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  1. The fact Miami didnt use him makes me think its a good signing
  2. Lamar is a special talent. But when I saw him live in Buffalo a few years ago, I came away with the conclusion of "Great athlete, ok passer". It why even when Lamar won MVP in his second season, I still would have taken Josh over him As others have noted too, Roman's scheme is not WR friendly.
  3. They also had Quentin Spain at that point too, who they had just signed to a 3 year deal
  4. It seems like he is willing to just stand pat on that and not have a cap problem later. Actually pretty smart
  5. Agreed. I always thought he got the shaft because of how good Mahomes was. Trubisky started two playoff games in 4 years. Thats not an easy feat
  6. Took a class on this in college. Often times its more about power than sex
  7. I bet he still would have sucked. Go watch his AZ game tape. Even when he had a clean pocket, even when his WRs got separation, even when the corners were playing off, Rosen was late, off target. He was awful. The fact AZ even had a debate about whether or not to keep him was ridiculous. Josh Rosen is Peterman with a better arm. Dude sucks
  8. Isiah McKenzie is basically a more interesting Tarik Cohen. Not sure why the bears want him
  9. Jets must have told him they were keeping Darnold
  10. Wade is a fun story. The Bills are too good of a roster to keep a guy because he's a fun story
  11. Back when Juaron was the HC and Bobby April was our ST coach, I hated how much power Bobby April had. Poz would get an injury week 2 that was a 3 week injury and we would have to IR him because our backup couldnt play defense. Then we'd sign some scrub and start him 3 days later. It was madness This coaching staff doesnt do that. There are like 3-5 specialists. Taiwan Jones, Matkevich, a returner. Fine, most teams have that. Remember Matt Slater with the Pats*? Everyone wants a guy like that. Then we have guys like Klein who can wreck ***** on ST, but also wreck Russ Wilson in his
  12. If Dalton, Tyrod and Fitz are getting 10M, Trubisky is getting at least those offers. He gets a chance to have some pressure taken off of him. He starts meaningless week 17 game, goes off and gets 15 million to be the Bears QB next year
  13. Because if Josh gets hurts and misses three games they now have a much better shot at winning two of them Unless hes getting 10 million, this is a great move
  14. This is a great signing. I thought the Bears should have kept him vs Dalton. Beane is a genius
  15. Darnold sucks. He is reckless with the football, and his footwork is atrocious. Nobody is giving up a first rounder for him
  16. I'd rather have Trubisky than Dalton at this point in their careers
  17. Fitz went from retiring due to a lukewarm market to a 10 million dollar contract and a starting job on a playoff team. He's like a phoenix
  18. I'm sure he will flourish with all the Massholes getting ready to root for him
  19. They will probably trade Tua for him and get praised by ESPN
  20. Is Stidham still the best QB in the AFCE?
  21. Let the GOAT walk. He wins SB. You miss playoffs and have the Bills run a fake punt in the own territory on MNF Get 3rd pick Belicheck is a genius
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