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  1. Ya, why would he care about the life of the women who might die? https://thehill.com/news/campaign/3495657-herschel-walker-says-he-wants-total-ban-on-abortion-theres-no-exception-in-my-mind/
  2. She should go to jail. What a POS She literally wanted them to just pick Trump electors. Garbage person
  3. Oh dear. . And he looks awful. Now there's a slip p
  4. They want to increase the domestic supply of infants, ya know....
  5. So you won't share why you think my theory just so terrible. You probably have some racist garbage theory and are afraid to share. You are pretty stupid, and so are racists, so that fits Souther Conservative Democrats, ya, they did their part to make Black people poor,
  6. So you, and the rest that deny this obvious truth, must have an alternate theory of why so many blacks live in poverty. Let's hear it. Don't be a coward, let's hear it.
  7. https://www.reuters.com/world/exclusive-us-aims-arm-ukraine-with-advanced-anti-ship-missiles-fight-russian-2022-05-19/
  8. What does the last sentence mean? Conservatives are being exploited by GOP??
  9. To try and steal the election He added that he planned to decertify voting machines in several Pennsylvania counties, a power given under state law to the secretary of state. “It’s going to be a top issue for me,” he said. I'm sure there is a perfectly sound reason to pull the plug on certain voting machine. Ya.
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