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  1. Oh he should be. That's how it works. No president creates jobs, but they take the blame when economy is bad, now its good and he BETTER be taking credit for it. Good job Mr President!
  2. Are you actually saying there has been no new drilling under the Biden administration? Economies are always in flux, new jobs always replace "old" jobs.
  3. These will help to bog down the Russian offensive and cripple their logistics.
  4. https://www.seinfeldscripts.com/TheMomAndPopStore.html I've seen parts of it, but never watched the whole episode. Next time I will
  5. No, there is no such episode...is there? Never seen that one
  6. Biden didn't cause inflation. That's just stupid I'm glad he gets credit for the economy, though. And for inflation coming down, too he he
  7. You say it's hands off China, I don't. Would you support the US defending Taiwan from China? I do. You don't support our effort to defend Ukraine. That's just truth.
  8. No, not at all. You are just saying that because you are sore about Putin getting his military destroyed
  9. You say this is the same? At this point the attack in NJ looks like a domestic gun incident. Maybe that will change, but lets see some evidence And the hated media is covering this, so that narrative is just not true, also. Sorry @B-Man you are wrong again. Keep trying though, maybe
  10. No evidence this was politically motivated. Probably just another sad example of our country being inundated with cheap and easy guns
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