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  1. Are we talking about the same Dershowitz that defended Trump on the Senate floor saying he could do whatever he wants? The same one who goes on Fox to defend him? The same Dershowitz that got Epstein off almost scott free to rape children again? Oh ya, the hate between them is just so palpable!
  2. About 3,780,000,000 results (0.92 seconds) Yup, Trump and Bill are a lot a like! No doubt!
  3. How so? He’s been his constant defender since he became prez, defended him at impeachment and he also is the guy that got Epstein off, well, legally anyway
  4. Was it Funny when Trumps buddies Ken Star and Alan Dershowitz got Epstein off almost Scott free? Was it funny when the “prosecutors” Alex Acosta signed off on the ridiculous plea deal for Epstein? Was-it funny when Trump rewarded Acosta with. Job in the cabinet? Dont kid yourself, there was sadness in Trump today over this verdict
  5. Powerful person held accountable. No word if Trump will pardon this monster or not. Weinstein’s lawyers complain that the Republican Senate should have been the jury Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano reacted to the Harvey Weinstein verdict on “America’s Newsroom” Monday, calling it a "significant victory" for the disgraced movie producer and a "monumental setback" for prosecutors. Weinstein, 67, was convicted of first-degree commission of a criminal sexual act and third-degree rape but was acquitted of two more serious charges of predatory sexual assault, as well as first-degree rape. The charges Weinstein was convicted of carry a total sentence of up to 29 years in prison. “He’s still facing serious time," Napolitano said "... But these are not the life sentences, the big ones the government wanted."
  6. Instead of promoting a positive agenda or trying to make America better, all the energy in this administrion is spent defending criminal buddies of the president.
  7. It would be funny if the stoners put Bernie over the top. Stoners > Racists
  8. Who cares? He's running against a wack job named Trump. Trump kisses up to murderous Putin
  9. Lots of Democrats are in full panic that Bernie Sanders will win the nomination and get clobbered in the general election — and bring the party down, too. But the evidence, particularly the polling, doesn't back those doomsday warnings. Why it matters: Virtually every national and swing state poll shows Sanders tied with or beating President Trump. And, unlike every rival, he has a huge base of fervent, unshakable supporters he can only grow. Just the facts, please: A Quinnipiac Poll last week showed Sanders beating Trump in Michigan and Pennsylvania. A CBS News/YouGov poll showed Sanders beating Trump nationally. A Texas Lyceum poll shows Sanders doing better against Trump in Texas than any Democrat, losing by just three points. He’s socially savvier: Sanders has much larger followings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms than his rivals — and has consistently shown new media sophistication others lack. Loyalty matters: The guy’s base writes checks regularly, for years now, making him the best-funded non-billionaire in the Democratic game. His supporters also show up — on social, at rallies, in elections. Ask Trump if this matters. Socialism hasn’t killed him: It’s not like Sanders hides his big government socialism — he has screamed it to the nation for a half-decade. Maybe voters don’t care, just like 45% don’t care about Trump’s outlandishness. Peter Hamby, who works for Snapchat and writes for Vanity Fair, argues "bed-wetting" Democrats might have it all wrong: "Instead of asking if Sanders is unelectable, ask another question: What if Sanders is actually the MOST electable Democrat? In the age of Trump, hyper-partisanship, institutional distrust, and social media, Sanders could be examined as a candidate almost custom-built to go head-to-head with Trump this year." He’s a Trump-like celebrity: "Running for president has always been about winning the attention war, and the competition for attention has never been more difficult than it is in 2020,” Hamby writes. Sanders has way more old-school and new-age celebrity than the rest of his rivals combined. The bottom line: The truth is we are all clueless about what voters want or will accept. That includes everyone on Twitter, inside the Democratic establishment — and me! https://www.axios.com/bernie-sanders-2020-presidential-election-chances-3459ae66-0aa0-4a53-97f8-732e8cbb5d9f.html
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