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  1. So, did Jesus really die for our sins, or did the Roman's simply kill him to shut him up?
  2. Got my second shot yesterday. I slept fine, no headaches, no muscle aches, but I couldn't eat breakfast and had a serious case of the chills. Starting to feel better now. Still not hungry yet, though
  3. All this right wing propaganda you post is probably largely funded by big oil, Russian and Saudi interests in oil.
  4. B-man must be in love with her! Oh, many black people have not been shot with no weapons, no resistance and no threat? Ok
  5. Everything you post is simplistic and stupid. Again, are you still angry that Chauvin is guilty of murder?
  6. What?? But the Democratic Party, and many Republicans, are going along with the stolen election. They hijacked, stole your republic away, but you don't hate them??? How is that?
  7. But the Democrats are evil, right? You have to answer yes, you just claimed they are a dictatorship like Putin’s Russia.
  8. Obviously many people don’t think black lives matter. Tons of right wingers are upset that Chauvin is even being held accountable....for not thinking a black persons life mattered. Yes, racism is a big problem in our country First off, thanks for admitt8ng the junk you post is second grade level garbage, secondly I understand it and you. Still angry that Chauvin got punished for something you saw as not a crime?
  9. That’s because a racially and ethnically diverse political party is winning fair elections. (That’s my opinion of your opinion)
  10. So our system of government is as bad as Russia now, is that right? We have a totally rigged system, in your opinion.
  11. Tucker Carlson, mouthpiece of the Trump cult is crying that the people of the city intimidated the jury. As if Ya, the right wing was hoping he got off
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