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  1. Reminds of Boston Red Sox ‘04 vs Yankees in LCS
  2. Florida with but three shots on goal well into second period, wow
  3. Thomas doesn't think domestic abusers should lose their guns? 🤷‍♂️
  4. The saying has been attributed since before the induction of Alaska and Hawaii as states in 1959,[24] and its use, while found throughout the entire country, is especially common in Alabama,[25][26] which shares significant cultural and historical ties with its neighbor and former Mississippi Territory co-constituent Mississippi.[27][28] Its use is also noted in nearby Arkansas and other frequently low-ranking states such as Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, and West Virginia.[a] The saying has become something of a cliché,[39] and has seen usage across the nation with regard to rankings both serious[34] and trivial,[40][41] and the underlying logic has been extrapolated to other states and even countries.[42] The growing notoriety of the phrase has led some Mississippians themselves to despise the saying, not because it is false, but because it rings true and puts their state in a bad light. The phrase has also been used as an attempt to rally Mississippians towards making change.
  5. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-legend-reggie-jackson-opens-up-on-returning-to-birminghams-rickwood-field-coming-back-here-is-not-easy/ Jackson then shared the unvarnished truth about how he would often be called racial slurs and denied service by workers at restaurants and hotels. Additionally, Jackson noted how important it was to him that his manager and team had his back. "Fortunately, I had a manager, in Johnny McNamara, that … if I couldn't eat in the place, nobody would eat. We would get food to travel. If I couldn't stay in a hotel, they'd drive to the next hotel and find a place where I could stay," Jackson recalled. "Had it not been for Rollie Fingers, Johnny McNamara, Dave Duncan, Joe and Sharon Rudi … I slept on their couch three, four nights a week for about a month and a half. Finally, they were threatened that they would burn our apartment complex down unless I got out." Jackson concluded by saying that without McNamara and his teammates, that he would've never made it out of Birmingham alive. "I would've [gotten] killed here, because I would've beat someone's [butt]." It was a sobering recollection of memories from throughout Jackson's career. The Hall of Fame talent didn't hold back when discussing the truth of what he endured over his playing career, and it is well worth the listen as MLB celebrates the legacy of Mays and of Rickwood Field as a whole.
  6. It use to be that way. Massachusetts had an established religion up through the 1820's, I believe, but with the 14th Amendment, the Bill of Rights, which begins, "CONGRESS shall make no law..." was attached to the states, so all those basic rights, including freedom from religion, were enforceable on the states. That's why the states have to provide a lawyer for all criminal defendants
  7. What is your point? The Ten Commandments will somehow reverse the negative effects of the gun cultures that has grown so dramatically in the last few decades?
  8. If you are seriously saying Biden lies on a scale anything like Trump, that's a lie
  9. Well, Trump violates that one almost every single time he speaks, so no real equivalency there. Not even close
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