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  1. If you can’t admit an obvious truth then there is no use talking to you. He obviously scapegoated immigrants, murderers, rapists, drug dealers, everything bad under the sun, and said only he could protect us. At least admit the ugly truth about this guy. It’s who he is
  2. The Post reports: Hey Deek, I really like the left wing bomb throwers. Hope they stick around
  3. Don't you already live under "communist" rule in California? Voting rights in tact there
  4. Horrible thing in Buffalo last night. Hope the officers are both ok and the a-hole driving the van gets a just punishment
  5. Why? No need to. Demographics are changing in Democrats favor very quickly. When Texas goes solidly Democratic you guys are going to have to change the GOP A LOT to win the presidency again.
  6. He obviously appealed to people's prejudices running for office. He didn't scapegoat immigrants for a non-existent crime wave for no reason. He scapegoated immigrants as criminals for a reason. To win votes
  7. Biden is not 100% perfect so stay with Trump? Weak, so weak Just a terribly weak argument
  8. So you agree with me. Then why go after me personally when you say you agree with me? Oh, you don't think the President's racism is appealing to the people that voted for him?
  9. Why, because I think racism is stupid, destructive and wrong? Huh?
  10. He is as an avoid opponent of democracy as we have ever had in that office. I hate it when people try and say "The people put him in office.." Ummm, no, the anti-democratic EC did. No mandate from the people of this country.
  11. Bolsheviks did not believe in voting rights, Democrats are fighting hard to expand democracy. It's really coming down to you either support Trump, or you support democracy. Trump now threatening martial laws as he tries to enflame the situation.
  12. So, you are trying to paper over the president's racism by saying, "Well, everyone does it!" Right?
  13. Many people learn their racism in the home. It seems Trump did. Not sure how you can disagree honestly
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