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  1. No! We don't want it! We should just be bad then we can complain everything is bad! - https://buffalonews.com/news/local/even-with-cuts-infrastructure-deal-could-bring-unprecedented-funding-to-wny/article_306d5170-f09a-11eb-bd8e-3b5aa01a2715.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-1
  2. Ya, and up is also down. It’s fun watching you guys going insane as you fall apart 😂
  3. Unlike you Trump cultists the left enjoys and welcomes free discussion.
  4. I guess you disagree with that opinion? Or are you against his right to voice that opinion? Oh my, another way to hate
  5. Get er done Joe!!! Trump is such a loser. Just a total sore loser
  6. Lol, he also said he was going with them. He also told them their government was being overthrown by a fair election. Trump stirred this up
  7. Afraid of transparency? Those cops tell a story of a racist MaGA mob. All trash Lol, well, when you invite a guy accused of raping children to a press conference, what did they think would happen?
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