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  1. Obamacare insured tens of millions, thank God! He also paved the way for multicultural democracy to really work. He has laid a great ground work, so much so that his VP us riding his coattails to a victory over a dark and malicious person and movement. Biden is winning, Obama helped with that, yes sir.
  2. Two terms. I really liked how he beat Republicans. Excellent at winning.
  3. She said she thought it was debatable whether climate change was happening, I.e. denying the basic science.
  4. Stalin, Mao and Castro were not elected, Hitler won a seat in the Reichstag and was appointed chancellor before cancelling elections, so you are very wrong. Oh, and I very much disagree with your states rights stuff. I like a stronger federal union. You should leave the country if you don’t like it.
  5. West Virginia: Trump vs. Biden WMOV Trump 58, Biden 38 Trump +20 😂🤣
  6. And the virus is killing people, thanks Joe! Obama promised no one would die anymore, so he obviously lies more than Trump, right?
  7. Good, you should be happy with the New Democratic majority in this country. Won by the ballot, for the people. Nothing like authortarian regimes.
  8. So the virus is real??? Wow, ok! You guys got a climate denying idiot on to the court" congrats.
  9. Big business supported Hitler. He ran a nationalist movement, smashed the unions and crushed the rights of all people. You are just spewing right wing propaganda by making Hitler seem like a leftists. He did nothing socialist, he was a racist, Social Darwinist and militarist. Your ignorant claims of socialism in the Nazis is laughable. It’s a silly as those saying today’s Democrats are tied to the KKK because Jefferson Davis was a Democrat.
  10. Depends on how you define socialism. I love social security, Medicare, federal funding to states, unemployment insurance, Green energy, etc.
  11. We are a nation of immigrants, all throughout our history. Open border country for a long long time Hitler was no socialist. That is a foolish thing to say.
  12. Bidens a decent human being. Never heard anyone accuse Trump of being that. Biden doesn’t even need Florida
  13. I believe the polls just because I look at Trump and wonder who the hell would vote for such a d-bag. What you guys see in that clown is beyond me.
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