years of struggling with endometriosis. Her Instagram feed includes photos of her son’s embryo and then of 3-year-old Brent as a baby. (His onesie proclaimed “For this child we have prayed.”) She was able to conceive naturally with her second child, but she and her husband still have four embryos frozen that she plans to use someday. “I never thought [IVF] was so polarizing. There’s mamas who I just truly believe are meant to be mamas that can’t do it without IVF,” said Nelson, a school counselor. She thinks the procedure “can be used for God’s glory” — and that “it’s best for the government to keep its hands out of it.” In Pensacola, Fla., Emily Ley felt “a responsibility” to speak up — not only because she and her husband have friends across the border in Alabama whose IVF treatment was disrupted but because they’re worried about the implications for others. “It’s only a matter of time before it starts to happen in other states. It just terrifies me,” she said. The mother of three, who owns her own business, typically posts online about home organization to her 235,000 Instagram followers. She considers herself fiscally conservative yet socially liberal and most times stays away from political subjects. Not right now.
  6. Crowds of mourners, including opposition figures, chanted “We are not afraid! Don’t be afraid!” as Navalny’s coffin arrived at the church. Thousands waited behind barriers in hopes of laying flowers on the coffin, but the public was not able to enter the church. Russian authorities exerted tight control on the crowd of public mourners, with metal barriers blocking access to the entrance of the church. Navalny’s team, which operates in exile in Vilnius, Lithuania, broadcast the funeral live but reported interruptions to the internet around the church. The farewell service for Alexei Navalny that thousands of supporters waited hours for in the Moscow cold was cut short, according to those present, and limited only to immediate family. During the service, Navalny could be seen lying in the open coffin, wearing a suit and tie, as his mother, Lyudmila Navalnaya, bade him farewell. A priest put a small icon on his chest. When a few dozen supporters then approached the coffin, the ceremony was cut short, according to Russian outlet Verstka, which had a reporter present, and it lasted no more than half an hour. “Please let me say goodbye! Well, please, don’t close the coffin!” people pleaded. They beseeched guards to keep the coffin open and let the remaining mourners say goodbye, according to a video posted by RusNews. “He is dear to us! Please let us say goodbye!” The wardens pushed the crowds aside and shut the casket. Navalny ally Leonid Volkov said in a live broadcast on YouTube that the authorities pressured the senior priest of the church to limit access to the memorial. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/2024/03/01/alexei-navalny-funeral-moscow-updates/
  7. MAGA wants to kill that support to help Putin. FU!!! 👎 F MAGA TRASH SCUM!
  8. WTF? https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/29/middleeast/gaza-city-deaths-food-israel-intl At least 104 people were killed and 760 injured in a chaotic incident where Israeli troops opened fire as hungry Palestinian civilians were gathering around food aid trucks, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza. CNN is unable to independently confirm these numbers. People had swarmed around newly arrived aid trucks in the hope of getting food, when Israeli tanks and drones started shooting at the people in Haroun Al Rasheed Street in western Gaza City, in the Sheikh Ajleen area. “Most” of the casualties were the result of aid trucks ramming people as everyone tried to escape Israeli fire, according to a local journalist in Gaza, Khadeer Al Za’anoun. Al Za’anoun, who was at the scene and witnessed the incident, told that, though there were large crowds waiting for food to be distributed from aid trucks, the chaos and confusion which led to trampling only started once Israeli soldiers opened fire.
  9. Pretty cool https://www.theguardian.com/science/2019/sep/10/neanderthal-footprints-found-in-france-offer-snapshot-of-their-lives Scientists have found hundreds of perfectly preserved footprints, providing evidence that Neanderthals walked the Normandy coast in France. The prints suggest a group of 10-13 individuals, mostly children and adolescents, were on the shoreline 80,000 years ago. Neanderthals, the closest evolutionary cousins to present-day humans and primates, have long been thought to have lived in social groups, but details have been hard to establish. The 257 footprints discovered at Le Rozel in western France give a snapshot of how Neanderthals lived and suggest they may have been taller than previously thought. Jérémy Duveau, a co-author of a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, said the prints were left in muddy soil and quickly preserved by wind-driven sand. “It was incredible to observe these tracks, which represent moments in the lives of individuals, sometimes very young, who lived 80,000 years ago,” said Duveau, of the French National Museum of Natural History. The site was discovered by Yves Roupin, an amateur archaeologist, in the 1960s, but it was not until 2012, when it was threatened by wind and tidal erosion, that government-funded excavations started.
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