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  1. Vrabel has proven absolutely nothing besides having the biggest RB on the planet and he's smart enough to hand him the ball 30 times a game. He has two 9-7 seasons as a HC Shannahan has shown he can have a Creative run game and then blow a huge lead. He also has one winning season in 4 years as a HC Tomlin is 8-7 in the playoffs his last loss being to BLAKE BORTLES in 2017 These are the guys that keep you up at night?
  2. I wouldn't be opposed to having a reserve kicker, but its more likely you can get through a game without a kicker/punter/LS than say a QB. Just go for two and squib kick with whoever volunteers. It won't be pretty, but it wouldn't be a disaster
  3. I'm including everyone in the world that could play QB. So think of every college QB, every NFL QB ect and these guys on the NFL teams are in the top 1% at their position. Sorry, should have been more clear there
  4. I was thinking this while watching Trubisky try to redeem himself again last night. Trubisky is not a good NFL QB (Although, IMO his biggest problem is his lack of confidence). But he is probably in the top 1.5% of his position and people think he is terrible. Nate Peterman is probably in the top 2-3% at his position and he is a punchline Kendall Hinton. Won a state title at QB in HS, played QB at a Div 1 school for two years and is a world class athlete. Lets say as a QB he is in the top 5% at his position. He completed ONE pass in an NFL game. Just gives
  5. Peterman was going for the record until Sean mercifully pulled him 6 completions, 5 INTs
  6. If the WFT is the NFCE "winner" I actually think they have some serious talent. They also have an excellent pass D. Thats a bad division and WFT isnt a great team, but I could see them winning a playoff game against the right opponent
  7. Chargers are awful record wise in close games. That is coaching and game management. He had two inexplicably time outs today and the running play call with 20 seconds left down 10 with no timeouts? I wouldnt have let him on the plane They didnt have much of chance before that play, but that all but sealed their fate
  8. Fixed it for ya, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight You're welcome
  9. Bills had to play a game with no TEs' Wear a mask QBs and this isnt a problem
  10. Maybe. I think the jets could play it extremely safe and win that game. If the Dolphins get 200 yards of offense and force no turnovers, they will not win many games With Fitz starting today, I actually think thats an easy Miami win now. With Tua, Jets had a decent shot
  11. If the Dolphins passed for 95 yards again and the Jets avoided more than a TO or 2, they might have won. Yes, actually he did worse than that https://www.espn.com/nfl/game?gameId=401030702
  12. As with Gase, I think ownership has decided they are going to move on. But theres not much point in getting the team motivated for a meaningless week 16 win. Lose out and get your QB
  13. I was there too and I couldnt see the field the entire first half. We sit 20 rows from the field. I heard cheers and thats the only way I knew a play happened. My phone froze and I couldnt get it to turn back on until late that night!
  14. Yeah I rewatched the Titans game and everything that could go wrong went wrong. I think we'd win that game 8 times out of 10
  15. How far of a fall did the Jags have? They were in the AFC championship game 3 years ago! Now they are going to have a 15 game losing streak and still not get Trevor Lawrence
  16. Maybe Herbert is more his type? Long hair and all
  17. I think so too. Bad teams always play better at the end of the year. I'm glad we got our Jets games out of the way If they can not turn the ball over, I could see the Jets winning this and lots of media members slowly crawling back into their "Miami is the best team in the AFC" caves
  18. Yup. The Vikings game in his second start was just a preview of what Josh was capable of. And looking back, he was not that good then
  19. Thats fair. I wouldnt be shocked if he goes 10-20 for 100 yards. His arm talent is ok at best. But given Sean peyton and hill being a duel threat QB, I could see him being very effective, especially against a bad defense in Atlanta
  20. I could see it working honestly. Hill is a pretty explosive player and an incredible athlete. If he is an average passer, they could be pretty dangerous
  21. They are paying Hill 21 Million. He should absolutely be starting this weekend if he is really the QB of the future down there
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