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  1. No, I was talking about Alex Acosta, the guy Trump hired (only the best people) to his cabinet. Trump knew this guy helps the rich and powerful
  2. Stone's conviction shows how incomplete was the investigation, to say the least. He he lied to the investigators. Why?
  3. But we do care because he is trying to steal the next election. That's why we care so much. We we want him gone one way or another (legally) hey, it's not like he is being impeached over a #### ### Your words are usually funny in a pathetic way to begin with
  4. But don't you think it was a horrible act to place that guy in his cabinet? What at a clear message, you help getting criminals out from the justice they deserve, and Trump will reward you.
  5. He beat all the Republicans first. And you can’t argue with the fact that Hillary got more votes, she did. Blame the founding fathers, the Democrats did all they could to keep this idiot out of government. You guys should have nominated a decent candidate Trump appointed him to the cabinet even after (more probably because) it was well known the guy got Epstein out of jail to rape more children. You have to agree thats terrible.
  6. There is no rational alternative to Trump. He’s just the best this country can do. 🤔 A racist man-child, who is completely incompetent, corrupt and beholden to Putin..h mmm. Pence could do a a better job, imo So could Hillary, and my cat. George, my goofy neighbor, too. Heck, @westside2 would be better
  7. So he was just convicted for nothing! Ya! That’s believable 😂
  8. You mean the lying and Stone walling by Trump or the crime itself of undermining our democracy? Stones conviction shows how the investigation was hampered by more crimes.
  9. He was only looking out for his own interests there. Trump does not care about corruption at all. The guys he was using to get dirt on Biden have been indicted and Rudy himself is in serious trouble. How many Trump associates are in jail or legal trouble? Acosta? You know that is all dirty right? The guy got a child predator off easy and Trump appointed him to the cabinet! That’s sick, don’t you agree? I actually agree. To survive the impeachment, Nunes is holding the line with the right. But for the longer game (November 2020) it’s a disaster for Trump.
  10. It really is amazing how many of Trump’s personal friends are in jail, dead or in serious legal trouble
  11. Glad you want me around! As Trumps president sinks deeper in the swirling bowl, you guys will need someone to vent to. I will be here for you! And double standards? Biden is corrupt but the Acosta child raping Epstein thing is nothing? Ya right! Just admit it, Trump is the worst scum bag by a mile. Even if Biden robbed a bank at gun point, that still doesn’t beat the Trump/Epstein/Acosta corruption. Oh ya, and the impeachment corruption...almost forgot about that, lol I’ll say this, it’s pretty remarkable how little the country is paying attention to this impeachment. Local newspapers are barley covering it. When the Clinton bj thing happened, the corporate press was going wild.
  12. Lol, so Trump surrounds himself with criminals but it's ok because we are going to pretend it had nothing to do with the election. Trump is still Putins B word though The guy who got the child rapists off? That's your victory lap?
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