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  1. If the Jets turned down a first for Darnold they are incredibly stupid Even more dumb is making a decision based on a pro day
  2. The Pats* can compete, but they will have to struggle like the rest of the league without an answer at QB.
  3. That pats*** roster last season was the Bills roster for about half of the drought. The offense was bad but the defense was good enough to keep games close. Then when the Bills would inevitably run into an actual good team that was rolling (see Week 16 vs Bills) they would get trounced and have a fake punt called against them in a complete show of no fear and dominance over your opponent. Enjoy living in mortal land with the rest of us. I respect what Brady was able to accomplish in NE, I really do. But without Brady, your just another franchise that has to overpay for talent and h
  4. What is the bears plan exactly? They should have fired Nagy and just blew it up. Dalton for a year to go 8-8 and have no QB, no way to get one and an aging defense
  5. Thats fair. I guess I'm just surprised. It seems his only character witnesses right now are the women he didn't assault Hell Aaron Hernandez had more support than this from former teammates
  6. Has any of his teammates come out to defend him? Former teammates? I havent seen anything like that. That to me is very telling. I realize there is an investigation and players may want to keep their names out of it, but I remember when Kellen Winslow was arrested and ultimately convicted, former teammates told stories of how they hated being Winslow's roommate on trips because he would ***** in the rooms and was like well known to have a sex addiction
  7. I said their LT was good. I was talking about the rest of their picks.
  8. I keep seeing this, but does he? I realize Gase was the coach last year but they went from 7-9 to 2-14 with Douglas having a full year on the job. His 2020 draft picks besides the LT are pretty bad Mims had 23 catches in 8 games last year. So 3 catches and 40 yards a game? Ashtyn Davis (S) had one pass defensed in 6 games last year Jabari Zuniga (DE) 5 tackles in 8 games Lamaical Perine (RB) 232 yards rushing last year and couldnt beat out a 39 year old Frank Gore James Morgan (QB) Didnt play Cameron Clark (OL) Didnt play Byrce Hall (CB) 31
  9. Thats my thing with Darnold. What does he do well? People always show some crazy highlight where he made this great throw. Then I look at the score and it 40-7 with 3 mins left in the 4th. What happened the first 3 quarters Sam???? Of course he is talented. Nate Peterman has made some nice throws, its the NFL. Everyone is good. I see far more bad than good with Sam and I wouldnt want him as my QB. He will make enough plays to make you think there is potential and enough turnovers to make you lose Hes gonna start for the Texans week one
  10. Darnold Sucks. Panthers gave them peanuts 6th this year and a 2 and 4 next year? who were they bidding against? Also, does mean Darnold to the Bills in 2 years?
  11. This all happened before the start of the league year. I bet that team would have backed out once these came to light
  12. Darnold is awful and carelsss with the football. So i vote him
  13. "Your honor, my client hasnt murdered these other 18 people, therefore he is innocent"
  14. Maybe they offered the candy contract the McKenzie would have taken
  15. I'm sure lawyers and accountants are involved at this point "Tell me how to not owe him anything" is a common phrase in Houston FO right now
  16. Have you ever seen what happens to women who come forward with sexual assault claims? Death threats, character assassination, stalking, threats to family members. Even if Watson is guilty, these women will now be known as the people that ended Watson's career, not the other way around I have a hard time understanding the "money grab" theory. It just doesn't match with reality
  17. What a crazy turn for Watson. He was on his way to becoming a poster boy for the NFL. Now, I'm not sure he suits up this season
  18. Herbert was so impressive to me. He found out he was starting an hour before kickoff against the defending champs and he balled out. I knew he was going to be just fine watching that game
  19. Trading back and accumulating picks is a good idea in theory, but if you don't hit on them it doesn't matter. The Sammy Watkins trade for example. The Browns got a future 1st in that deal. Everyone thought it was great. Browns Haul: Justin Gilbert Cam Evring Browns Passed on: Khail Mack Jake Mathews Mike Evans If the Dolphins hit on all these, good for them. But they already screwed up last year by picking Tua over Herbert and now they are going to be going to jacoby Brissett as their relief pitcher
  20. Without a QB, it doesnt make much sense to have a bunch. Look at Cleveland when they kept trading back and trading back then rolled out Kizer at QB. I agree with you, I like more shots in the lotto, but i get why teams without a QB trade them. With a good QB, SF is a SB contender
  21. Oh for sure. I just couldnt help saying the Jets suck
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