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  1. I don't really care he went to a strip club, but its just more evidence that this guy doesn't get it. He got benched after week 4 for KYLE ALLEN. Demoted to 3rd string. Finally gets another chance, plays poorly against one of the worst defenses in the league. Goes to a strip club during a pandemic, knowing his HC had cancer at the start of this year, and the team is in a playoff run. He just isn't ready to lead a team. If he on the roster start of next TC I'll be surprised
  2. I don't see how that is any different than an injury. If thats a problem it shows the lack of depth on the roster The biggest difference is QB play. Newton has been awful
  3. Belicheck has won this award 3 times https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Football_League_Coach_of_the_Year_Award
  4. Stefanski is a good coach, but the Browns are stacked talent wise. Him being successful isnt surprising IMO. I think it just shows just had bad Kitchens was McDermott took over a team that people expected to pick top 5 and brought them to the playoffs.
  5. I think the Jets actually offered more money EDIT They did. Jets offered 3 years 90 million. Vikes offered 3years 84 million
  6. When you have Case Keenum locked up, you have to pass on the best QB class in 10 years to eventually trade for Joe Flacco and draft Drew Lock
  7. I was in Fargo ND once for work, was having a sandwhich and a beer at a restaurant and in walks a Bills fan. Turns out he was from Victor NY, about 10 mins away from where I grew up Small world
  8. I've wanted a guy like Beasley on this team since I watched him in Dallas. When we signed him I lost it. My wife thought something was wrong haha
  9. How is that guy on ESPN. He is like a worse, less well spoken skip bayless?
  10. Josh has so much drive and belief in himself, I think he would have been successful anywhere. Darnold is in a bad situation, but I'm not sure he is without blame
  11. The media loves Bienemay, not sure how highly thought of he is in the league.
  12. I could see a team hiring a guy like Frazier. He went 10-6 with Christian Ponder as his QB and is a calming presences. A team looking for a reset and establishing a good culture could be interested in him I could Jacksonville, Atlanta, Detroit Marvin Lewis is gonna get some interviews too for the same reason
  13. I'd love to every major championship game for all sports at least once. Short of winning the lotto a few times, I'm not sure i can pull it off
  14. The Tyrod Taylor era had a 100% winning percentage
  15. Remember one year they got eliminated then the next game they blew out Tebow and the Broncos? Or beat the packers then lose to a bad raiders team? Oh good times
  16. You have got to finish the Return of the Jedi my friend
  17. It was so funny last night. They put Stidham in and Buck and Aikman are talking him up and then Stidham got decked Couldn't happen to a more deserving organization
  18. To your first point, Lamar has absolutely sucked in the playoffs. When they face a good defense, he is pedestrian at best. If he could play the cowboys each week, I'd be scared Second, making Nate Peterman look bad is not an accomplishment. Its pretty much considered bullying at this point. Also, this offense is very different than the one they faced last year. I'm confident Josh is much more ready to beat them this year, than he was last year. (Which by they way, the lost on a 4th down pass that Josh put in the exact right spot)
  19. If I was an owner and Tomlin was available I'd hire him as soon as I possibly could. He has never had a losing season as a HC! Last season he went 8-8 with Rudolph and Duck as his QBs. Tomlin is a fantastic coach and has had sustained success. He has a 657 win pct over 13+ seasons. If McBeane is that good, he will end up in Canton Steelers fans are spoiled
  20. Why? Baltimore is not good Fun Fact. Lamar Jackson has two 300 yard passing games in his career. Week 1 vs Miami JV squad and last seasons playoff loss. If you can stop that running attack (which the Bills did last season) Baltimore is cooked Lamar is averaging 186 yards passing PPG and 60 yards rushing PG. The Ravens do not scare me at all
  21. Smart to get this done before the 7 straight Super Bowl victories
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